Are you more than 60 years old?

“The only one who must and can take the reins of your life is you”


In 2008 I returned to Mexico recruited by a US company and the mission entrusted to me was very clear: “Tweak the company, make the necessary changes, and implement what is needed so that there the sales and the profitability of the business go up”. In record time we changed the direction in the company and everything began to take the course of what the owners wanted.


With my life experience, I have to admit I made a mistake, a mistake that I refused to discover when the race was at its highest level, everything was successful and I lived a life that exceeded the average, my biggest mistake was not recognizing my entrepreneurship on time, I opened my eyes too late and changed for money the love and time I could provide for my family.


Success can blind you, you feel you’re on top of the world but don’t realize that even the owners as you reach your retirement no longer treat you the same way, you are treated as an exhausted resource where only you generate cost, they don’t see you as a resource, you are no longer indispensable to them.
When I realized this, I was actually left with two alternatives, retiring as an ordinary retiree and live the rest of my life feeding myself with the money I happily managed to accumulate during my golden years or find another way. Like other people, I refused to accept being treated like a worn and “expired” resource. I started looking on the internet and immediately found an endless amount of offers that promise you’ll be millionaire overnight and without any effort. As I previously mentioned, nothing convinced me and I lived as a prisoner of my own doubts. So with all my passion, I found an alternative that filled all my expectations and didn’t hesitate to move on with my business.


Six Figure Mentors is an alternative that we all have at our fingertips and is one of the best choices we can make as entrepreneurs. Don’t just sit there waiting for your boss to recognize your effort and your dedication, go get your future. Open your eyes and look at everything you’re setting aside because of your exhausting working hours. Don’t change your life or your family for an economy which only allows you to live fairly well. Try it, believe me you won’t regret it. Six Figure Mentors is your best choice..


Achieve the success you’ve always wanted, dare to try!