Essential basics to find harmony, peace and freedom in life

Essential basics to find harmony, peace and freedom in life.

Welcome to this first “real” post, the idea is to find that harmony that we all deserve in our lives. It is not a manual since we are all different and we will all be facing different challenges. What applies to us all, however, is that life is too short to not give us the privilege to enjoy it… Every day.

To all of you who will follow this blog I promise you many views and tips based on a long career in two different continents. I have had the opportunity to live in six different countries, speak different languages, and understand the varieties in different cultures and the corresponding consequences that entails for living in harmony and peace with others and with myself.
Before starting this blog I made a commitment to myself which in the end is a very serious commitment to you.


      • The content must be useful. In no-way, you will find a history description of my personal life, but yes, I will use my experience as a platform to give away tips that can serve you and certainly indicate errors which I’ve done and do not want you to repeat.
      •  A new post every 5 days. We all assimilate better any information if it is published on a regular basis. So the next posts would be on the 19th of April, on the 24th of April and so on.

Further, you are all invited to exchange ideas and experiences. On this journey we will now be starting together, there are no wrong answers. Everything is valid because each situation is unique and forms part of a complete set of different events. If you wish you can make comments right here and it will be published among the rest of comments on this blog, or if you prefer you can communicate more in a private manner by using the message form you can find here .


The Race of Life

When we were kids and they asked us what we wanted to be as grown-ups we never turned our fantasy down, the responses were always clear and concise and we even replied with a loud and firm voice… fireman, doctor, police, nurse, baker…, the imagination and creativity didn’t have limits.
The other day I heard on the radio an anecdote in which the parents told their son from an early age that when he grew up he had to be very happy. The boy recorded seriously the message from his parents and took it with him as a guide of what his life should be. Starting in school, in one of the first classes the teacher asked all students what they would like to be as grown-ups. The answers were all the already well-known, fireman, nurse…, and when the turn came to “our child” he said with a lot of pride and self-confidence:

– “When I grow up I want be happy!”, the teacher made a face of surprise and answered
– “I think that you have not understood the question”. Fast as lightning the boy responded
– “I think that you have not understood life”

This is what life is all about, finding happiness in such a way that each day will be a positive and pleasant memory. A happy day!

We all have a passion for something. It can be a passion that we had from childhood or something that has been developed along the way. No matter what your case is, the important thing is that you feel passion for something and that this passion has a privileged place in your life. All this plays a significant part in the search for harmony.



Now we’ve talked enough a lot about harmony and peace… and freedom… where does it come in?
Liberty ; (or Freedom which is a more common word) is the quality individuals have, to control their own actions.

Really a strong definition! The somewhat provocative question will be: do we always have this quality to control our own actions, or could it be that this desired “control” often is turned down by different circumstances and conditions?

I’ll ask you to do a little exercise before continuing. It will be in two parts and the first part is to write down on a paper, or if you prefer in your iPad, computer or Smartphone, with large and visible letters: My passion is: …………….. Attention! It has to be your true passion which you would like to practice every day the rest of your life if possible. Try your best to define your passion in a very objective way without influences from friends, family and fashion trends etc.
Marathon running is one of my passions in life, something requiring a lot of discipline and determination to be able to dedicate necessary time and the indispensable willingness to apply a tough training program. Therefore, my Digital Life Style has helped a lot to enjoy the necessary flexibility in life.

Many years ago when I was studying economics at University one of my studying fellows had an impressive passion for something, in such way that it was completely impossible to not notice that this was his real passion. He loved railroad trains. I knew all the different types of trains and locomotives that existed at that time. What most impressed me was that he knew by heart the complete itineraries for all trains in the country. It was a book of some 500 pages. Of course we checked him out because it was too much to be true. We searched for the strangest routes in the itinerary book to check him out and yes, he left us with open mouths. That is real and true passion.

The second part is to define: What do I need to be able to accomplish (if still not doing it), or practicing more of my passion:…

What’s interesting is the analysis of the second part of the exercise. Some responses that always come out, are: time and money. Think of my friend from the trains. With pure and true passion he managed what for him was the ultimate in life. I’d like to share with you the results of this little exercise. Click here and send your answer and later we’ll see together what other obstacles may exist. Please put as title in the message: survey Blog TVD

If money, time or both hinder me to exercise my life passion giving me peace and harmony, then the logic says that I should strive for more money and more time. Now the task starts to become a little bit more complicated. Without diving into each person´s personal life, which for sure is different from person to person, the question to answer is: how to get more time and money or anything else which popped up in your own analysis?

Among what has to be done do to achieve the goals in life, there are two essential variables. The first is a real desire. That means, that we are willing to make sacrifices in life in order to achieve our true desire.

Throughout this blog I will give several examples of when I was able to personally achieve that my desires come true, firstly because it was a real desire and once and for all I´ll have to confess that yes I had to make many sacrifices to achieve my goals. In second place and to make my real desire achievable a realistic plan can impossible be missing. What does “realistic” mean? It must be a feasible plan possible to carry out.

Throughout this blog I will give several examples of when I was able to personally achieve my desires coming true, firstly because it was a real desire and once and for all I´ll have to confess that yes I had to make many sacrifices to achieve my goals. In second place and to make my real desire achievable a realistic plan must be in place. What does “realistic” mean? It must be a feasible plan possible to carry out.

It doesn’t mean that a difficult plan is not feasible and that we will fail many times on the way towards our goal. Further, a difficult plan quickly puts us in a position in which we can see for ourselves whether or not my desire is true or not. If I surrender in front of the first obstacle, chances are that I didn’t have a true desire.

Then there are a number of other activities that you need to implement, as discipline, persistence, tracking, communication, analysis, self-criticism, to mention a few.

One of the world’s famous entrepreneurs (I don’t remember who) said something like:
“The difference between the impossible and the possible solution is time. The impossible tends to take a little bit more time to have the solution. “
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