Are you 18-25 years old?

“For lack of confidence in ourselves we end up working for someone else, with Six Figure Mentors the reality is different”


I was 24 and had just graduated from college with a degree in Business Administration with specialization in International Marketing and married the most wonderful woman in the world. My ego was too big and I began my journey into the world of business. Almost immediately I got a job in Gothenburg, Sweden, as an international seller of paper and wood pulp. I made many trips, especially to Latin America, closed successful businesses and I also had other functions, but the downside of my job was the salary that they gave me for my effort.

At this age, I had no work experience and the company where I was accepted had as a compromise to earn the confidence and experience that I really needed. These “ideas” were not only mine, but my wife thought the same and we accepted our situation without concern.

My parents were very proud of their successful son. I followed the pattern of education and training of that time, a good professional education, a great marriage and with the ultimate goal to fight every day to achieve further progress. At that time there was nothing in my mind to create something different, something on my own or something that might have changed my life forever. It’s true that the internet didn’t exist at that time, not even the fax was born. All marketing communication was by telex, telegrams and normal letters. Phone communications were used only in cases of great importance or urgency. Without internet, Skype and/or emails, entrepreneurs were born anyway.

The biggest obstacle I faced to not take that important step, were the ideas that were already imposed on society as the “right path to success” was achieved working for someone else, although there were some times when I was considering starting something on my own “free time”. It just happened that I had no free time and the little time I had was to spend time with my wife. I was stuck in this situation for a long time.


Now I ask you, can you identify with some of my experience that I just shared? If so, I have good news for you, you don’t need to make the same mistake I made as a youth. Sign in Six Figure Mentors and see how a whole world opens for you and your life, don’t wait, don’t be afraid to try, whether you consider yourself a young an inexperienced person, remember to always face your fears and rise up from any circumstances. Here it’s about a new life, a life where you decide how you live it with time freedom and financial independence that will allow you to live and enjoy every moment with your family and friends.