5 Tips To Make You A Fanatic Runner And A Passionate Entrepreneur

5 Tips To Make You A Fanatic Runner And A Passionate Entrepreneur

Are there similarities between marathon runners and entrepreneurs?

As an enthusiastic runner and a self-employed entrepreneur sometimes I ask myself if I am the only crazy person on this planet. When I leave home 4.30 in the morning to do my running program for the day and 15 minutes later I find at least another 50 runners already in full swing with their training session, I take a deep breath and can confirm to myself:

I’m not the only crazy person on this planet!

Now, what’s the definition of a Fanatic Runner?



In one of many running blogs I follow, I found an interesting intent to define what “fanatic” means in this context. There was a list of 10 different characteristics to find it out from. One of them was:

You are a fanatic if you have more running shoes than dressing shoes in your closet. I have 20 running shoes……

If your responses were affirmative on at least 5 out of 10 questions, you would be listed as “fanatic”. My score was 9!

Reading biographies of famous entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and others, it’s not very difficult to find things in their behaviors that also would be easy to define as fanaticism, like working around the clock feeding themselves with pizzas and Cokes.

But the curious thing is that it’s not fanaticism but classified as a

Passionate Entrepreneur

Taking it all one step further and viewing the level of more professional people like:

Haile Gebrselassie, this famous runner from Ethiopia who has sat more marathon records than any other runner in modern times. He is now running his own business in real estate and coffee, which is Ethiopia’s largest export commodity.

Haile Gebrselassie

Haile Gebrselassie


“What I learned is patience. A marathon is like two hours-plus of running. The 10,000m is less than 30 minutes. The same thing when I switch from running to business – I learned more patience”

This is just one example of all statements this admirable runner has done, comparing his experience as a runner and his life as a business entrepreneur.



Marathon Runners With An Entrepreneurial Mindset

In another of the many blogs I follow, Realbuzz, they constantly give you a lot of different tips and advices on how to improve your running in all aspects. In one of the last blog posts the title was

“5 training tricks that will help get you marathon-ready”.

While reading the post I was surprised how well the text would have fit into a blog post about how to get your business up and running, so I decided to rewrite the text and just change the typical words for running to a more entrepreneurship focused language and how to start up your business.

5 training tricks that will help get your business launch ready

Tips every entrepreneur needs.

Here are five training tricks that will help you get your business launch ready and successful over time.


Make your persistence count

To train yourself and your mindset to persist all hard work and frustrations is undoubtedly the most important training for a true entrepreneur. To persist all failures and setbacks along the road will teach you to become efficient even when the worst things are happening. This is crucial as it enables you to not let frustration take over during the toughest periods when “normal” people would have thrown in the towel. Spending time and working hard when things are tough will give you courage and positive effects to afford what it takes to manage a business successfully.


Practice holding yourself back

It goes without saying, whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or a first-timer, building a company takes time. The trouble is that it’s all too easy to get carried away of all offers and tips out there; a new downloaded training program here and a new app there; you feel good and invincible, well for the first week maybe. A start up with tips and hints from everywhere will make you overwhelmed and the continuation will be slow and painful. The smartest entrepreneurs are those who have their plans in detail and who make an effort to stick to the plan. Keeping a detailed plan and daily journal on what to do and what to be done, will gradually increase your pace and therefore effort as the project progresses. This way of acting will teach you the discipline required for a good judgment of how to work.


Keep up a good health

Whatever business project you are into you will need a good health. Even minor defects in your health can significantly impair your performance and makes you more vulnerable to more serious sufferings in the latter stages of your project. It’s highly recommended to practice some kind of physical exercise to keep your health on an acceptable level in order to prevent you from exhausting problems. Try to exercise regularly and it will help you keep up your work on a good level.


Test all methods

The less you can leave to chance on your launch day, the better. It’s wise to test everything, not just the launch part. Try to do as many split tests at the same time and under as similar conditions as possible as the real future launch. All this will help you be more confident and sure when the launch will go live.


Have a back-up plan

In order to launch your business in a proper way, you should back up everything in case something would go wrong. As we have developed the project, it’s easy to forget certain details or maybe more important stuff. Therefore, always have some kind of backup plan if something wouldn’t go exactly as it was planned. The last days before “going live” should be moments only to do some fine tuning, reduce the working speed, rest for the big day and just feel good about what has been developed. Good luck with your project!

Whatever interpretation you would like to draw from the comparison between marathon running and entrepreneurship, and using all the different words connected with the two activities, like passion, fanaticism, crazy, persistent….etc., there is one very important description linking together marathon runners and true entrepreneurs.

A preconfigured mindset of setting goals, progress, results and getting things done.

Are you a marathon runner, an entrepreneur….or both?

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