Are You Making These Mistakes As An Entrepreneur?

Are You Making These Mistakes As An Entrepreneur?



Leverage your passions and avoid failures!

As an entrepreneur loving what I’m doing I came across a blog about my other passion in life – marathon running. Reading the post, I found out that serious marathon training and running has a lot of similarities with serious entrepreneurship.

The blog post was dealing with three different topics – Long runsRushed training Feeding and Energy Intake.

As my marathon experience is much more extensive than the time I have been acting as an independent entrepreneur, it sounds wise if I take advantage of such experience and try to leverage with my work as an entrepreneur.

It is amazing what I found out.

Long runs – long working sessions

The most important part of the training program for a serious marathon runner is the weekly long run. You don’t need to be a runner to understand that it will be hard to run the 26.2 miles (42km) on the race day without training the entire body to be accustomed to such workout.

As an entrepreneur, you need to prepare yourself and your mentality of long working sessions. This is not an 8 to 5 job but a mission where the reward at the end will be the life of freedom every entrepreneur is dreaming of. In the same manner, as your long run days are scheduled, usually during the weekends, also the long working sessions have to be planned properly to fit into the rest of your life with family, friends and other social activities.

If you skip the weekly long runs as a runner, you will for sure have problems to cross the finish line on the race day.

If you ignore the necessary long working sessions as an entrepreneur, for sure you will get into problems to achieve your business goals.

Rushed training – Business shortcuts

As a marathon runner with several years of experience, I have seen so many times, people lining up in the starting blocks but only with a few weeks of previous training and preparation. It’s curious, but frequently I can identify these enthusiastic non-well-trained runners, running away as they were going to set a new world record. I can see these people off the track after less than half the race, with pain everywhere and sometimes under medical care. To run a marathon race, no matter the goal you have as to finish time, you need at least 25 weeks of constant training.

As an entrepreneur with the tremendous motivation and passion for the business you are going to create, the temptation is always there to find short cuts. Heads up! There are no short cuts. Build you business on a solid foundation and you will get a business that will last for years and to grow as you want.

In the Internet business, there are so many scams and false promises out there trying to get hold of your credit card number with the “hook” that you will become a millionaire in a couple of weeks. These “get rich quick” schemes do not exist but show up as a “carrot” the same way as the belief that you can run a marathon race with only a few weeks of training.

Feeding and energy intake – eating and health

A marathon race is a challenge in many ways, and the general health is an important topic. What you are eating will influence a lot on your general shape. The weeks and days before the race, all marathon runners focus very much on the necessary carbo-loading, to fill up the body with the maximum quantity of fuel and energy. If this part of overall feeding and carbo-loading, in particular, the days before the race not are taken care of properly, you will run into problems during the second part of the race.

The entrepreneurial lifestyle falls into the same category of necessary body caretaking, where the food and general health play an essential role in the “race” towards the success.

Among friends and colleagues being entrepreneurs, we all take care of our health. We do eat healthy food to afford the hard job and sometimes long working days. To do some kind of exercise is almost a rule among modern and successful entrepreneurs.

Passion, correct mindset and hard work are three “must” characteristics for today’s entrepreneurs. Use all the passions you have and leverage them. The experience you have from one activity will help you to be successful with the other activities.

It all boils down to leveraging the synergies,

….and that is what will make you to an outstanding and successful entrepreneur.

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