Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

How much love and appreciation do you give to yourself?

Tomorrow it’s Valentine’s Day a celebration that can be traced back to more than 400 B.C. when a priest in Rome was killed and after that declared as a martyr.

Whatever the details about the origin might be, the most important is that such an unclear origin has survived as a tradition more than 2500 years. And the answer can impossible be another than the need for love, romance, friendship and appreciation of all humans.

Since the day become more commercialized, in the United States approximately $20 billion are spent on Valentine’s Day and thereby surpassing the Mother’s Day. It all started several hundred years ago with interchanges of love cards, and when becoming more commercial during the last century, the gift number one is candies in all forms but dominated by chocolate, followed by flowers and jewelry in third place.

The 14th of February, which was a date decided by the church back then, is the day many cultures have earmarked as the day of love and friendship. Isn’t it a little bit absurd that a day in the calendar has to be assigned to love and friendship? Isn’t love and friendship something that has to be a daily task?

Andy Warhol is probably the person who has come closest to what love and friendship should be when making the famous statement:

“ I think everybody should like everybody.”

Behind the simple but at the same time profound words a kind of infinite love and friendship can be found.

The other aspect of affection is about you. We are so accustomed and brainwashed that affections in all shapes only can be directed to somebody.

Make this little test: spontaneously make a list of the ten persons you love and appreciate the most.

Ready? OK,…..what about you?

Since childhood you have been taught that you have to give all your love, admiration and affection to others. To give it to yourself it’s equal to be selfish and egoistic. With this mindset, we are pushed into the corporate life to build other people’s dreams. OK, you get paid for it, but your time, your knowledge, your skills, your passion and your loyalty are traded for money.

To let your passion, knowledge and time working for you is something that you have to view as something good. It will produce a lot of self-esteem and satisfaction.

Could you ever find a better day than Valentine’s Day to make this decision? The day when you finally decided to live life on your terms.

Click on the gift below and unwrap your Valentine’s Day present to yourself…..with a lot of love.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day


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