Are you 40-60 years old?

“Don’t be a prisoner of your past, but an architect of your future!”


With traditional thoughts and the way we’ve been raised, this period of life is represented by“consolidation”. All the achievements that are a part of building the armored walls of your house, that house that represents a peaceful and prosperous retirement. However, there is an unknown variable in the formula that you don’t know, which handles you pattern. Have you ever wondered, how does he think? His agenda probably doesn’t match yours.

During the late 90s we lived in Colombia and as CEO of the company I also reported to the other companies that were in other countries, for example; Peru, Mexico and Central America. I traveled constantly and was hardly ever at home. I had reached the pinnacle of my career. Suddenly, one day, a corporate message arrives where I was informed that they were going to sell the companies in the business division which I belonged. For the first time in my life I realized that the agenda of your employer doesn’t match yours. Where were all the recognitions of good results year after year? Where is everyone from corporate who previously expressed their admiration? Well, they were with corporate and not with you. I finally woke up and realized that you are the master of your own destiny  and not always a part of others’ dreams.

If you do a good job, you’re an important resource for your employer to realize their dreams and for the first time in my adult life I had time to think seriously about my life and my own future. At that moment entrepreneur inside of me woke up and together with my wife we started our own business in Mexico. My project developed within the industry that I had worked in for 20 years and should be a success as I had the necessary experience for it to be and despite all the pressure and the heavy investments in the business, for the first time in my life I felt the freedom that I had always dreamed of, the freedom to “manage my own business”, to make my own decisions, adapt my schedule to my needs and convictions.

At that time I was released from the “bondage” that other owners imposed on me, I no longer complied with anyone’s agenda, our business started very well until our suppliers began to fail and after two years fighting for our dream everything went practically bankrupt. Now penniless, but with an invaluable experience as an entrepreneur, we returned to Europe to live some incredible years in Belgium and working in another corporation of direct sales. It was a very successful company and I earned well, it helped me regain some of the ground lost during the two years as an entrepreneur in Mexico.
If I had lost my entrepreneurial spirit, most likely I would have seen my failure as something that I shouldn’t try again, but I was very clear in what I wanted, I desired to live a different life, I wanted to enjoy my freedom, my free time and have a good income, not only for me, but also for my family.


One of my favorite mottos I want to share is: Don’t be a prisoner of your past but an architect of your future, and the tools that we offer really give you the help you need to quickly build the future that we as entrepreneurs have as a goal. Feed your curiosity,  click here and discover what changed my life and what will probably change yours. Try it now!