How To Fire Your Boss!

How To Fire Your Boss!

Fire Your Boss

Fire Your Boss

…or how to break free of the corporate grind.

How secure is the “security” of a job in a corporation? One of the strongest argument people have to not change their corporate job to something else is the so called security. Whatever happens, every month the paycheck is coming and I have my paid vacations every year….

All this seems marvelous, but how secure is it? What happens if the company where you are working gets sold? What happens if the company where you are working goes bankrupt? What happens if your job position will be eliminated due to automation? ….the list can continue.

The bottom line is that the so called security is very relative, and your work effort will always be appreciated as long as your knowledge, loyalty and skills are needed for the company. It’s a business and as an employee you are one of the necessary bricks necessary in the construction until the construction for any reason changes direction.

If you have a life long career in the corporate world, you can view it from another angle. You are spending your whole life building a castle for someone else to live in. Then suddenly, when you are 60 something years, you check out for retirement and go and live in your humble little house.

That’s what you are doing right now in your current job. You are trading your skills, effort and knowledge for money. Every day you sell part of your valuable time to build the dreams of someone else, not your own.

Your boss has not the fault, he just went out and searched for people who were willing to help him build his dream, and you were hooked up.

As the world looks like today, having less job positions in the market, due to automation, online marketing and change in the structure of consumption habits, the global labor force, meaning employed people, since time back have been decreasing steadily. And this pattern is not going to change but rather accelerate.

More and more people find out by themselves that the way to turn around all this goes through self-employment. This is also called for entrepreneurship. However, let’s face what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. And it is not for everyone. You will go through a lot of sacrifices and frustrations, but well on the other side your life and what you are building will be for you and not for someone else.


4 Basic Requirements For A Successful Business

  • Write your life plan

This part is not about numbers but rather about you and what is important to you in life. When I went from the corporate world to being a self-employed entrepreneur, it took me some time to unleash from the typical corporate style such as 9-5 working hour itinerary.

If you haven’t written down your personal life plan, from time to time, you will easily get lost in your new style of living.

The plan is all about describing what will make you happy and why. What are your strengths…but also what are your weaknesses, consider getting some back up for that part.


  • Write a basic business plan

To start with you need to define what your new business will do. If you don’t have any great idea, I will highly recommend starting an online affiliate marketing business. Choosing the appropriate associate to work with like the Six Figure Mentors, literally you will have almost everything set up for you, get a complete training and all the support you will need to be successful.

A business plan, even if you work as an online affiliate marketer, needs to have figures. You need to calculate your initial investment. Even if the investment cost for the Six Figure Mentors is almost nothing, you need to calculate the marketing cost, cash-flow, ROI and your final profit.


  • Determine your personal core values

A good way of doing this could be to make a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). Here you will specify in writing where you have your strengths to use them in your effort in building up a solid business. In the same way, your weaknesses have to come up to the surface. Maybe you can involve external help to get things done in areas where you feel you are weak. Opportunities and threats are related to external things happening, where you just have to be aware of them and take the necessary steps in due time.


  • Set a timeline

No plan will ever be worth anything if you don’t have an execution plan. When you feel comfortable with the three previous parts, pick a date in your calendar when you plan to leave your job. Be aware of that no business will ever be profitable immediately, so look after that you have at least a couple of months of savings before your start your “journey” towards a new lifestyle.

Then, you need to have different checkpoints in your agenda. We always tend to be overoptimistic when it all is in the planning phase, and it would be wise to add 20-25% more time than originally scheduled. Experiences tell us that it will normally be the case.

When your business starts to do well, it’s all about scaling up, and now the interesting part of your business and new life will start. You will start building your own castle, your own dream and not the one of someone else.

If you decide to go for the online marketing, the business will give you another dimension of freedom. You can be wherever you want in the world. With your laptop and Internet you are fully connected to your business. And it is impossible to put a price tag on freedom.

“It’s about lifestyle….of earning more, working less, and enjoying”

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