We are all searching for Freedom in life. I believe we can agree on that point. But what is Freedom? What does it mean? …and how do we perceive it? Some people just don’t want to be “free” in the sense that they rather not take any decisions but prefer to belong to a community where the responsibility is more of a collective nature.

In whatever way we try to define what Freedom really is, the most general and out-of-discussion answer would be something like

Freedom = Do What You Want To Do

Professional people studying the behavior behind “Freedom” talk about the “Free Will”.

Freedom is a word that no-one, officially at least, are willing to erase from their list of desires in life. This is not the place do discuss political issues, but it is interesting to just take note of that leaders from countries considered as pure dictatorships on one side, and well-known democratic leaders on the other extreme, they both are talking about freedom as a non-negotiable parameter in their societies. From a human perspective it could be a strong acclamation like.

Do not touch my Freedom!


Maybe somebody now will argue that there are different kinds of freedoms, political freedom, financial freedom, religious freedom and so on. Is it like that? If we look into a theoretical scenario in which I am the only person on Earth, in theory I could do whatever I want. No-one should be there to try and stop me if I did something wrong. No-one should tell me when I do something good or bad and no-one should be upset if my way of acting interfered with hers/his personal interests.

Thus, we come down to a conclusion that freedom is something that interacts when a group of people tries to live together in a community. In our search for personal freedom we need to take into account and respect other people living in the same community, who probably have other interests than of my own.

Going back to the real world where we are not alone but where almost 7 billion people have to live together, “My Freedom” can be obtained by using cruelty and other methods taking away other people’s freedom. Example of this is slavery which still exists in certain parts of the world. I can also obtain “My Freedom” with a complete respect for other people’s fight for their freedom.

The good thing about using this second method is that I will not be the one blocking other people´s development and I will not be creating enemies in my surroundings. This path towards the real freedom requires in first place,

Moral and ethics

However, my goal in reaching personal freedom will also need ingredients such as planning, persistence, hard work, creativity, high level of affording frustrations and a lot of “trial-and-error”-mentality. In other words,

Freedom corresponds to true entrepreneurship.


Why being an Entrepreneur?

A lot of people ask, why they should become entrepreneurs if it will take so much effort and time to achieve their goal. The answer is quite simple and easy: Not all people want to be entrepreneurs. A lot of people refuse to accept what it takes to reach freedom by true entrepreneurship.

Famous entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Ingvar Kamprad, to just mention a few of the most successful, coming from different segments in the business world, they all have something in common. They had a vision they converted into a plan, they worked extremely hard, had a lot of ideas and surrounded themselves with creative people. If you have read any of their biographies, you know well how many mistakes they did on their “journey”, and the ability they had to cope with frustrations, never giving up and being persistent to achieve their goals.

Most people who admire these entrepreneurs believe that money is the main driver for achieving what they did. But how can we then explain that Ingvar Kamprad among the 5 richest in the world, drives around in an old Volvo at least 20 years old and always flies economy class when his fortune probably would be enough to buy the entire airline he is flying with? Why did Steve Jobs not charge any salary from Apple when he was hired the second time to become CEO of his “own” company”? The answer is simple and easy this time as well: Money is not their motive!


Money is not a main motive.

Analyzing successful entrepreneurs and how they achieved what they did in life, in most of the cases it all starts with an idea of something. The idea suddenly turns into a passion which represents the whole engine for the hard work to come, with frustrations, failures and at the end, success. All this is nothing else but the free and enthusiastic will to do what I want. In other words, the search for Freedom.

When talking to people who have had success with what they have been doing in their lives, they never talk about how much money they have earned. Instead, they can spend hours talking about their passion and how they achieved what they did. It is very common that they talk about their multiple failures on their road towards success. They do it with pride because they know that without all these failures it would have been almost impossible to make any progress towards the final result.

Famous soccer players of our days, like Ronaldo, Messi or Beckham, who today have enough money to live the rest of their lives without any worries about money, did they decide to become millionaires by playing soccer when they were kids? I don´t think so.

First of all, during their lower teen age when still developing their skills, no-one could predict or guarantee that their skills would bring them to a position where their pocket would be overloaded with money. Secondly, if money should have been the trigger, I don´t think their motivation should have been on a sufficient level to do all the necessary training and sacrifices to one day be a player belonging to the world elite.

The same goes for Bill Gates and his fellows. I don´t think his goal was to develop Microsoft Windows to become rich. Instead, he had a tremendous passion for a software where he was one of the few who saw the tremendous need and the potential behind it. Beckham and his friends had a passion to be a good players, then one of the best to finally occupy the top places in the world elite.


Passion and freedom mark the path.

On my 15th of April blog post this year we were analyzing the same topics, where we came to the conclusion that,

Freedom and Passion are linked tight together

Now we shall make an even stronger statement and establish that,

Freedom always starts with Passion

Often freedom can be difficult to achieve and the stronger passion we have at the starting point, more likely we are going to get our aimed goal of freedom. The road is long and complicated, reason why you need to plan your journey properly.


Along the road we will be facing obstacles, challenges but also rewards. Obstacles can be things like failures, laws and regulations, sabotage, running out of funds for operations, etc. Challenges can be for example revue and change of working plan, afford frustration, hard work (many hours per day) and competition. Working properly and constantly with the obstacles and the challenges, progress will be a natural result. Sometimes progress is slow and sometimes fast, but we shall always proceed forward. During the process the rewards will start to pop up. Maybe we invented a product or a service resulting in a patented brand. Perhaps we get public recognition for something that has a high value for the society. We can go on for a long time but the bottom line of all this, is that recognition and rewards by default produce an income, money or whatever we would like to call it.

Being rich happens to people who achieve their Freedom by actively working on something they are deeply passionate about.



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