How To Be A Passionate Runner And Run Your Own Business

How To Be A Passionate Runner and Run Your Own Business

How To Be A Passionate Runner and Run Your Own Business

How is it possible to combine a passion for running with a full-time job?

As runners, it’s tricky to combine training with full-time jobs and at the same time dedicate time to family and friends. We all know that in a serious marathon training there are no shortcuts and during weeks of high millage need is evident of having more than a 24-hours day.

It can be a frustrating situation to find out that there is not enough time to do all we would like to do in life.

Has it happened to you that your personal “negotiation” with yourself often turns out to a modified training plan? Trying to compensate the missing time consuming long runs with more gym work out, the overall training result caused a disappointed next marathon finish time and even injuries as a consequence.

Time is a limited resource, see my blog from May 2015, but you decide how to use the time.

Being realistic, very soon I came to the cruel insight that I had to cut off some hours from any of my daily activities. Family and friends were immediately labeled as untouchable.

Many activities, not only marathon running, are very time consuming and instead of giving up any of the activities you are burning for, the recommendation is to find a way to leverage all activities in a proper way.

And how to do it?


Combine Your Passions

While struggling with myself how to handle the remaining hours between my running and my job, I came across by an incident I would say, something that changed my life. As an average computer user, close to a technophobe, never before I had imagined that I was going to make my living on the Internet.

The first step to take is to think out of the box and to balance on the edge of your comfort zone. As a marathon runner you normally won’t have any problems with it, as it use to be almost the daily ingredient of a tough and challenging training program.

The good thing about Internet marketing is that you need to have the same mindset as when you are training for a marathon race. You know that the goal is possible to reach as long as you have a detailed plan, stick to the plan and are willing to overcome all the challenges along the way.

If you are willing to put in the necessary work, this opportunity to run your own business is probably something that will be of great value for you.

Today I have time to run more than ever. I decide how, when and where to work. I am my own boss. This piece in search of the ultimate FREEDOM has given me two wonderful passions.

In one of my blog post from July 2015, we go deeper into the topic of how to convert your work into a real passion, and optimizing happiness in life.

Thanks to the perfect combination of Internet marketing and marathon training, I have been able to run all the majors except Tokyo Marathon, which by the way is scheduled for 2017.

Here is how you can find your missing piece to get the lifestyle of your dreams. Let my friend and coach Stewart Ross explain how it works and if you are struggling with the same time issue as I did, for sure this will be something opening up the view for you.

Learn how to create a different lifestyle by building your own Internet business.

Like the time you have available, you are also in command of how to take the next step to find the lifestyle you want.

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