Are You Living or Suffering a Digital Life Style?

Are You Living or Suffering a Digital Life Style?

Some time ago visiting a local restaurant, there was an image that caught my attention. At a table close to ours a family of five persons, I believe two parents and three teenagers, show a behavior I could not get rid of. They did not studying the menu, they did not discuss the decoration that was quite special and unique, they did not talk at all. But they were all with a particular expression in their faces. The gentleman, I suppose the father and the husband show a face of preoccupation and concern, the mother with her smile on her lips transmitted a message of pleasure and joy. The three kids were just laughing artificially while they all worked skillfully with their fingers. There was absolutely no communication between the five family members although they were sitting so close that they easily could touch each other.

This true scenario tries to describe a normal family visiting a restaurant together, heavily occupied with their mobile phones and connected elsewhere. This is a common view nowadays, and it seems rather increasing in intensity.

Smartphone Dinner

As an old timer trying my very best to be as digital as ever possible in my daily life, I raise the question,

Where goes the limit?

In my daily life I am using my Mac, iPad and iPhone and I need these devices to be able to perform. When the Internet connection for any reason is down, you notice how vulnerable you are and how much we depend on the modern technology. For example, this blog post and communication would not be possible without the digital technology. Too often we take it all for granted, the same way we take for granted that the room will lighten up when moving the electrical switch. Before Thomas Edison invented the electrical bulb, it was a project to get light into a room.

Before writing this post I googled a bit about Digital Lifestyle Definition, and only under that search phrase there were 5,170,000 different results. So, it will take some time until we can come up with a definition we all are willing to agree upon.

It is a fun reading viewing all these different definitions out there and, of course, each definition highly depends on from which angle you want to view it. However, a common word popping up everywhere no matter the focus on the definition, is


With your digital devices and an Internet connection, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want and wherever you want. A good example is how we do our bank transactions. With Internet we can literally do all kind of transactions with just a few clicks. The competition among the banks is more focused on user-friendly web pages than the traditional marketing activities commonly used a decade ago.


New Ways of Doing Business

How many reading this, have purchased something from Amazon? I am pretty sure that almost all of you have an Amazon account. The company founded 1994 as an online bookstore and today a multi-billion company quoted on the New York Stock Exchange, and a good example of how an entrepreneurial idea can be realized by taking advantage of the huge change in the world´s consumer habits, thanks to the explosive evolution in the digital environment.

When I started my career some decades ago, and suddenly the telefax machine was introduced as the tool to turn upside down the way of doing business up till that point, I could not in my wildest fantasy imagine that I today should belong to the group of digital entrepreneurs doing business online. The same way Bill Gates made the computer accessible to all people and not only to IT-educated professionals by launching his famous program Windows, the Six Figure Mentors has made it accessible for “normal” people to make business online.

With the unique platform offered to all members of the SFM community, everything is literally set up and you can start immediately focusing on the marketing part and drive traffic to your business. My three working tools to make this possible, my Mac laptop, my iPad and my iPhone are always with me, one device at a time or all together. The freedom to be wherever I want and still be connected to my business, cannot be bought for any money. I can be at home, with my children and grandkids or visiting exotic and interesting places worldwide together with my wife. The old traditional way of thinking about work as one part and vacations as another separate part, when you rest from your ordinary work, has been completely changed. You are always working or always on vacation, depending on how you view life. If you love what you are doing, then life is rather a long vacation. No more “Monday again!” or “Thanks God it is Friday!”.

Living the true digital lifestyle, all days are great days.

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Master Your Digital Access

As the digital world rapidly has developed, and many different segments of the society are becoming more and more digitalized, there is also a dangerous downside of this evolution. The technology today allows us to practically communicate with whomever we want. Communication is the essence of all human relationship and represents the necessary bricks in such construction.

From our very first steps in life, we learned how to communicate by talking in different ways and express ourselves with gesticulations. The different tones in our voice combined with the different ways of moving our body are the important emotional parts of a conversation. The digital devices have still some homework to do before the emotions can be properly transmitted. In the meantime, we are heavily using different icons trying to cover this emotional part.

Digital Emotions

We who are dedicated to marketing and sales know very well that a successful deal with a customer is based on trust more than the product itself. To create the necessary trust, a dialogue with the customer or the prospect will be essential. The difference between a dialogue and a monologue can be expressed very condensed as,


In an interaction, which is exactly what we achieve when talking face to face to somebody, we use all available means. We talk with different voice levels, we use gesticulations, and we can even use a pause as an effective communication tool.

Sending an e-mail, a WhatsApp or whatever application we are using, is a monologue communication where we lack the interaction or at least it will be very poor. This is one of the main reasons why, for example, live events such as webinars are becoming more frequent in our daily work. We need the interaction, which will be very difficult to achieve unless a dialogue will be in place.

To Which Generation Do We Belong?

A visit to a nice restaurant is something else then a place to fulfill the need of food. It is a place where we socialize under pleasant circumstances, no matter if a business lunch or a family dinner. The communication part is an essential ingredient of the whole event. Anyone who ever has visited a nice restaurant alone? I don’t think so.

Smoking is no longer allowed in restaurants because it will harm other guests’ health. A table of guests fully occupied with their mobile phones and obviously not dedicated to the social part the restaurants are created for, are they influencing negatively on other guests with their behavior? A very provocative question but worth thinking about.

We all know what an alcoholic is, and from there also the word workaholic has been created. Could it be that we rapidly run into a new phase where “digitholics” start to appear?

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