How it Works


One of the most powerful concepts that the entrepreneurs who want to be successful have is “leverage”. You’re probably wondering, what is leverage? ? This simple word means “doing more with less”, but less, what? Less effort, less worry, less investment and what more, what? More free time, more money, and more results. The people who really understand this concept achieve their financial freedom, and remember that achieving financial freedom isn’t easy.

The people who are content with little “leverage”, only get enough to survive, the others that put a little more “leverage” ” but not enough, get enough to live comfortably and peacefully, but people who have an entrepreneur spirit, don’t stop printing “leverage” over their projects and are always looking for more and better results, become economically competitive and they’re the ones who hire people to work with them.

If you are currently exchanging your TIME for MONEY, what you’re doing is giving 8 to 10 hrs. to earn a certain amount of money that might just be enough to live, this means you’re actually selling your life. However, if you LEVERAGE your time and have established a “system” that works alone and you have no limits to what you could expect to earn, then, the true secret of how to live an abundant life is not a matter of getting the best job but about how to “leverage” your life.

All that is seemingly easier with the internet at our fingertips. Today there are certain forms of “leverage” that most people don’t understand or don’t know and it’s only used by a small minority of society living an abundant life. The funny thing is that people who establish limits are the ones that won’t take risks and don’t achieve success by fear of what’s new or fear of failure.


How to “Leverage” time?

One of the most obvious and classic “Leverage”  ways is to become a traditional business owner and sharing your time with your employees, the other way is to become a “Master of a digital Business”, In other words, a digital business is one taking place on the internet and can start with a fractional cost in comparison to a traditional business, or even an owner with part-time in the business.

And if you wonder where I started as a digital business owner, let me answer you: it was in  Six Figure Mentors.