Home Based Business

Home Based Business

When I finally understood that the corporate life was not that secure we all have been taught in school, I got the same disappointed feeling I got as a kid when one day I found out that Santa Claus didn’t exist but was an invented figure by my parents and all adult people. At the same time, this “terrible” discover about Santa was an important step in my evolution as a human being, and indeed induced me to be more analytic before just accepting everything.

The insecure corporate life as my second discovery of a “false Santa”, actively forced me to poke my head deeply into all kind of businesses with independent entrepreneurs as the director of the orchestra, or better, heavily involved leaders of their own little business.

The main difference between a corporate company and a self-owned business, no matter the size, is that successful entrepreneurs and business owners decide themselves by their direct actions the route the company will take. I do not say that the corporate world is lacking skillful leaders who also push the company forward by their outstanding leadership. However, big corporations do have an important influence by other variables, such as shareholders and stock markets.

The social capital of a company is a term the stock market actors have difficulties to deal with as no direct monetary revenues to show in numbers. Click here and view a fantastic video where the value of the social capital is explained in a brilliant way.

The stock markets and their actors do not necessarily share the same long and short-term goals as would have seemed logical from a strict local business perspective, which sometimes can get dramatic consequences for the local corporate branch. Once in my life I had the unpleasant opportunity to be among the “victims” of such movement, which I will come back to in a blog posts later on.

The economic growth we have all over the world is mainly a result of the growth of existing and foundations of new small and middle size companies. Among this category, the home-based business has to be included. It could be everything from moms working from home to all kind of people, no matter gender, who for different reasons started their own business with their home as the base.

Somewhere I saw a figure that one new independent self-owned business starts every 11 seconds. The same source also estimates that 52% of all small companies in the U.S. are home-based. Of all home-based entrepreneurs who responded to a survey, 98% confirm that they are happier working from home, 96% highly recommend working from home and 88% indicate that they would never return to the corporate world.

There exist many different businesses to manage from home, and the online digital marketing business is absolutely one very attractive home-based business opportunity. The initial investment is low; no inventory to keep in stock and you can easily handle it. Your market potential is the world and with a computer and Internet connection the work is in full swing.



How to be successful

If it is so easy to start and succeed with a home-based online business, why are not then all people succeeding. In fact, almost 98% fail of those who try. One reason is that they do not have the appropriate system to administrate the business and a successful online business in many senses is a volume business. You need to drive a high volume of traffic to your websites, lead pages or whatever you are using. All this traffic must be monitored, measured and action to be taken. Without a system to manage the traffic, you will be completely lost, and your business will never succeed the way you thought.

The affiliate marketing, which is our main business in the Six Figure Mentors, offers to all their members a complete platform to handle the traffic of leads, potential customers and customers when it all starts to speed up. With this platform in place, you don’t have to worry about anything that has to do with that part of the business. It is highly automated, and we can instead invest our time in marketing and to bring in potential customers to the system.

You don’t even have to sell to anyone; the Six Figure Mentors take care of the sales on your behalf. If you start to struggle, and you will do, you will have a huge and committed community within the company at you disposal. Further, the company offers a 24/7 service for any kind of problem you might have.


Your Success in One Word

Often when you come across online business opportunities on Internet, the sales technique not very seldom consists in a completely inflated promise, where you will be a millionaire within a month. This kind of not very serious promoters paint everything in light colors, where you more or less can take vacations, and the money will start to fill up you bank account almost automatically. Once you have used your credit card and signed up, their approach is a different one and in some cases it can even be difficult to get in contact with them.

What will then be expected from your side to secure the success of your online affiliate business?

This business is like any other business, with a few exceptions, and it has to be treated as such. The tasks to do can be summarized in the following bullet points:

  • A vision – what do you want to achieve in the long term by entering into this business? The vision should answer the question, what kind of life would I be able to live when my vision has been reached. View it as journey where the vision is to reach point B starting from point A
  • A strategy – Using the journey example above, the strategy will take care of how you will go from A to B. If you have to cross an ocean, the strategy to use a car will not be very clever
  • A tactic – will answer the question, how to use the vehicle taking me from A to B
  • A plan – the plan describes the whole project from a vision-, strategy- and tactic perspective. It can be divided into a more sophisticated business plan, where all aspects are analyzed, from marketing to administration and finance, and a more ”hands-on” action plan, where concrete actions are written down
  • A time schedule – All successful plans require time schedules. It is the only way to get things prioritized and at the end executed as planned.


How to make these plans and not forget anything, will be taught in many of the modules included in the Six Figure Mentors training.

As you can imagine, all mentioned here would not be possible without being disciplined and work through within the scheduled time. You will go through different phases before reaching the first goal with a taste of success. One of the phases is called frustration. We all go through this phase. It is like an airplane taking off. Before reaching the blue sky with full sunshine, the airplane must pass through the clouds, with turbulence and other not so comfortable sensations for the passengers.

As an online marketer, we need to view the frustrations the same way the pilot treat the clouds. They are just there, and the pilot knows exactly how to maneuvering the plane in a safe way. It´s like a daily routine.

The ONE WORD to state of what is indispensable to reach the goal by executing all the activities mentioned earlier, is:


In the same way that the project under no circumstances will succeed without a strong, serious and sincere Commitment from your side; the Commitment on the other hand can move mountains.

So whatever you will do in life, after analyzing all positive and negative sides of it, a personal Commitment is and will always be the main key to your success.


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