7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Day Early

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Day Early

Start The Day Early - 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Day Early

Start Your Day Early

Can it be good to interrupt your sleep and start the day early?

As mentioned in various blog posts before, the time is a limited resource. Therefore, it is important to optimize the utilization of the time.

Some people have huge problems to get up in the morning and others just jump out of bed as they had been awake already for hours. In average, you’ll need between 6 and 8 hours of sleep per night depending on age, body constitution and your general physical condition.

Motivation is the main driver pushing you out of bed. If something great, emotional or fun is waiting for you the next morning, you will not have any problem at all to be on your feet early. But if something boring or troublesome will be your task for the day the wake up will not be very pleasant. People suffering from depression are sleeping most of the day.

Knowing the psychological background of getting up early, the rest of this post will show the advantages of getting up early.

1. Time to think through what to do during the day.

Start The Day Early - To Think Through - 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Day Early

Start The Day Early – To Think Through

A lot of people miss their goal by not being sufficiently focused. If you don’t start your day thinking through what you have to focus on during the next coming hours, probably you will not reach your goal for that day. The brain works best during the morning hours and, therefore, it is recommended to use that time to take control over your mind, trying to avoid the influence of emotions.

2. Time to plan your day.

Start The Day Early - To Plan - 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Day Early

Start The Day Early – To Plan

The early birds have the possibility to plan their day with anticipation before doing anything else. The earlier you have your plan for the day ready, the better you will use the time, and you will be more efficient and productive. To do the plan the evening before is not a good idea as your brain will be tired and will need to rest. It’s like go shopping food and being hungry, and at the end, you purchase more than what you need, being influenced by the hunger.

Therefore, it’s better to eat first and buy the food later. The same happen with the brain and the planning. It’s better to rest first and plan when the brain has recovered during the night.

3. Perfect timing for workout

Start The Day Early - To Plan - 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Day Early

Start The Day Early – To Workout

Who said that you should run to your working place as soon as you wake up?

Many people claim to not having enough time for the family, leisure and exercise. If you implement as a habit to start your day at 6 AM, you will get a couple of hours for workout or exercise of your preference and before the kick-off of your labor day.

When exercising in the morning, your organism produces endorphins, which are hormones released when exercising and generate a sensation of happiness and euphoria. The charge of endorphins could be sufficient to feel full of energy throughout the whole working day.

4.You will learn how to eat breakfast

Start The Day Early - To Eat Breakfast - 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Day Early

Start The Day Early – To Eat Breakfast

During whole your life you have heard that breakfast is the most important meal during the day, and it is is the real truth. If you start your day early, you will get time to eat breakfast in a correct way without any stress or hurry.

An investigation made by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health shows that eating breakfast in a correct way has an important impact on your general health. In the same way, that your car needs gasoline to move forward, your body will need food to function in a proper way, particularly in the morning.

5. A lot of successful people wake up early

Start The Day Early - For Success - 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Day Early

Start The Day Early – For Success

In an interview for the New York Magazine, Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter said that he starts his day at 5:30 AM. Dorsey uses the morning for activities like meditation and jogging. Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, is a fanatic person when it comes to waking up early. In an interview he gave to the magazine Business Insider he commented that he jumps out of bed daily at 5:45 AM to exercise and to eat breakfast before taking care of his business.

6.You’re two steps ahead of everyone.

Start The Day Early - To Be Ahead - 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Day Early

Start The Day Early – To Be Ahead

The habit of getting up early, according to investigations, can help you to discover your creative potential. Also, it will develop your self-confidence: you’re ready to start the day when others are just opening their eyes.

Since childhood, I’ve been a morning person, a habit that has continued during whole my life. To take care of the more complicated tasks during the early morning hours has helped me to keep a high speed and a high level of motivation throughout the day without stress and anxiety.

Further, if you can learn to wake up two and a half hours earlier than what you’re accustom to, you will gain 150 minutes of lucidity to the day, which is equivalent to 17 and half hours per week, more than 70 hours per month and 840 hours a year.

7. Live your passions

Start The Day Early - To Live Your Passion - 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Day Early

Start The Day Early – To Live Your Passion

Life has to be fun and full of moments of pleasure and happiness. We all have a passion we are burning for. Maybe you are practicing it, or it is latently waiting for your take off.

In my case, I’m a passionate runner doing two to three marathon races per year and another 8-10 half marathons and 10K. It’s a time-consuming sport and passion and many of my training sessions I do early in the morning. My passion for running and your passion, whatever it could be, need to be leveraged with the job bringing in money to the family.

Often we divide the passion and the job as two separate activities, one you love to do and another one you must do. What if you could love both activities?

Since I become a digital marketer, I have two passions, and I love them both. The leverage between the two activities produces happiness, freedom, a lifestyle I never thought was possible…..and you will write your own paycheck, being your own boss.

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