FIFA and Money

FIFA and Money


Even if you are not a soccer fanatic, it is almost impossible to not be briefed in one way or another about the recent corruption scandal in FIFA. News media all over the world are analyzing what has happened. My blog post five days ago about Freedom and what true Freedom really means could not have a better timing. Without asking for it, by pure coincidence we now got an excellent example to dissect.

To not be misunderstood, I would like to put out a sort of disclaimer and make it clear that not all people working at FIFA are criminals. There are a lot of honest and professional people doing a great job to the benefit of soccer.

Let us start with the global journalist corp. Every single journalist out there is trying his or her very best to find a unique angle to this FIFA issue. Why? For sure there are a lot of serious and professional journalists taking it as their mission to give as clear and transparent view as possible of this extraordinary incident, but I am also sure many journalists also see it from another point of view: It will give them money! As an important part of all journalists, are working as freelancers and get paid for published articles, they are forced to squeeze out the maximum content from this scandal. What is the motive?

Money is an important trigger for many of them!


Now, let us take a look at FIFA and all these people now in jail, and if you so which, the additional people who for sure will be locked up behind the same bars within short. How many of these administrative FIFA people are former soccer players? The yearly billion turnover FIFA is managing, mainly through sponsoring, has absorbed a group of people whose true passion for sure is not soccer……but Money!

There is nothing wrong in earning money,


but when money is the main motive in life, the “passion” easily turns into something else; greediness, avariciousness, bribery, corruption, criminality….the list can probably be much longer.

Since FIFA was founded back in 1904, with a serious goal to promote soccer around the world and surrounded by passionate people, the organization has step by step turned into a moneymaking machine.

A multimillion organization has suddenly been converted into a dirty house of corruption,


when in reality the only thing that passionate soccer fans around the world are looking forward to is to simply see their preferred 22 players will show their skills on a 100 yards x 60 yards (94.44 meters x 54.86 meters) green square for 90 minutes.

With the resignation yesterday of Joseph Blatter, President of FIFA, continues the scandal and apparently we have so far only seen the top of the iceberg.


Rats do not like clean places

Money is nothing else than a trading instrument. What do I mean by that? Well, a bill or a coin no matter the currency, is a simple piece of paper or a piece of metal. The “magic” behind these papers and coins, is that you can change them for products and services.

Those people in FIFA now in jail, probably had the common goal to be rich on money, which means nothing until you start the trading process to buy something. The goal and their false “passion” was to fill up their bank accounts with pieces of paper and metal coins. If this is your only goal, you can easily be completely blinded of what is correct and what is not, and very soon bribes and corruption will be ingredients in your action plan.

If we get rats in our home, they normally appear when they find something to eat. It doesn’t matter so much what they eat and can destroy anything in their way in the search for food. Therefore, the best way to get rid of rats is to keep our homes clean.

Nothing to eat – no rats!



If FIFA had kept their home clean, it had not been a very pleasant place to stay at for the “rats”. As the “landlord” got tired of his dirty house, he had to bring in a “cat” to finish more dramatically with the “rats”. The tricky thing, however, is that the “cat” will never be able to win the battle with a dirty house with more and more “rats” keep showing up.


Money can never be a passion

No matter your financial status, money can never be a passion or a goal itself if you are striving towards true Freedom and Happiness. Money is one of many rewards that will appear by itself when you are doing things the correct way.

Before I went into the internet business, I was so overwhelmed by offers and promotions about how to get rich in express time, that for a while I even banned these e-mails as spams. The wrong thing they were doing and still do (for sure you have come across those promotions), are two things in particular.


First, they give you a completely false promise. To earn sufficient money on Internet to consider it as a sustainable income source, it is not happening overnight. You need to dedicate time and effort to achieve the goals.

Secondly, money is promoted as the final goal. Nothing can be more wrong! Pockets loaded with money will not make you rich. It can make you financial independent, but being rich is something completely different.

From being a completely reluctant person to practically everything that had to do with online businesses, I joined the Six Figures Mentors for a very special reason. Finally and also by luck that I came across SFM, I found a group of serious entrepreneurs talking to me in a straight forward manner and without any glamorous exaggerations.

We are all people around the world with different backgrounds and goals in life. However, we have in common a burning passion for achieving something online. In our daily vocabulary, we are using words like value, content, support, action plans, follow-up, communication, moral and ethics. Of course, we like to earn money but the money comes as a result of our work to help and support other people on their mission journey.

“You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want”Zig Ziglar

Normally I never copy a text from my previous blog posts. Today I am going to an exception because of the sad FIFA incident as well as the truth behind money and the desire to become rich, is so well expressed in this final statement:

Being rich happens to people who achieve their Freedom by actively working on something they are deeply passionate about.


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