How To Deal With The Online Revolution

How To Deal With The Online Revolution

There is a silent movement going on in the entire society….

Like it or not but we will all have to deal with it.

We all know about the most famous entrepreneurs in the Internet environment. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and many more are just a part of our daily life.

A Digital Globalization

A Digital Globalization

But there is even more information to consider as a direct or indirect effect of all social sites and our use of Internet in general:

  • By 2016, more than 50% of all U.S. retail business will be directly influenced by Internet. The day of only buying things at the store are fast disappearing (Source: Forrester Research).
  • 2015 alone $592.43 billion will be invested by companies in online advertising. If you ever want to see trends in the world of business, just watch where companies are spending their money for advertising. (Source: e Marketer).
  • Every month there are more than 10.3 billion Google searches and services online. The market is clearly sticking to the Internet to research and find their products (Source: B2B Marketing).
  • 82% of key shoppers spend their time researching and shopping online.
  • In 2014 in the U.S. alone, $3024 billion were generated in online sales. Online businesses are growing year after year at over 15% a year.
  • In 2013, Amazon declared that their digital book sales surpassed their physical book sales. This is a powerful indication of the future of digital publishing.
  • In 2014, Amazon $5.5 billion

Over one billion of people are viewing Facebook on a daily basis.

How many people are lining up at the bank to pay their monthly bills? Very few…if they still can find a bank office close enough for that particular service.

There are different figures published, and they can vary to a certain extent, but they all show the same pattern: traditional job positions disappear and are replaced by automation.

New phenomena never seen before shows up on the business arena. A good example of this is the controversial global taxi company Uber.

In highly IT developed countries like for example Finland, parking fees are paid through an application in the mobile phone.

Even governmental entities such as the tax authorities are going viral and offer people to make their annual income declarations online.

The political life, which in all democratic countries has been managed through a sort of representative quotation of people from different parts of a country, was a modern system by its time when democracy was something new in our society.

With the exploding Internet evolution, it will not take a long time until this system, which in a certain way starts to be obsolete, will be automated. In many countries political Internet Parties are popping up and when legal and other formal issues have been solved, there is no doubt about that this will be the future…… like it or not.


A New Code Of Conduct

With massive reductions of traditional jobs, a new code of conduct must be implemented to avoid a social disaster around the world. With fewer people working but with the same economic growth, there will be a tremendous pressure on governments and authorities to look after how all resources should be allocated in a proper way.

All people living in this very exciting era need to literally “think out of the box”, because all statistics clearly show (no matter all political propaganda) that the world will have more people and fewer jobs. The math out of such figures will not be very difficult to calculate.

A lot of people around the world are already facing the reality and have switched over to the online world. Business owners in the frontline of the commercial evolution are already online building relationship with their customer stock through social media and other Internet connections.

Other people are building their online business, either selling a product or service or working as an online affiliate.

However, this new development has been a nightmare for many. It’s calculated that approximately 98% trying to do business online is failing. The reasons are mainly three:

  • They are still with an offline business mindset, and online business requires a different way of thinking
  • They try to do everything themselves without having a clue of what is really needed in terms of automation and a powerful platform for the business
  • They become victims of all scams and false promises on the Internet. The “get-rich-quick” schemes do not exist, but an online business has to be dealt with exactly as any offline business, with a lot of work, dedication and passion to get it all up and running.

As the online world is developing in a tremendously high speed, very professional systems are available in the market. The Six Figure Mentors is one of them, where a fully automated system will be offered and any person with or without computer- or technical skills can easily use it. Full support, training and service together with a community of like-minded people will assure your success.

Different to any other business on- or offline, the cost to join the Six Figure Mentors is affordable to any person and will never be an obstacle for joining in.

The rules are sat for the future….like it or not. Now, it’s up to each and everyone to take a personal decision for your personal future.


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