All success starts with a plan

All success starts with a plan

The question occurred from thinking the blog name, Life-Race. The truth is that I did not have to think a lot to find the name. If you have seen the rest of my website , you will notice pretty soon that running is one of my big passions. Since childhood I have always had a sporty mindset and coming up to the real adult life when the body weight starts to accumulate “by itself”, I found out that physical training is a must, to avoid being a statistical number among the huge group of obese people with illnesses like diabetes, too high levels of cholesterol and various other diseases related to bad nutrition and lack of physical exercise.

On my web page, you can read more about my “crazy” marathon “obsession”. Running is one of the easiest sports to practice and another good thing is that you don’t have to spend plenty of money to get started and enjoy the sport with efficiency and joy. The “heaviest” investment to make and necessary to do to minimize the risk of injuries, is in a pair of good running sneakers. With $100 you are well covered to find the necessary shoes.

Further, this is a sport you can practice wherever you wish. To put the necessary running stuff in a suitcase does not represent important space loss and frankly speaking there exist only two valid “excuses” to not get out and run: 1) An infection in your body, something to take seriously to not hazard your health and even put your life in danger. 2) Lightening storm, which can be really dangerous when out running

To combine in a balanced manner my passion with my professional life I needed a Plan. I was in need to find flexibility, time and money in the same package and yes, I Found It. Today I have time to practice my passion, I have time to be more with my family, and I have the flexibility to be at any spot on the planet, I only need an internet connection….. and yes, I´m making money.


The goals have to be like the mountains, high but visible.

If you run just to keep yourself fit and without any training program in place, the risk is high that your running activity will be something short-lived and very soon the “excuses” start to dominate. I have passed through these phases several times. One of the funniest training session I know about is the one of the 1st of January when all people who made commitments for the new year are out there running with literally an overdose of enthusiasm. Their outfit is normally brand new and in some cases the price and the brand tag is still not removed. The sad side of this day when the enthusiasm and motivation are flowing as never before is that the majority of this people has disappeared from the running track within a time lap not exceeding a month.

For me the change came when I took the decision to participate in my first marathon. With almost a whole year before the race, I did something which allowed me to fulfill my goal. I made a Plan and it was a challenging plan, which forced me to make it all in a serious way. The plan is the key to any successful project. Without a plan, you are strolling around in blindness without any horizon.

Have you ever seen an architect building a house without a construction drawing or a captain crossing the Atlantic Ocean without a nautical chart? For one simple reason I decided to go for a full marathon: you just don’t run 42,195 meters without a plan. Life performs the same way and without a plan the probability to fail will be high.


The Plan is our nautical chart.

In a certain way, the professional and private lives perform the same way and the Plan will serve as a guideline on how to reach the goal. A marathon Race has the same need as a professional Career. The Plan on how to manage the Race and the Career defines to a great extent if I´m going to reach my goal or not.

The True Desire which is another name for Passion requires a plan because you need effort to overcome the challenges and obstacles existing in several phases of an ambitious plan.


My Plan and the Why?

We can´t end this section without first making a serious challenge of the Plan we have made. All serious plans must have a well-defined final goal as well as various sub-goals. The sub-goals might need some reflections and think through drilling as those normally are more detailed operational to support the path towards the final goal.

The important exercise to do here, and you can do it right away, is to define the final goal or the Global Plan, and the litmus test would be to write down at least three of the most important goals in my Global Plan. Forget about how you express yourself, the grammar or the spelling, but if you don´t get defined in an understandable way in less than one minute the three most important topics in your Global Plan, the risk is high that your Plan doesn’t fit into your real Passion or True Desire.

During the exercise I made to get to my Plan, it didn´t take me long time before I landed here, and from there started my journey to internet business.

With the environment in our daily lives, it’s not difficult to fall into the trap to create a Plan which doesn’t represent your real Passion. Apply a lot of auto-criticism when doing this exercise, as it later on can save you a lot of time and effort!

In 5 days´ time, we are going to talk about how to put into Action the established Plan.


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