Begin Today

metaAs a passionate athlete running marathons around the world I learned something interesting very early in my career as a runner. All who are dedicated to this noble sport are fighters and have a winning mentality. Therefore, when you sign up you must indicate your age and as you cross the goal your time is compared with runners of the same age category; with a good workout you always have a good, realistic chance of occupying one of the best spots in your category. Everyday life works just like that, you finish college and think in a very special way, that you have a whole life ahead of you but you don’t realize the challenges that’ll come when you start asking for work, since in every job, as easy as it may be, they’ll ask you for “experience” and you reach this experience when you’re about 30 to 40 years old and here’s when you find an attractive job market, you have a little more economic stability and you’ll possibly form a family. At age 50, your life is practically formed and here practically all successes were based on what you sowed. Turning 60, retirement is a word that is often frequent in your vocabulary and at this point we cannot change the things we did before, so we can only rely on what was done as a professional.