Boost Your Creativity to Polish Your Personal Skills

Boost Your Creativity to Polish Your Personal Skills

Have you ever thought of being more creative? Life without creativity is like life without oxygen. Creativity makes life momentous, interesting and satisfying. When it comes to creativity, the biggest concern is to how to ignite your idea and get more creative. Most of you must wonder why some people are more creative than others. Everyone is creative, but only some people know how to boost their ideas and creativity. Try some of the following tips to ignite your idea and see if it works.

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Limit yourself to certain ideas

Research suggests that restricting yourself to a certain quantity can make you more creative. For example, take creative writing. If you limit yourself to write a certain quantity of words, let’s say 700 instead of 1000 words, you’ll add more creativity to your work.

If you are going to prepare the dinner at home and you only find a few ingredients in the fridge, you will only have to choices: Either you skip the dinner which indeed is a good example of giving up too easy, or you have to be more creative to find out how to make a nice and tasty dinner.

Try limiting your ideas and work and see how your thinking works to give creative solutions.


Re-conceptualize your ideas

Creative people re-conceptualize their ideas and thinking to solve most of their issues. Try to sit back and evaluate the issue in different ways and concepts. Let’s take the example of an artist. Before painting, an artist makes a picture in his head. A normal artist may think ‘What would be something good to paint?’ A creative artist will think like this ‘what kind of painting can arouse the feeling of loneliness that we encounter after being left out?’

If you already have joined the Six Figure Mentors or you consider to do it, the very first question you need to answer will be: What would I like to achieve with the Six Figure Mentors. You need a vision where you can view yourself within a certain time, living a life that was not possible before. Your horizon has to be defined; east, west, south or north.

Daydream to ignite your ideas

Daydreaming and imagination can bring creativity to your work. Do a lot of work in your brain before starting your task. Daydreaming has found to be very effective in arousing creativity in one’s work. You can make a plot in your mind and work out different scenarios. You should use your ‘mind palace’ to bring creative ideas to your work. Always remember, your mind is the most precious asset you have.

My grandmother always used to say that from children and drunken people, you would always listen to the truth. She was right in the sense that children by nature and drunken people by influence of alcohol, they are lacking breaks to let their thoughts freely float around. Even if weird examples, the basic to do brainstorming is to leave the breaks aside. Daydreaming is a kind of brainstorming with yourself and should be a frequent ingredient in your creativity set-up.

Break your work into different categories

To perform your task more creatively, you should separate your work from your thinking. Combining work with creative thinking gets messier. Sometimes the mind gets mingled when you try to carry out your imagination and work at the same time. So switch off your work mode and give time to your imagination, observation, and thinking first.

Hopefully all creativity has empowered you and you will have a huge quantity of ideas that can be integrated into your working plan. But do not mix creative thinking with the pure work. Each part must have its place and time for execution.

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Your mood affects your thinking

Always go into your mind palace when you are in the mood. Negative moods have found to kill the creativity. Don’t force yourself into anything. If you are in a bad mood, you won’t ever come up with creative thoughts. So keep your thinking and imagination away from your mood swings. The end results will be worthwhile only when you are in the right mood to create something.

When I need to boost my creative thinking and get rid of a negative mood, I put my sneakers on and go out for a run. Exercise has an incredible positive impact on my mood and thinking. Maybe it works for you as well. (See the next point, confirming the same)

Keep moving

Practicing and exercising more is always healthy for your mind. More research and imagination boosts creative thinking. If you are exhausted, take a break. But keep yourself in a good mood and try to bring creativity to your work daily. Sometimes we have one of these days when the difference between the result and the initial plan differs a lot. We get upset, sad, frustrated or whatever description you prefer to use.

An inner power tells me to get rid of all the bad feelings connected to what happened during the day, as only will produce destruction to your positive and creative part of you. I have tried many different methods to get my mood changed as soon as ever possible, and there is one outstanding method that always works. Sweat it out!


Depending of what type of exercises I have in my training agenda for my marathon running, I always escalate that session to something extraordinary. At the same time I am getting a good training, I get rid of all the bad feelings and vibrations from the working day. Try it – it works!


Things that successfully convert your dream into reality

Turning your dreams into reality is a challenging task. The most important thing to put your ideas and dreams into action is to,

Believe in yourself.


You can’t perform a task if you don’t trust your abilities. Your trust and belief in yourself will bring creativity and dedication in your work. If you fail to believe in yourself, remember that you won’t be able to make your dreams come true. Most people fail to achieve their desired goals because they lose trust in themselves in the long run.

Always learn to,

Accept risks.

Risks get ready to come in your way as soon as you give birth to a dream. If you don’t plan and remain focused, you are likely to fail. So risk management is very necessary to turn your ideas into reality. It has been mentioned many times before, but is worth to comment again. Well-known entrepreneurs in our society, talk about all their failures with a touch of pride, as they knew that to fail was a necessary part to get the final success. Having said this, please do not go out their trying to fail. You don´t need to. The failures will come by its self. Be sure about that!

Make a list of your,

Personal advisors,

who will guide you and support you to make your dreams come true. A piece of advice is better than anything. So learn from other people, and seek their guidance and support. You should know that everyone can think differently, and there is an opportunity for you to benefit from their advices.

As a member of  the Six Figure Mentors you will always have access to huge and fantastic community. We are all sitting in the same boat and with enthusiasm we help each other with ideas and advices. We are all in different phases of our digital marketing journey, which automatically assure an interesting dynamic in the group of members.

This will also improve your personal skills and you’ll be able to transform your ideas into reality more successfully.

Be patient,

throughout your tasks and performance. It isn’t necessary that you get your desired results immediately. Making your dreams come true is a long and challenging task, and you must learn to wait and earn it. Life is like a chess game. You don´t expect to make chess mat in one step, but the most important to achieve the over all victory is to make the correct movement of the different pieces.

Learn to,

Sell your ideas,

because it will help others to understand your dreams and point of view. Clearly define your dreams, and tell everyone why it is important and beneficial for everyone. Refine your message and make yourself presentable in order to turn your ideas into reality.

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