How To Create A Life and Business That You Love.

How To Create A Life and Business That You Love.

“Traditional education can help you make a living – Right digital education will help you live your ultimate life”

Love Your Business And Life

Love Your Business And Life

A lot of people live the life they think they have to live. Since we were children we got an education that programmed us to think that the path towards a successful career was through a professional title which we got from the university or college, applying for the best possible position and from there climb up the “career ladder” to wherever it would take you.

For some people the success became a reality but for most people it became sort of surviving platform. You got a decent job with an acceptable income. However, as the basic education from childhood was focused on only this path, the knowledge did not exist for other possibilities or in other words the brain “isolated” them as non-existing patterns.

Throughout the history we have seen important revolutionary milestones popping up from time to time. The normal human reaction towards something that brings the presence upside down is rejection. Our brain has difficulties to deal with new and completely out of the context revolutionary topics if we do not have sufficient proofs or reliable references.

Only a couple of hundreds years ago we still believed that the earth was flat. People who argued that it was round even got sentenced to death. The technology and science by that time could not come up with sufficient of proofs that the world was round and therefore people refused to accept it.

If somebody had told you 15 years ago that in 2015 the global commerce on the Internet will be something around US$1,700,000,000,000, you wouldn’t have believed it. Why? Because by that time no evidences or proofs existed that could back up such a figure. Today when we know it is reality, you take it by surprise.

The picture can be even more dramatic if we analyze relatively young companies that have sky-rocked the traditional business arena. Amazon, Google, Facebook, Uber, to just mention a few of them. Even though they are in different market niches they all have at least two things in common: 1)They all have a small number of employees in relation to their sizes and revenues 2)They all heavily depend on the Internet in their business set-up


Skills Required To Be Self-Reliant.

Skills To Be Self-Reliant

Skills To Be Self-Reliant

A whole generation is about to change attitude and skill sets. Statistics and sufficient of proofs show that new employment will not be created, more than temporary ones mostly based on political short term decisions.

As the education we got now is obsolete, and we don’t have to blame our parents for that as they did their very best with the resources available at the time, it is up to each and everyone to search for the needed education for the new world we are turning into. Believe me but this change is bigger and for sure will have more impact on our lives than when we went from a “flat” to a “round” world.

The good news is that there is already an impressive online industry out there ready to help you get the necessary training in place to be up to date and start to be productive again.

At the same time there are also a lot of scams online only trying to get your credit card number and cash in for something that doesn’t work.

You need a complete Digital Business System that will include marketing, products, system, training and support. If you choose the right one it doesn’t matter the level of previous experience you have. Further, the system you sign up for should have frequent training webinars and an Online Business Blueprint, showing you the exact steps and mindsets required to succeed online.


What’s The Price For Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

When I came to the conclusion that this was the route to take in life, and I want to note that I did so at the age of 62, the first thing that came up in my mind was the money. Why was it so? Because that’s the way we were educated.

Of course the money is important. You need to survive and live well. But very soon in the process when the traditional 9-5 schedule was set aside and I could plan my work the way I wanted, for the first time in my life I understood what financial freedom really was.

I can travel as much as I want together with my wife and I can be wherever I want. As long as I have my laptop and an Internet connection I can easily do what I need to do in my business.

Marathon running is my passion and that requires a lot of time and many hours of training. With the Online Business as an independent entrepreneur, the combination of running and doing business fits perfectly well together.

During all the years in the corporate world the life was divided between work and pleasure. I liked very much what I was doing but the work was the work. Now, I can dedicate much more to my marathon running which I love but at the same time I also love what I am working with as a Digital Marketer.

Two passions come together and I love what I’m doing. You also deserve a business and a life that you love. CLICK HERE and let my friend Stuart Ross and co-founder of the Six Figure Mentors explain to you how we can help you. We have everything within one platform to help you be successful fast online, even if you are starting from scratch.


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