Consulting a dictionary, the word “Action” is one of these words having a huge number of synonyms.  The word as such sounds awesome, powerful, progressive and easy to do, but why do so many people fail when they start to take action?

My passion and at the same time challenge to run marathon races has taught me how to deal with my running actions. Believe me when I am saying that it is extremely difficult to fulfill a marathon race (without torturing yourself) if all the actions, or training sessions before the race day, have not been in accordance with…….guess what…?……. the Plan!!!

By experience and coaching, I know that my training plan, or Training Program, needs to have four different ingredients to be able to bring me in successfully to the final goal and the marathon race. I need distance training. Normally I do my long runs on Saturdays or Sundays. They can vary between 15Km (9.3 miles) and 35Km (21.8 miles), depending on where I am in the time cycle of the training program. During a full year, including all types of training, I normally make something around 2,010km (125 miles). Secondly, I need to make interval training, shorter distances at high pace repeated several times, to get the body up to speed. The third part contains running technique and hill training, and the fourth discipline and not to forget is the importance of the workout sessions in the gym to get strength and flexibility into the muscles.

Since I started my serious marathon training, I have monitored in detail all my training sessions and with pride I register that I have always finished all my races, and I have never suffered any injury.

I can promise you that on kilometer 35 (21.8 miles) with 7km (4.4 miles) still to go you are  grateful to yourself that you had a training program in place. When your whole body sores, the legs feel like tree-trunks and your bones like fragile un-boiled spaghetti, then it’s like a sense of security to rely on a well-executed training program.



Different names for the same game.

As a humble upper age marathon enthusiast trying to organize my passion to run by using a professional Training Program, you will not need many seconds to understand the importance of proper training programs for all these incredible professional sportsmen and women out there, who every year register new unbelievable records.

Jumping over to any other activity in life, it’s all about the same, where is the training program or the Action? It´s all the same with different names.

All famous entrepreneurs in our time, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Larry Page to just mention a few of them, they never should have achieved what they did without Plenty of Action. For sure the action was not the only characteristic related to those gentlemen. But if the action hadn’t been there the rest should have been a pure theory. It would never be mentioned in the future´s history literature.

When I came across the Six Figure Mentors, I didn´t look at the money or any “Rich-over-Night” – offer. What I first saw behind the curtains was a serious and feasible online business model offering the opportunity to build your own business and the flexibility to be wherever you want on the planet to do the work. Your laptop and an internet connection are your only needed working requisites.

However, what made the most impact were two things: 1) SFM is offering a complete business system to handle your business properly and professional from day one. 2) Wherever you are on the digital scale, SFM gives you comprehensive Training tremendously didactic and easy to follow.

My career started back when we still used telex to communicate with customers around the world. The fax machine was the first “revolution” on the communication side I had the opportunity to see launched in live. Then, entering the digital world was a thrilling challenge for me and even if the PCs, iPads and Smartphones have been daily working tools for the last decades. What I learned so far with SFM is amazing. There are training modules for everything and everyone. This is the Message Trigger, which was the start of the change in my lifestyle.



Doing the Correct Things at the Right Time and Place.

Planning, training, action….and probably some more stuff make things happen. However, there are no Bill Gates or Steve Jobs in every corner. In my opinion, there is one fundamental ingredient that must be there – Action + Timing, or in a more readable format, Doing the Correct Things at the Right Time and Place.

During the Olympic Games in Mexico City 1968 Bob Beamon set an incredible New World Record in long jump by jumping 8.90 (29ft 2 ½ in) meters. What is so special with this record? Since the world record for long jump first was registered back in 1901, the record never was beaten by more than 15cm and normally not more than a few years after the previous world record.

Bob Beamon improved the new record by 55cm, and it took 33 years for Mike Powell who jumped 8.95 (only 5cm more) 1991 in Tokyo, to improve the record. Since then, it’s now 25 years, the record is still valid.

There is no doubt that Bob Beamon had peaked his performance by training the correct way before such an important event as the Olympic Games. He was at the right place, 2,300 meter above sea level with thinner air, producing less friction when jumping. With the maximum allowed wind in the jumping direction of 2m/s he also had the right timing.



Good Luck!

Sometimes we call this for Good Luck. Was it by luck or by personal effort Bob Beamon qualified to represent U.S.A. in the Olympic Games? Was it by luck or a result of disciplined and organized training that Bob Beamon jumped 8.90m? Measure out 8.90m to understand how much it is. Was it good luck that he had the maximum wind flow in his favor? Well, all this can be discussed over and over again.

The only goal of this example is to show that good luck is nothing magical floating around in the air and when it hits it hits. What we tend to call luck is something that occur when all the parts and pieces we have at our disposal are in a perfect harmony with each other. In the world of sports, these athletes with “luck” are real professionals in control of all variables that can have an impact on their performance.

Did Bill Gates succeed because of good luck? If you have read any books about him, the story tells us that he actually found it more of interest to help Harvard University to improve their administrative system than dedicate his time to study what he was there to study. By endless and passionate work, he developed a system for “normal” people to enter the digital world. Windows was a software created Microsoft at a time when the digital world was about to take off.

The same goes for Richard Branson Richard Branson, who started Virgin Airlines by getting his flight canceled and chartered a private airplane.

All the necessary variables for success were in place, but Windows would never see the daylight and Virgin Airlines would never be flying without Action.

Probably you have come across situations in life where the opportunity is more or less obvious and what are the standard expressions? “One should do this and that”, “imagine if it would be possible to take advantage of this”, “if I had money”…. Can you relate to this? The missing part and keyword is Action, which is the “push-and-go” button for Entrepreneurs.

What comes first, the Plan or the Action? Both, but if there is no action, take it for granted that your plan will remain as a theory that never got the opportunity.


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