From A Corporate Position To A New Lifestyle

From A Corporate Position To A New Lifestyle

A New Lifestyle

A New Lifestyle

Have you heard the story about the frog and the scorpion?

Many people, probably the main part of the population, get their income from a labor position in the corporate world. You finish school, get a title hopefully in accordance with your interests and passion, and then out in the market searching for a job.

A lot of people are so happy just to get their first job ever, and they do even forget about the future. I remember my first job as if it happened yesterday. It was a trainee job with a miserable salary, but I was happy as a child at Christmas. I got my first job, and I was somebody. I had achieved my first goal in my career.

Many continue their entire life in the corporate world. Either a progressive and accelerated career pattern shows up and new challenges keep you highly motivated to continue working with the company, or you just got comfortable with the position. Maybe the income is reasonable right and you have found a path within the company you master fairly well. You have found your little unique box or comfort zone.

It doesn’t matter which description fits in best in your case. As long as you have chosen a lifestyle or a career pattern, it is your choice, and nobody else but you can confirm if it was the correct choice or not. We are all different, and we view success and happiness from various perspectives.

Typically, we use to be accustomed to signing up insurances for different prevention. It can be anything from car insurances to health- or life insurances. It is a piece of paper with a lot of legal text you are willing to pay a significant amount of money for, just to cross your fingers and hope that you will never have to use the insurance. The society, the education and, of course, the insurance companies have convinced you about the importance to be backed up by the prevention an insurance represents.

If the company you are working for suddenly goes bankrupt, or if any other unexpected event will happen, that will leave you without a job, what kind of insurance do you have to back it up with? Maybe you have been working for the same company for whole your life, and now you are laid off. What a tragedy!

Should we blame the corporations for this?


It’s Part Of The Nature

The question can not be answered by a simple “Yes” or No”, and the best way I can find as an introduction to describe and to understand the behavior of a corporation is to use the following sweet little metaphor story about the scorpion and the frog:

“Once upon a time a little island in the middle of a river was put on fire. All the animals that could swim left immediately the island to be safe on the other bank of the river. A scorpion, being a very poor swimmer, asked a frog to carry him on his back across the river. Are you crazy exclaimed the frog, You’ll sting me while I’m swimming and I’ll drown. My dear frog, laughed the scorpion, If I were to sting you both of us would sink, so where is the logic in that? You’re right, said the frog. Hop on! Just reaching the other side of the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog. Before dying the frog said to the scorpion: But you promised not to do this to me. The scorpion responded: I’m sorry, don’t take it personally, but this is part of my nature.”

The take away from this well-known fable is that the agenda for a corporation is not the same as yours. They have to look at the corporate goals, and you have to care for yours. As long as your work is part of the company’s agenda everything is going smoothly, and you are appreciated, rewarded and even promoted. However, when unexpected things happen, like the island put on fire in the fable, the corporation has to stick to their agenda.

“It’s part of their nature.”

The owners have to look after that the invested capital gets an optimized profitability, if not it would be quite difficult to find risk willing investment capital.

We who belong to the baby boomer group were accustomed to a pattern where you always got a job after school graduation. It could take some time, but you always got your first job and from there you started to climb the traditional career ladder.

The millennium generation is facing an entirely different environment, where they even have difficulties to find their first job. A lot of people around the world have never got any job corresponding to their education, title or degree, years after they finished school, and who knows if they ever will find a traditional corporate job. The truth is that while the world population is getting bigger and bigger, there are also fewer job opportunities available.

The newspaper US Today predicts in an article of the 6th of March that the next decade will suffer a continued loss of employment opportunities. The positions traditionally linked to the middle class will suffer the most.

The reason for all this can be summarized in one single word:


So many articles have been written about what this new automation era means to average people like you and me. And whatever view and opinion you might have, there is absolutely no doubt that people have to adapt to the new digital world lifestyle. Names like Google, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Instagram, Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter, Uber and many more, are names that every single person is aware of because they represent the new world….the digital world.

The increasing number of online entrepreneurs all over the globe isn’t a question of fashion for the moment, but something much more severe. It’s about:


It’s not a random coincident that more Internet business opportunities are being offered than ever before. It’s a tremendous demand for new possibilities, new opportunities to work with something.

A lot of people start part time on their free time, maybe to get extra income, but mostly to not keep all the eggs in the same basket… “insurance” if the worst thing would happen and that you will get laid off.

 All statistics show the same, and it’s time to take the figures seriously.

Other people, who maybe have been in the situation described above, who found the online marketing as their new opportunity in life, they do not only experience another type of income but something greater, something that goes beyond all money on earth:

A New Lifestyle – The Laptop or Digital Lifestyle.

Start your journey today!


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