4 Tips For Boomer Preneurs Before Starting A Business

4 Tips For Boomer Preneurs Before Starting A Business

Lifestyle of Boomer Preneurs

Lifestyle of Boomer Preneurs

Boomer Preneurs are the fastest growing segment in the entrepreneurship sector.

Boomer Preneurs are Baby Boomers (born 1946 – 1964) who owns a small business or starting a business, and as discussed in my previous blog post, (Retired But Not Tired: The Truth Behind It), we are not the group of people as we used to be some decades ago. Senior entrepreneurs, or Boomer Preneurs, are more active than ever.

Boomer Preneurs can be divided into many different groups, but they all have in common people looking for life on their own terms after years in the corporate world.

Baby Boomers starting a business adventure, have a lot in common with younger entrepreneurs except for one point:

We want to enjoy our retirement.

The beauty with Boomer Preneurs is that at 55+ years of age they have much more in their personal “asset” than their younger counterparts. For example, they could be challenged with pursuing their entrepreneurial dream without risking funds earmarked for retirement.

You don’t need to figure out if you are at the age of retirement or not. You will notice it immediately, when your surroundings start to whisper about preparing for old age, such as letters about long-term care insurance, invitations to lectures about liposuction, letters about boosting your savings to retire well, little blue pills, wheelchairs, well, it goes on and on. I even got quotations for my own funeral.

The problem though is that you are not ready to retire in that sense. Not so long time ago, work was correlated to some kind of physical effort, and therefore, the old type of retirement thinking was valid back then.

Today it’s different, and the combination of healthier seniors and work efforts requiring less physical effort, the growing group of baby boomers refuses to be laid off in the sense that no more openings on the market will be available.

In this environment, the so-called Boomer Preneurs appeared; people who are “locked out” from the normal labor market, and decided to start their own business and being their own boss.

Boomer Preneurs: What To Think About Before Starting Your Business

Baby boomers normally have a lot of ideas of what kind of business to run. The life experience has given so many tips along the road. The tricky part of the process starts by identifying a business that fits the market needs.

For whatever reason you decide to start your own business, there are always certain points to carefully check up.

Step 1. What to consider as a Boomer Preneur before starting a business? – In this first part everything from the investment cost to the products, services and marketplace have to be analyzed in detail.

Step 2. Identify the opportunity that is right for the marketplace and you. – With the life experience, we have as seniors, a lot of ideas have passed through your mind over the years. You just didn’t have time, funds or both at that point to initiate the business. A passion driven business based on a product or service you love yourself will always be a safe card towards your success. Before going ahead, you must figure out that there is a market for your product.

Step 3. Refine your business idea and do research. – With your passion on top and eager to get started, it’s very easy to forget this step of the process, or at least not doing the necessary job properly. In today’s Internet world there are no excuses to avoid the research part. If something is wrong in your business model, it will cause you problems later on if not corrected. When scaling up the business, it will all leverage, not only the good things but also the wrong stuff. So, do not take this step as “not-so-important-but-must–do” issue.

Step 4. Determine the viability of the business and push the start button. – At this point, you should have a detailed business plan as well as a financial plan linked to a schedule. Go it through again, invite other people to analyze it. Correcting minor errors at this pre-launch point will save you money, time and problems later on. Start the business and enjoy your life as a Boomer Preneur.

How Do I Know All This About Boomer Preneurs?

What To Know About Boomer Preneurs

What To Know About Boomer Preneurs

There are two main reasons:

  1. You are not the only one – This is a worldwide growing trend. In many countries around the world, the self-employment group among 55+ people is increasing faster than the corresponding employment group. With the exceptionally rapid growth of the digital industry, there are fewer jobs globally each year. And this trend does not seem to change, in spite of all promises made by politicians around the world. This trend will, of course, affect all groups in the society, but as seniors reaching retirement age traditionally have been faded out, this group is accustom to the behavior and at the end, strong and successful Boomer Preneurs will be a major group managing the businesses.
  2. I’ve been there – After a long and successful corporate career, at the age of 62, I decided to leave behind my frustration, lack of satisfaction, stress and starting my own business. It has been a tough journey, and probably with more frustration and pressure and working hours than ever before. But it was worth it! The freedom to be your own boss, building your own business and rely 100% on what you are doing for yourself is priceless.

Thanks to the Internet and the business opportunities offered in the market, it was possible to materialize this dream I have had since many years ago. As a Senior, I was not willing to invest the money from the funds to be used when I will get retired (if I ever will retire). With a couple of hundred dollars, you can literally have your online business up and running. Hard work, yes, frustrations, yes, failures, a lot, but it was all worth it.

The laptop lifestyle is something that everyone should have the opportunity to live. It is the ultimate freedom you can’t understand until you start to live it. And the best part of it:

It is a fantastic and unique opportunity for us active Baby Boomers.


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Retired But Not Tired: The Truth Behind It

Retired But Not Tired: The Truth Behind It

Retired but not tired

Retired but not tired

It’s funny how two words have been linked together in “ Retired But Not Tired “, as they are complete opposites.

The old version of our society produced good students, workers, and managers. Relatively easy they got a job climbed the career ladder and retired at the age of 65.

At that time, being retired typically meant a complete separation from their life lasting corporate position, and with a decent pension to live the rest of their lives in a different way. Stepping down from the traditional high-speed working and enjoy life with the family and friends, having time to practice the favorite hobby or sport, and even increase the frequency of traveling.

Back then, the social security systems were normally able to generate sufficient funds to back up a decent retirement financially.

Even the persons who reached the age of retirement were very much mentally prepared and ready for a non-working period of life.

As the populations all over the globe have increased dramatically in conjunction with a higher level of health, the group of people getting into the retirement age, is bigger for every year. Add on that the majority of the institutions, both public and private, more or less have failed to multiply the invested pension funds in such way that people can retire with a pension to enjoy life as it initially was aimed to do.

In today’s societies, a more standard picture is that the pensions to be paid out after retirement are far below the income during the active life as employees. In some cases, the pension to be paid out is even so low that it is impossible to retire for economic reasons.

As the percentage of people in the upper ages continually will grow, the situation will most probably continue downwards when it comes to available pension funds.

Even if the financial scenario for retired people seems to be complicated, there is also a positive side of the topic.

One of them is that a lot of people in “the retirement”-age, they don’t want to retire in the old traditional way of thinking. People today are much healthier, they have a mindset of a younger generation, and in a nutshell, they don’t want to retire in the sense of being completely separated from the labor market or the business world.

The statement “ Retired but not tired “ was created based on this new mentality senior people have adapted.

The digital revolution we all are facing is putting all old concepts upside down. Two decades ago you needed to be a technical genius to handle an Internet-based activity successfully. The rapid development has changed that completely.

According to a Gallup Study the fastest growing groups of entrepreneurs in the U.S., are typical baby boomers over 50 years old. And the reason for this phenomena can be many:

  1. Senior people feel much healthier and younger than their previous generation, and just do not feel “ready” to lay off yet.
  2. The digital revolution and the online world have made things much easier. Today every citizen has to adapt to the online world, like it or not. Bank transactions are done over the Internet; annual tax declarations are made over the Internet. Uber is fading out faster than what we can imagine the traditional taxi; air tickets can hardly be purchased in an old-fashioned travel agency, but the Internet is the way to go, and so on…..
  3. To build an online business, you can do it without the need to invest high amounts of money. You do it from home or when you are traveling. This makes it to an excellent business opportunity for senior people who likes to have a maximum of flexibility.
  4. After a long career, the “shit hits the fan” when you suddenly notice that the money to be paid out when retired will lower your level of life tremendously, and in some cases it can even be difficult to survive.
  5. The hobby or sport of your life that you never had time to practice the way you wanted during your employment period of life, as retired it is the moment to take up that sport or hobby seriously and turn it into a passion. Combining it with some type of online business is not only an excellent idea but a reality for thousands of seniors out there.

“ Retired But Not Tired “ – Competitive Seniors To Count On

The seniors of today belonging to the famous group of so-called baby boomers, do not only have the knowledge, courage and experience to be a very competitive online entrepreneur. As the standard behavior in the corporate world is not to hire older people and even trying to get rid of them, it will be very likely that we will see an increase of digital entrepreneurs in the future to come, particularly among this group of people.

On the other side, with the life experience and other characteristics exclusively earmarked for senior people, the mix between work, enjoying life and passion will be important.

Activities vs. emotions - Retired but not tired

Activities vs. emotions – Retired but not tired

On one side of the picture above, you’ll find the type of activity as a retiree. It can either be money driven activity, such as a business, or a nonmoney driven activity, such as charity, sports, or any active hobby. On the other side, you’ll find the more emotional qualification of your activities, and on the two extremes, you’ll find passion and obligation. Of course, there are a lot of combination in between the four corners.

Let’s focus on the senior who must work after getting retired, as the corresponding pension funds will not allow living the life you desire.

In the traditional old world, a senior to be in that situation normally had to take any unqualified job, just to bring in some extra money to the household. The work became an obligation.

An interesting figure to take note of is that according to Gallup 70 percent of U.S. citizens are unhappy about their jobs, no matter if seniors or not. As retired senior doing monetary driving activities, do not become statistics. You deserve an activity you can actually love to do. And your last 25-40 years in life should be a pleasant time and not an endless suffering.

The online world has opened up the doors as never before. To combine money producing activity with your passion isn’t difficult anymore. The largest encyclopedia the world ever has seen, Google, will give you answers to any question you may have.

Whatever your choice will be, you will need to understand how the online business works. You will need training, no matter if you have some experience or if you are a complete newbie. The good thing with digital entrepreneurship is that you don’t need to be a technical guru as before. Complete technophobes, (as me), can do this.

Pick your passion, be realistic, always stay updated and your experience will turn you into a competitive senior-preneur; the new group of entrepreneurs, that pretty soon will convert “ Retired but not tired “ into “Senior-preneur and still in business.”

It’s no rocket science but this online opportunity took me to another level in life, at the age of 62, a typical baby boomer – retired but not tired.

Retired but not tired - No rocket Science

Retired but not tired – No rocket Science


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How To Love Life As A Rambling Baby Boomer

How To Love Life As A Rambling Baby Boomer

Rambling Baby Boomer

Rambling Baby Boomer

“How can the younger generation possibly navigate their life without the knowledge, insight, and wisdom from those who have made the journey before them?” Carol Louise Mayer

Carol Louise Mayer, author, artist and baby boomer, or as she labels herself, a rambling baby boomer. Officially retired 2001 but then starting something that had been a desire for her since time back.

I use to read her blog post now and then and what gets my attention is her special style and approach to monetizing her passion via her blog, linking to various websites and so on.

Her passion for art has turned into a business approaching people with a particular profile. As a rambling baby boomer, I would say that the somewhat sharp writing style differ her blog posts from most of the rest. And even if belonging to the upper age baby boomers her writing also attracts younger audiences. Or as she says in the presentation of her book:

“What they need (the younger generation) is some elder perspective.”

In The Ramblings of an Aging Baby Boomer, you’ll get this point of view.

In the United States today there are approximately 76 million baby boomers which roughly corresponds to 20% of the U.S. population. The general living trends and raised level of health the last decades, will keep an increased percentage of the baby boomers proactive, not only by traveling around the world, playing golf and doing other outdoor activities, but also be involved in different kinds of businesses.

Some will create their own business for fun and continue on their terms a habit they have been accustomed to during their whole life. Other will search for business opportunities to compensate for the occurred income gap when retired from the labor world.

A third group of people will combine both, the need of being active is important, and some extra income will not hurt.

As a rambling baby boomer, it is important to be aware of what the new life as retired will imply.

The digital world has changed dramatically the conditions for all baby boomers already retired or to be retired shortly. The freedom is there. A laptop and Internet and you are connected. At this point in life, you are not very interested in investing heavily in a new business. The online business allows you to start up your own business with a ridiculously low start up cost.

Even if many of today’s rambling baby boomers know a lot more than managing their Facebook account, the most common fear is the technical part. That part will be taken care of by serious companies by offering a completely automated platform, and complemented with a complete training package.

Turn your search into reality, and check it out here and now!


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What Marketers Can Learn From Donald Trump

What Marketers Can Learn From Donald Trump



A whole world is hooked up on one single thing.

If you are waiting for a political blog post, then you are at a completely wrong site. If you are searching for arguments for or against Donald Trump, the only thing I can promise is that you will not find it in this post.

This is going to be 100% about marketing, and what marketers can learn from presidency campaign.

The 16th of June 2015 Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States. For relatively non-interested people, like myself, of the U.S. political life, Donald Trump with his unique approach and Hilary Clinton based on her recognition built up over years, these two people have focused more than normal the world’s interest in the upcoming U.S. elections.

We are all waiting for today’s speech of Donald Trump, as waiting for the next episode of your favorite TV-series. It’s not about the political position he takes, and it’s not about the relevancy in what he says. It’s something else. It’s what marketers can learn from his rally.

Clinton, Sanders, Cruz and the rest of the gang seem to be somewhat confused as Trump goes on in his very particular style. The “traditional” candidates are working hard to find the way to redirect their political messages, and to be heard among the people. No matter if you are a democratic, republican or something else, no-one wants to miss the next episode of the “Donald Trump-show”.

All marketers around the world, no matter where you got your training, love to use certain models and formulas to explain the different sequences in a marketing campaign or a marketing funnel. One of the oldest formulas I know about and which still is valid is called AIDA.

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

Whatever you are trying to sell, a product, a service, a message or something else, you need to analyze carefully backward how to get the potential customer to take Action = buy your product or vote for you in the president elections.

It’s quite easy to get people to take action if the Desire is in place, i.e. they love your product, service, message or whatever it can be.

The classical approach a politician takes, all over the world, goes like this:

“Vote for me and I promise you 1 million new jobs, tax cuts, less pollution,..”

They start at the end of the model and try to sell a product without knowing if the potential customers even are listening to them.

If you randomly ask people around the world what Clinton, Sanders and Cruz are going to do if they become the president of the United States, and it has to be something concrete and not typical political soft talk not saying anything at the end, I’m pretty sure that the majority of people included in the poll will fail.

If the same question is asked to the same audience about Trump, I do believe that a majority at least will say that he is going to build a wall between the United States and Mexico.

Here is the point, like or dislike the wall at the border, but Donald Trump got your Attention. What marketers can learn from this is that he is only focusing on one single thing:

Get Your Attention

The closer he gets to the day of the truth, the day when it will be decided if he is going to be the candidate for his party or not, he needs to dig into the next three points. To grab your Interest, he states that the wall will be financed by Mexico. Be a fan of Trump or not, no-one can disagree that the whole thing is getting hot and exciting. “How is he going to get Mexico to pay for his wall?”

Now, when getting closer, we all know that he needs to turn his potential followers into real voters, creating a Desire to get him as a Republican candidate.

When or if that will be done successfully, well, the Action to vote for him will be just a mere formality.

What a whole world is waiting for now, is to watch carefully how Donald Trump will achieve the remaining goals, Desire, and Action.

As screaming titles sticking out are selling in all news media, Donald Trump has through his strategy got much more attention than any other president candidate.

Whatever you are doing regarding politics, business or any other activity where mobilizing masses of people is necessary to get success, always start with the most important first, get the…..


When I decided to be my own boss a few years ago and went into the online business, what brought me into this was, yes you are right…..


After all false and scamy promises about being rich within a few days, without doing much, I found an ad in a media where I didn’t expect to find it, about a possibility to be an independent entrepreneur, if I was willing to work hard, invest some money (affordable for my economy), accept it as a serious business opportunities, and afford to “suffer” a while until the business started to grow,  being reliable and profitable.

It was an ad completely different from all the others and instead of painting everything in shiny colors; it almost guaranteed all the hard work to go through before reaching the goal.

For the first time, I paid attention to this kind of opportunity.

Initially, I started part time and after six months I was ready to quit my corporate job.


Without getting my attention in the first step, I would never read the rest. When signing up for the free video bootcamp, my interest was triggered almost immediately, and after going through the video series I had no doubt about my Desire, Action was taken….and here we are.

Donald Trump and I, we are both on missions. Indeed, the purposes are completely different. He is running for the presidency of the United States, and I’m on a mission to create more online entrepreneurs.

We need more proud marketers, ordinary people like you and me, who restlessly are searching for the ultimate freedom, the freedom to be your own boss and live the lifestyle of your dreams.

Did I get your attention?


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What It Takes To Be A Winner

What It Takes To Be A Winner

A Winner

A Winner

Everybody thinks that they would like to be a winner, but…

The opposite of a winner is a loser, right, and who would like to be a loser? With the fear to be labeled as a loser, people immediately say that they are winner types. But is it that easy?

First of all, you need to define clearly what you would like to win. Most people failed at this point, as the horrible idea of being a loser more or less force them to go for the winner alternative.

There exist so many definitions of a “ winner “, and who is the person to decide which definition is the correct one?

However, in my last blog post five days ago we were discussing the “why” and the importance to know why you are doing things, and with the “why” clearly defined you’ll have your goal set. Or expressed in a more rude way:

“Without your “why” you will struggle around like a headless hen”

Whatever your goal may be, you can impossibly be an expert on everything, and you shouldn’t strive for that either. On the long list of all possible characteristics of a winner, there are three that never can be missing:

  1. Surround yourself with experts who can help you out with tasks that you do not dominate. A real winner never fears to involve people who know more than what you do. After all, it’s all about getting a task executed, and what is better than an expert, the best.
  2. If you are starting something seriously, you must have a desire to achieve it based on a passion for getting it done. If that is the case, for sure you are an expert yourself. Could be only one little part of the whole project, but it’s your area, and you are damn good at it.
  3. A winner brings his or here core competence to the table, meaning an active and constant delivery of value to all people around, searching for a solution related to what you are doing.

There is a huge difference between the old traditional way of doing business or coming up with new ideas that can change the world.

In the traditional old school there was a tendency to keep everything as secret as possible, not to run the risk that anybody should steal your idea. This behavior was a result of many different factors, and one of them was that the market where the idea could be implemented or the product be sold, was limited to a particular area, region or country.

In today’s world, seriously challenging all these old strategies, the digitalization has changed absolutely everything. There is no limitation in the marketplace more than what you limit yourself based on a product based targeting.

“The Internet gives you the world as your potential market.”

To be successful in Internet marketing you need to listen to other people, you need to get advice, and you need to involve experts in your business. The reason is that this new way of acting, doing business and whatever you are up to change so quickly that it’s impossible always to be updated on everything.

The good thing though is that you’ll always find somebody out there being exactly the expert you need. Google is a good example. Tell me something you haven’t found on Google when seriously google it. The “give and receive” is not only valid in the Internet media but a must.

A winner is always on a mission to conquer and positively enhance the lives of those around you.

“A winner provides a constant flow of value.”

And people like to be around other people delivering values.

If your goal is to enter the Internet market, which indeed is a good choice, and you are a complete newbie, there are alternatives out there that quickly will teach you how to do all you need to do to be successful. Sooner than you can imagine, your learning and interest of certain areas will transform you into an expert.

Many of the experts in the Six Figure Mentors, started from scratch exactly as I did and maybe you will do soon, and today they are focused on certain segments of our business, helping other people to be as successful as they are.

This is the beauty of the online business and the affiliate marketing in particular.

My Banner


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What Is Your Why?

What Is Your Why?



Did you know that your “ why ” will give you the rest?

Whatever you do in life (if it voluntarily), it typically starts with a passion and motivation to achieve something. It could be everything from creating a product to starting a relationship with somebody.

Our brain has two parts influencing when taking a decision, the emotional part and the rational part. As emotions always drive passion and motivation, it is quite common that the emotional part of the brain also dominates when you take the decision. The very first moment when you fall in love with somebody it’s 100% emotional and not until later when the first abundant emotion has leveraged with the rational part, a long-term relationship actually can start in a serious way.

The same goes for product inventions. There are thousands of inventions made that never were launched, or that failed tremendously because there was no need or demand for the product. One of the weirdest ones I know of in modern times is the Motorola cellphone with a built-in electric razor. Probably the inventor was very passionate about his or her creation, but who else cares?

It could even happen that there is a market for combined cellphones with razors, but to know for sure, the “ why ” must be clearly defined. And the “why” will not answer the question if there is a market or not for the product. The “ why ” will announce the values of the product or the company.

In my early career, starting up as a salesman of vacuum cleaners sold door to door, we never sold vacuum cleaners but clean and healthy homes. That’s the reason a live demonstration in the customer’s home always was the winning strategy. When a sufficient number of dust piles were loaded on the carpet of the client, it was no longer a product discussion, but a health issue and most of the customers prioritized their family’s health much higher than a simple vacuum cleaner.

The famous consultant and author Simon Sinek explains in a beautiful way the power of identifying your “ why ”. View one of his sessions on this YouTube video. He his talking about the “Golden Circle”, starting with “What” in the outer circle, continuing with “How” in the next layer and finishing with “ Why ”  in the middle.



Transforming this formula to a company, the “What” represents the strategy, what the company is doing. The “How” describes the tactics, how the company is doing what they are doing. And finally, the “Why” has not even a name, because everyone so often forgets it. Well, making a profit may somebody say, but that is the result and not a substantial purpose.

The “ why ” is the purpose for what you are doing!

It can be everything from a strong culture in the company to the purpose of the product that is sold. The values an organization can deliver, produce almost a magic trust among the potential consumers.

When Apple launched their very first iPhone, their success was already guaranteed before the launch. The main players, Nokia, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson and some others were fighting hard in the market to gain market shares based on many years in the market, and suddenly Apple as a newcomer in the segment literally sweeps the market. Why? The trust in the brand.

To have a purpose beyond profits and personal benefits is the key to any success in life. If you have a precise definition of your “ why ”, the rest will be much easier, the “how” and the “what” will fall into the game almost on autopilot.

Doing business online is a splendid example of the importance to define the “why” clearly before even get started. All the scams and false “get rich quick” schemes out in the market do not inspire any trust. It is the opposite, and they will make you skeptical and defensive.

My personal “ why ” to quit the corporate life and to start up as an independent entrepreneur at the age of 62, had a very particular purpose:

Freedom and a lifestyle allowing me to be more with my family, traveling and dedicate more time to my passion as a marathon runner.

Of course, the money will be needed to do all this, but it will come as a result of a well-executed work with my business.

The purpose for the general public listening to me is my real “ why ”:

Providing experience and knowledge to allow other people who might identify themselves with my story, and to help them to achieve their goals. The whole process must be built on trust.

If you can see yourself in a situation similar to mine, click on the link below and download absolutely for free Stuart Ross’ e-book about list building. List building is the most important ingredient in a successful online business, no matter what product or service you would like to market online. It’s your audience, your followers and lifestream for success. The trust built up over time with your subscribers is your “why” in your business model.

My Banner

Stuart Ross is the co-founder of the Six Figure Mentors, who brought me into this business, and it would never happen without the trust they built up with me.

With the “why” in place you know what to do and how to do it.


Our new website www.tvdonlinemarketing.com has recently been launched. Take a look and your comments will always be highly appreciated.

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Are You Making These Mistakes As An Entrepreneur?

Are You Making These Mistakes As An Entrepreneur?



Leverage your passions and avoid failures!

As an entrepreneur loving what I’m doing I came across a blog about my other passion in life – marathon running. Reading the post, I found out that serious marathon training and running has a lot of similarities with serious entrepreneurship.

The blog post was dealing with three different topics – Long runsRushed training Feeding and Energy Intake.

As my marathon experience is much more extensive than the time I have been acting as an independent entrepreneur, it sounds wise if I take advantage of such experience and try to leverage with my work as an entrepreneur.

It is amazing what I found out.

Long runs – long working sessions

The most important part of the training program for a serious marathon runner is the weekly long run. You don’t need to be a runner to understand that it will be hard to run the 26.2 miles (42km) on the race day without training the entire body to be accustomed to such workout.

As an entrepreneur, you need to prepare yourself and your mentality of long working sessions. This is not an 8 to 5 job but a mission where the reward at the end will be the life of freedom every entrepreneur is dreaming of. In the same manner, as your long run days are scheduled, usually during the weekends, also the long working sessions have to be planned properly to fit into the rest of your life with family, friends and other social activities.

If you skip the weekly long runs as a runner, you will for sure have problems to cross the finish line on the race day.

If you ignore the necessary long working sessions as an entrepreneur, for sure you will get into problems to achieve your business goals.

Rushed training – Business shortcuts

As a marathon runner with several years of experience, I have seen so many times, people lining up in the starting blocks but only with a few weeks of previous training and preparation. It’s curious, but frequently I can identify these enthusiastic non-well-trained runners, running away as they were going to set a new world record. I can see these people off the track after less than half the race, with pain everywhere and sometimes under medical care. To run a marathon race, no matter the goal you have as to finish time, you need at least 25 weeks of constant training.

As an entrepreneur with the tremendous motivation and passion for the business you are going to create, the temptation is always there to find short cuts. Heads up! There are no short cuts. Build you business on a solid foundation and you will get a business that will last for years and to grow as you want.

In the Internet business, there are so many scams and false promises out there trying to get hold of your credit card number with the “hook” that you will become a millionaire in a couple of weeks. These “get rich quick” schemes do not exist but show up as a “carrot” the same way as the belief that you can run a marathon race with only a few weeks of training.

Feeding and energy intake – eating and health

A marathon race is a challenge in many ways, and the general health is an important topic. What you are eating will influence a lot on your general shape. The weeks and days before the race, all marathon runners focus very much on the necessary carbo-loading, to fill up the body with the maximum quantity of fuel and energy. If this part of overall feeding and carbo-loading, in particular, the days before the race not are taken care of properly, you will run into problems during the second part of the race.

The entrepreneurial lifestyle falls into the same category of necessary body caretaking, where the food and general health play an essential role in the “race” towards the success.

Among friends and colleagues being entrepreneurs, we all take care of our health. We do eat healthy food to afford the hard job and sometimes long working days. To do some kind of exercise is almost a rule among modern and successful entrepreneurs.

Passion, correct mindset and hard work are three “must” characteristics for today’s entrepreneurs. Use all the passions you have and leverage them. The experience you have from one activity will help you to be successful with the other activities.

It all boils down to leveraging the synergies,

….and that is what will make you to an outstanding and successful entrepreneur.

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The Power Of Thinking Out Of The Box

The Power Of Thinking Out Of The Box


Thinking Out Of The Box

Thinking Out Of The Box

What’s the real difference between the possible and the impossible?

There are two alternative answers to the question, one correct and another incorrect. We will reveal the right one in this blog post, but let’s start with the wrong answer:

Something impossible you can’t achieve!

Of course, there exist impossible tasks like, “I want to be on the moon within one hour”, or crazy things like, “I need this river to be drinkable orange juice within 10 minutes”.

The observant reader could notice an important variable in both of the “impossible” tasks.

The time.

In the future, it will probably be possible to reach the moon in an hour’s time, and maybe also it will be possible to convert water into orange juice.

Thinking out of the box is something you have heard on several occasions, but more as something funny or even crazy. Try to find one single invention or entrepreneurial creation that didn’t have “thinking out of the box” as a daily working tool.

Such an ordinary thing as the wheel, imagine what the inventor had to go through before the wheel became something current and useful. A couple of hundred years ago, people were sentenced to death if they argued that the globe was round instead of flat.

As humans, we have a kind of built-in self-defense to reject automatically everything that is new. Call it fear or whatever you want, but generally, we react in a destructive way. How many protests around the world, mainly from driver unions, have you seen the last year against Uber, the new taxi system making it easier, safer and cheaper for people to take a cab ride?

All these inventions, new products, services or even explorations, have seen the daylight because somebody had the courage to do some “thinking out of the box.”

You need the courage to think out of the box,

as you very much have to fight against the stream.

In the early 90ths, I was the head of a multinational company’s branch for household appliances in Peru. To cut costs we had an assembly plant in the country, giving us certain tax advantages. Suddenly the country faced one of the most severe financial crises in their history and the country literally went bankrupt. From one day to another there were no U.S. dollars available to import the necessary parts for the production in our assembly plant. The authorities gave us permission continuing to import, but the Peruvian banks were not going to sell any dollars to make the import. In other words, we had to get currency from elsewhere. Forget about the headquarter. How to explain to the shareholders about a transaction to a country going bankrupt.

We had two choices:

1) Surrender and close down the company, which probably hadn’t been very difficult to explain to the headquarter – the “impossible” path, or

2) Find out a solution to get the indeed severe problem solved – the “possible” path.


Act As Shrimp

Thinking Out Of The Box

Thinking Out Of The Box

Have you ever noticed how a shrimp moves? Backwards!

With our plant going to be paralyzed within a couple of weeks, we had to go back to the drawing board and find out how to obtain the necessary U.S. currency to continue our operations. We did like the scrimp and started our “out of the box” process. It was a very simple four steps backwards formula, clearly identifying the different steps to take.

1.Obtaining dollars – 2.Export something – 3.Get paid in dollars – 4.Use the dollars to import parts for our assembly plant.

When we figured out that the formula was quite simple and also approvable by the authorities, we needed to find out what to export. Our thinking out of the box process was now focused on what to export instead of our core business in the home appliance segment of the market.

All possible products were listed, and we found out pretty fast that Peru was one of the largest producers of high-quality scallops and asparagus. A trading company was established, and an expert on the marketing of scallops and asparagus was hired. As we were in a hurry, the trading company was a high priority task and within a very short period of time we started to get in foreign currency from our food trading. Our assembly plant was secured, and we could continue our operations without any interruption due to the financial situation in the country. Later on, the food trading even became a very profitable business.

The lesson to learn from this is that thinking out of the box always will be useful if you narrow it down to a “backward” plan. Start with the desired outcome and progress upwards.

Without courage, it will be difficult to achieve the goal. How easy do you think it was to convince the headquarter that we as a home appliance company was going to start selling scallops and asparagus?

The difference between the possible and the impossible is only a question of time,

depending on the complexity of the task and as in our case the emergency.

With the experience from Peru as well as other similar cases, I have learned the beauty of thinking out of the box.

When coming to the awareness two years ago that the corporate world didn’t have more excitements for me and didn’t give me the freedom I always had missed in life, I did the same “shrimp-move” analysis and found the online business to be the solution.

It has been a tough journey as every “out of the box” adventure, but the plan and the courage have brought me to the position of an independent entrepreneur and digital marketer. Stuart Ross took me step-by-step through the whole process and the rest….


….it was all a matter of time.

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How A Deadline Makes Your Goal Achievable

How A Deadline Makes Your Goal Achievable



Do you know why Neil Armstrong got to the moon?

The one-word answer is “Deadline” and in a moment, you will know what deadline got the first man to step on the moon.

“What would happen if we make it this way?”

“One should be like them.”

“Why didn’t I do it?”

Do these phrases sound familiar? ….When “should” wins over “do it”

As humans, we constantly live in a mixture of a real world and a world of dreams. It is good to have dreams, so do not eliminate them. But the problem appears when you can’t distinguish the dreams, the free ideas, creativity, and fantasies from work that really has to be done.

There can be many reasons why something won’t be done but in one way or another, it will always come down to a missing time schedule.

Coming back to the first man on the moon, the deadline sat by John F. Kennedy 1961 when he addressed a message to the Congress was the start of the moon journey.

“This nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth.”

The message transforming the statement to an action plan was the deadline,

“…..before this decade is out,…”

Kennedy, as all famous leaders knew that a goal without a deadline will not be achieved. In July 1969, half a year before the time goal, the first man was walking on the moon.

The classical New Year resolutions are mostly goals but without any timeframe, and sometimes we have all been victims of our “false” goals the 1st of January. (See my blog post of the 30th of December, 2016)

There are three main reasons why a deadline is so important:

A Deadline will force you to make an action plan.

When creating a deadline you need to think trough how to reach your goal, the different steps to take. When analyzing in depth the necessary steps to take and the time it will take, maybe you come to the conclusion that the timeframe isn’t realistic. That’s fine. Change the deadline if possible and stick to the new one.

A Deadline will help you to prioritize.

A project of a certain size contains many different tasks. The deadline will force you to prioritize with the goal to not miss the deadline. In any project, we are surrounded by fun and passionate tasks as well as boring and less engaging task. The deadline will be a good assistant to not “float away” with the fun part only of the project.

A well-defined Deadline will push you through the project.

Do you remember that day when the alarm clock was ringing, telling you that you must go up and not be late for school or your job? Even if it was hard to get out of bed, the deadline pushed you to do it anyway. The same goes for anything you are doing in life.


Goals don’t produce impressive results if any – goals with deadlines do.

Three suggestions on how to a create deadline you will achieve:

Set a realistic deadline.

You need to think through in detail how to achieve your goal. Use the classical method by creating one “best case scenario” and another “worst case scenario”. A realistic scenario commonly is found in between the two, “the best” and “the worst”.

Create a deadline with consequences.

Go back in time and remember how you were rewarded or punished when sticking to or missing a deadline. Use the same strategy with yourself and you own and self-produced deadline. As you can notice, it’s very much about discipline.

Involve other people to hold you accountable.

Once your project with a specific deadline has been established, launch it with a lot of “noise”. If other people are aware of your deadline, they will for sure “check you up” and hold your accountable for what you are doing. If no-one is aware of you timeframe, it is easy to cheat yourself as no-one will know about it.

When I decided to become an online marketer two years ago, I had a plan on how to achieve it all. The plan with a timeline and various sub-deadlines forced me to work in a very organized way. Sometimes things didn’t turn out as smooth or fast as I had thought, and the deadline forced me to work harder and smarter.

By joining the Six Figure Mentors, I gained a lot of time, as thousands of their students have gone through exactly the same process. The highly automated system and the “excessive” number of training sessions, helped tremendously to achieve the goals faster and not to miss the deadlines.

Whatever support that will back you up in your project, you will always come down to the pure reality that nobody is going to set the deadline for you. And without a timelimit, goals are meaningless.

Write it down, tweak it, fine tune and take a decision. Make your own “Kennedy speech” to the Congress. After the time frame is set, there are only two things more to do:

  1. Get started. Remember, the moon landing shouldn’t happen within the established timeframe without immediate action.
  2. Select a proven system to help you to achieve what you are aiming for. In today’s world, you don’t need to “invent the wheel” over and over again. For most projects you might have in mind, readymade systems already exist.

If you ever have been thinking about online marketing, which silently and little by little is taking over the world commerce, the Six Figure Mentors is something I highly recommend. It changed my life, and now I’m on my way to “the moon”.

Whatever your idea is, set a goal, set a deadline, and get started….NOW!


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