How To Convert Your Dreams Into Realities

How To Convert Your Dreams Into Realities

Dreams into Realities

Dreams into Realities

True dreams or desires are much more than a mere wish!

To start up correctly what’s the difference between a desire and a wish?

Wish and Desire are two words in the English language that are often confused. They appear to have similar meanings but strictly speaking, there is some difference between the two terms.

Wish is often accompanied by an aspiration for something such as “wish for happiness”. Wish is typically used when the “wish” is very general y non-specified.

The word “desire” is used in a more specified way such as: “I have a desire to live in the Bahamas.”

Everything starts with wishes in a kind of daydreaming mode where often your fantasy is an essential ingredient. When the “wish” is repeatedly passing through your mind, the brain starts to work on the task and tries to find out how to make the wish possible to come true. It’s the moment when it all turns into a desire.

Now, comes the breaking point and either the desire stops as a desire and fade out, or the next step is taken to let the desire become a reality. Most people fail at this point by not having clear what a desire should look like and to where it should lead.

A very common wish and later a desire is to become rich, a billionaire,….well, you name it. But the wrong thing here is that instead of defining what richness really means, you assume that an unlimited pile of money bills will solve the rest.

It is not a strange coincidence that people (normal average people) who had the luck to win a fortune on the lottery, often end up in deep problems. The money wasn’t any good injection to let their dream come true.

Napoleon Hill wrote in the Law of Success:

“Desire, then is the starting point of all human achievement. It has been said, and not without reason, that one may have anything one wants, within reasonable limitations, providing one want it badly enough!”

What “badly enough” means is that you need to have a burning passion for your desire to let it come true.

If the desire starts with a wish or even with a dream, what comes after the desire?

The goal!

Goal setting is the ultimate bridge between the initial dream and wish to let everything become a reality. Goal setting is all about planning (see my blog post from the 19th of April, 2015). When setting the plan you will automatically get answers to your whys, whens, hows and dos.

One example I love is about Cuba. The most desirable professions are athletes, musicians or something in the tourism industry. Why? After almost 60 years of dictatorship and with an endless desire for a lot of people to leave the country in search for freedom, they have found out that the mentioned professions are the ones with the highest probability to be able to leave the country in one way or another.

It’s a good example of how a wish for freedom turns into a desire to exit the country which ends up in a plan, where education and training for a certain profession hopefully will let the initial wish come true.

Personally, over 42 years ago when meeting the most wonderful woman, felt in love with her,  a wish and later on a true desire to share my life with her, rapidly all was converted into a plan. She was Mexican, didn’t speak my language, didn’t know my culture….and so on. But love has no boundaries and since 40 years ago we are luckily married and live in Mexico.

Both these examples, show that the route to reality starts with a wish and later on a desire. At this phase there must be a lot of passion involved or it will all fade out at this level. The passion itself drives you to the next step, which is the goal setting followed by a plan.

Indeed, a lot of money has been involved in executing the plans successfully, both my personal marriage plan and the ones of the Cubans, but the money plays a role of a vehicle towards the goal and can never be a goal in itself. The passion is driving you to take the necessary steps and money can never be a passion by itself.

Do you think that Bill Gates was thinking about money when he was working day and night to develop what later was going to see the daylight as the first version of Windows?

Do you think that Steve Jobs was thinking about being a millionaire when developing the first PC?

No! It was something else.

They had a wish and a desire they were so passionate about that it all turned out very quickly to a goal and plan. Once the goal was achieved the money dropped in by itself.

Wrapping it up in an action plan, there are five steps in the process:

Dream – Wish – Desire – Goal – Plan

A lot of people stop after step two or three. Do you know why? The passion is not there.

When I got into the business of online marketing, it was never the money that motivated me to do what I did, but the dream, wish and desire to live a different lifestyle with the freedom I never had during all my years in the corporate world.

A lot of work?


A lot of frustration?


A lot of suffering?


Is it worth it?


…….if the final goal will fulfill your true dream and wish, the lifestyle where you are in charge of your life, where you can be wherever you want and do whatever you prefer completely under your terms.

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