How To Create A Recipe For Success.

How To Create A Recipe For Success.

Is this another weird story about how to become successful?

Probably Success is the absolute most frequent key search of all categories covering all segments of the society. Who doesn’t want to have success? If you open up any site on the web, read any magazine covering whatever activity you want, success seems to be the common Easter egg we all are searching.

All famous entrepreneurs in the world have been analyzed from all possible angles, as well as other authorities all from the military niche to the religion field. The purpose has always been the same, the Secret Code For Success.

Does a “Success Code” exist?

Success Code

Success Code


If it had existed, I strongly believe that somebody had cracked the code long time ago. However, I think it exist a recipe for success, and I will reveal that recipe in moment.

But first we need to view ourselves in the mirror and be absolutely honest to our friend in front of us. Are we talking about your true definition of success or is your “success” something you believe your family, friends and social environment would like to listen to as your success story? It’s a quite simple but at the same time complex question you need to form an opinion about. As we all are different with different ideas and goals in life, there will also be different answers to the question.


What Is your Favorite Dish?

If you decide to go out for dinner with friends, besides the restaurant environment, it will always be a discussion about what kind of food to eat. Some people of the group prefer meat, other fish and so on. That doesn’t mean that any food is better or less tasty than the other. There are just different preferences, or it could be that your personal preference that day is fish even if you are known as the meat lover of the group.

That’s the way it is, and no one has the authority to judge that something is better than the other. Anyway, we use to develop a certain preference for a certain restaurant or a certain dish, because that particular restaurant or dish hit your “weak” point where you get a special feeling of satisfaction above all other alternatives available.

In my case, I have three things in life a like very much to do. I am a passionate marathon runner, I like my laptop life giving me my necessary freedom, and I like cooking.

When I enter the kitchen, normally during the weekends, I see the kitchen as an empty canvas where I as an artist have to create a nice painting. Cooking for me is like art. I do not use any recipe books, but I do apply certain rules to get an acceptable creation at the end. In a few words, I would like to say that my cooking is very much based on love or,

passion for what I am doing.

Passion For What I am Doing

Passion For What I am Doing


Passion Cannot Solve Everything.

In every single speech about success, no one is missing the passion part. It’s true, and it must be there. However, it would be very easy to achieve success if passion was the only needed ingredient. There are much more to be added to the recipe to get the success-dish.

To describe those necessary ingredients, I will add two of my passions. Sounds strange? Well, here we go.

As mentioned in several of my previous posts, to run marathons you need to have a very strong commitment. I would say that the commitment must turn into a


The training must be correct, created by a professional coach and you must stick to it. The follow-up and a detailed monitoring of your training steps and progress are mandatory.

Building an online business, the one I am doing right now with the Six Figure Mentors, needs exactly the same kind of commitment as the marathon training. Here we have,

Two different activities with two identical mindsets.

When training for marathon races, which is a long term project, a lot of things will happened on your way towards the goal. You will get sick, maybe injured, some days the motivation is on top, other days it has all disappeared. The same happens with your online marketing business. Your training program and your business plan must be the living documents taking you through the long and sometimes windy road. The same way it is impossible to run a marathon race with only one month of training, the online business is not a “get-rich-over-night” activity. It’s a long-term project where money is not the driving part. The money will come automatically, the same way you will run your marathon race without problems. All will be directly reflected by how well you stuck to your plan.

The commitment to do what it takes is a must for marathon runners as well as for online entrepreneurs.


The Icing On The Cake.

The basic ingredients for a successful recipe are now in place:

Love & Passion

Commitment & Pledge

With these ingredients, you will never fail. Of course, salt and pepper have to be added as always in high-level cuisine.

The desert will almost always present itself, the sweet taste after a wonderful dinner. The desert will always be sweet and is called


The icing on the cake can vary and depends very much on your own success, but you will always have something hidden as a true Entrepreneur Chef to save any situation that might occur.

This time and for this particular post I had to take out what I found in my sleeve. For the last 24 hours, I have suffered severe technical problems and have had very limited access to the Internet. Normally when doing my posts, I do some research on the web to enrich the content with certain data and statistics. As you can notice there are almost no links to anywhere on this post, but I had to rely purely on my own knowledge and conviction.

It could be very easy to use this as an excuse for not publishing the post on the promised date. Can you imagine being invited to a dinner and for whatever reason no dinner will be served? As a true entrepreneur and passionate marathon runner, procrastination is something that has to be avoided my all means.

On your success journey there will be so many situations that seem valid to procrastinate and to make it easy, we just decide that

Procrastination is never a valid argument for a serious commitment.

There is a link I would like to recommend and which relate very much to what has been revealed here as a Basic Recipe. View the latest blog of James Clear where he talks about “Habit Creep: The Proven, Reasonable and Totally Unsexy Way to Become More Successful”. Take it as an avec after our meal. Bon Appetite!

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