How Old Is “Too Old”?

How Old Is “Too Old”?

How Old Is "Too Old"?

How Old Is “Too Old”?

Are you happy to say that you are too old or do you refuse to accept it?

It is fascinating to see how people are viewing age. Some people treat age with respect, others with a certain irony, and there even exist people who connect age with fear. Whatever association you make, most people don’t like to be older, and automatically the aging gets a negative touch in your daily life.

It’s true that you can’t control aging completely and like it or not every single year you get one year older.

However, you have two alternative ways to go:

1) Regret that you only get older….. and soon will die (which by the way we all are going to do some day).

2)Influence actively in your aging by some simple and smart choices.

There are a lot of paradigms in our society. One of them turns older people down when not attractive any longer on the labor market. Even if the issue is entirely a financial problem and not related to skills, knowledge, experience or networking size, easily the self-esteem among older people can get hurt.

All these created attitudes towards older people generate defenses and excuses among people reaching a certain age.

“I’m too old for this”, is one of the most used phrases among the elderly to express an excuse or an objection for something.

Was Harland David Sanders too old when he founded Kentucky Fried Chicken at the age of 62?

Was it a mistake by Charles Flint to start IBM at the age of 61?

How come that Amadeo Giannini founded Bank of America when he was 60 years old?

Those aged 55-64 in the U.S. have actually had the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity in the last 10 years.

Do you see where we are heading?


Age Is a Simple Number

Success can take place at any age and all the advantages older people have obtained during their life experience cannot be replaced by anything.

Another fantastic ingredient to the entrepreneurial opportunities we all can take advantage of, no matter the age, is the fast-growing digital world. In some other blog post the Internet business and all related activities, have been described as the “Digital Revolution”. The importance this new movement has and will have, has a magnitude even superior to the Industrial Revolution some 175 years ago.

View the video and learn how seniors could gain from this new movement.


You are only too old if you decide you are too old.

For retired people or people going to retire within soon the Internet business has opened up an opportunity never seen before. You can manage your digital business from home or from wherever you decide. With an Internet connection and a computer you are connected to your business.

This is the new way of flexible entrepreneurship and enjoying life at the same time the way you deserve.

The New Digital Lifestyle – for all ages.


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