6 Tips To Get A Winner’s Attitude

6 Tips To Get A Winner’s Attitude

We all are winners, but some of us are defeated after a while.

Too often we take life for granted but as we all know, our very first victory we had before we even were born. Among millions of competitors, you were the one who got the victory.

In a moment you will get a toolbox of how to re-take the winner’s attitude you were equipped with to win your very first race – the Life Race (which also is the name of this blog. If you haven’t signed up yet for an automated broadcast of all blog posts then you can do it by clicking here).

The 30ths of August I was running the Mexico City International Marathon. Besides concentrating on the race and doing my very best to fulfill the pre-established plan for the event, during the race there is plenty of time to think about different things.

While competing with 30,000 other runners it just popped up in my mind that this is nothing compared to the race I did 64 years ago, with 300,000,000 (or something in that range) competitors.

That race was my first victory.

…and the trophy was My Life.

During the race last Sunday, I started to compare a marathon run with the initial race for life, and the metaphor comparison between the two different races started to show an incredible and sometimes scary similarity.


Life Is A Marathon Race

Taking a decision to run a marathon, even if on a pure amateur level, is the first important step towards the goal.

Doing workouts on a regular basis to keep your body in a good shape is a great behavior to look after your most important asset – your body and your life.

Anybody can do workouts if you just take the decision to make it, and nothing visible will happen if you don’t do it on a regular basis. Well, maybe the belly fat you would like to get rid of doesn’t disappear at your desired speed but you can live with it.

The difference between an ordinary workout program and the decision to run a marathon or any other endurance activity of the same magnitude,

It all starts with a serious decision.

A serious decision means that you take the decision to make it, fully aware of the effort needed from your side.

Take a Decision

Take a Decision

Before I run my first marathon, I had one year of a well-executed training program for that particular race. I was in a fairly good physical condition before starting off with the training program, but I knew that this had to undergo a completely different treatment both physically and mental.

The content of the training program had everything you need to make the forthcoming first marathon race to a pleasant experience and not as a nightmare you rather would like to avoid.

The same goes for your life. You need to have a balanced content to achieve your goal whatever it can be. And there it all starts. You need to,

Define the purpose of your goal setting.

The goal setting for my first marathon race was to finish the race at a time below 4 hour and 30 minutes. I had the idea that it was a finish time that would force me to take a proper action and to get confirmed that my training program worked in reality. The program was set to a finish time of 4:30:00. I did it in 4:21:15.

Goal achieved!

If you for example decide to start your own business, to define a goal purpose like becoming a millionaire is a very dangerous and vague purpose, as money itself does not bring anything to your life or your business more than monetary richness.

But if the purpose of your business and goal is to train other people to become successful entrepreneurs, the measurable goal could be something like, 100 new subscribers to your training program.

What had happened if the goal had been to win the race in my category? For sure I had failed, because I didn’t have the time and the necessary experience to reach such a goal. Thus, the second step towards a winner’s attitude also has to do with the goal setting.

Set a challenging but realistic goal.

There is a famous quote saying:

“Challenging goals have to be like mountains, high but visible”

As you can notice from the previous,

The goals and the results must be measurable.

Whatever you would like to do in life, you must be able to measure the results. Otherwise, you are just blindly strolling around without any defined destiny. Maybe you will have good initial results based on pure passion and in some cases good luck, but it will not work in the long run.

Measure Goals and Results

Measure Goals and Results

With my own eyes I have seen young people, apparently in good physical shape, lining up in the starting blocks for a marathon and overloaded with emotions and positivism, but without any organized marathon training. Normally, I see these people somewhere around kilometer 25-30 (16-19 miles) being attended by the medical staff or they just through in the towel, often with knee injuries or other severe problems.

You can’t run a marathon without proper training.

It can even be dangerous to do it.

The same goes for your business.

You must have a plan


A Business Plan – Your Best Excuse Fighter

Why is it so important to have a business plan?

When training for a marathon race, the level of your motivation varies a lot throughout the training period. Sometimes when you feel less motivated and on top of that it is raining, the first thing your unconscious behavior will do is to search for excuses to cancel the training that particular day. And I promise you that we are all champions in finding excuses.

Famous and successful entrepreneurs, no matter what business they are into, they all have in common that they follow their plan. They can fail hundreds of times, but they never give up.

Reason: The foundation of their business plan is like a solid rock and nothing can stop them to move forward.

Strategies and tactics can be modified during the journey, based on new experiences, best practice or coaching, but the essence of the final goal will never change.

Even if you are not running marathons, you might imagine the stupidity to train for a marathon and ending up running a 100 meters race.

During a marathon race, at a certain point normally after 30 kilometer (19 miles) you will hit the famous “wall”. This is the end, is the first time sensation, but after a couple of races you know that the wall is there, will always be there and your task is to combat it and not to surrender when it appears.

By proper training, a lot of experience and trying out the best carbo, energy and liquid intake for you, the “wall” will be easier to overcome over the time.

Exactly the same is valid for any business. A business without obstacles doesn’t exist, and the first thing you must do is to be aware of that the “wall” exists when running marathons.

And in business you must,

Be aware of that obstacles are normal ingredients towards the final goal

The same way that real entrepreneurs take advantage of their failures by testing new paths, it is important to not be stuck in appearing obstacles on the way towards your goal. Analyze the reason it happened and modify something. Maybe you fail again but then it is not the same failure. Continue until you find the way out from the obstacle.

The famous quote by Thomas Edison when trying out the best material for his electrical bulb, and got the question why he continued after 1,000 failures, shows how to think and how to behave when a rock solid plan is in place:

“ I have not failed. I´ve just found 1,000 ways that won´t work.” – Thomas A. Edison



Scale up Your Success

After my first marathon race, the very first thing I did after analyzing the race in depth was to set a new goal.

Life is a continued development.

Since we were children, we constantly learned new skills, and when we became good at something, normally we got that little extra motivational kick to become experts.

Growing up with this typical child behavior, which in fact is a genetic heritage from the moment you achieved your first victory (do you remember the entrance of this post?), unfortunately has a tendency to fade out. The reasons can be many, but here I’ll give a few:

  • It all starts with our childhood and the education we get from our parents. Like all parents they always want the best for their children, but maybe their convictions have focused on the incorrect things and end up in giving an education that could influence their children in a non-entrepreneurial way of thinking.


  • Education in school represents the second most important influencer. In a way the school represents an authority for a child that easily can be a denominator for the development of life.


  • People in our environment are turning us down by negative impulses, and the can even can be jealous that you are going to achieve something they do not even have guts to try out.


  • When getting your first job in the corporate world, normally you appreciate the achievement (which you should do, as you really achieved to “win a race” against others), and the risks is high that you grab the corporate world as you career ladder, and continue for years to trade time and knowledge for money.


  • When we start to approach the 60ies the pension and the step-down mindset becomes more frequent in you life. Instead of gearing up we feel that we have all the right to slow down and starting a less hectic life. In some cases it does work well, but in how many cases haven’t you seen people hitting the reality that the money as retired will be far away from enough to live the life you dreamt about during earlier phases in your life.

When I had done successfully my first marathon race and according to the plan, I was immediately looking for the next challenge.

What could it be?

Boston Marathon!

This classic among all the races has a particular rule. You must qualify to get even the right to apply for your participation. The minimum qualification time for my category was 3 hours and 55 minutes.

Let’s go for it!

The training program was immediately changed to a plan scheduled for a finish time of 3:45. I was training hard, disciplined and always with the goal in my mind. The qualification time was reached in a race in December 2011 by doing 3:49:47 and I had the pleasure to participate in the Boston Marathon 2013.

It was a feeling of pride and self-confidence to line up in the starting blocks for this prestigious race, and during whole the race I repeated several times to myself.

I did it!

Unfortunately, this race that was supposed to be a party full of pride and fun was turned down by the famous and sad bomb blast, which also showed us all how vulnerable we are.

The learning from this story is:

Never stop to set new and challenging goals

And this goes for any activity in life, for any age and for any circumstance.


Check Your Winning Instinct

Always with A Winning Instinct

Always with A Winning Instinct

To be a winner is not difficult, but you need to have guts to be one. Summing up this post, check yourself by ticking off if you have what is needed to be winner:

Mark with a “Yes” if you are doing it or if you agree, and with a “No” if you don’t do it or you don’t agree:

                                                                                                                                                                     Yes      No

  1. “Define the purpose of your goal setting”
  2. “Set a challenging but realistic goal”
  3. “The goals and the results must be measurable”
  4. “You must have a plan”
  5. “Be aware of that obstacles are normal ingredients towards the final goal
  6. Never stop to set new and challenging goals


How many “Yes” did you get? I would love to share it with you. Please, report your result by clicking here.

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