Are you 25-40 years old?

“The road to success should not involve great sacrifices but harmony in your life. Six Figure Mentors gives you the power you need in your life”


At 27, my first child was born and the same year I got my first job abroad. I started making more money but I still had no free time, I had the typical ideas that most people currently handle “you should work harder and spend more time on business” or “To get to the top you must sacrifice many things”. The work and time had me as their slave, my family was the one I had most forgotten.

In 1986 I was recruited by a very large Swedish corporation which quickly led me to the position as CEO abroad. My passionate dedication for the job led me to a position perhaps too fast. I made good money, we lived in exotic countries, had the opportunity to meet wonderful people and the doors opened to new cultures. Everything seemed like a dream and there was no time to think about other races. With an entrepreneurial mindset, I was always seeing if other alternatives came up to do something on my own. The internet still did not move the world as it does so now.