How To Design Your Own Digital Lifestyle.

How To Design Your Own Digital Lifestyle.

How To Design Your Own Digital Lifestyle

How To Design Your Own Digital Lifestyle

Are you using the disruptive innovations?

Should I use the disruptive innovations, you may ask? Indeed, you need to, if not getting sat behind the evolution of our society, the technical development going on and the new digital world moving faster than ever.

So let’s start to understand what disruptive innovation is. The expression was introduced in today´s debate by the teacher and consultant, Clayton M. Christensen, and very simplified it can be described as:

“An innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leaders and alliances.”

For example, when the car became achievable for normal average people it replaced the horse transportation and created a whole new market.

The agricultural revolution and after that the industrial revolution were both happening due to disruptive innovations. The industrial revolution was a movement that improved the production by replacing human physical labor with tools. Production got faster, cheaper and with higher quality, and was an important milestone for economic growth.

The innovations we see today are mainly focused on the digital world. Without making reflections anymore, we are all accustom to making all bank transaction on the Internet. Tickets of all kinds are purchased via your laptop or smartphone. With the growth Uber has, ordinary taxis will soon be a chapter in the history books.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been called the next Industrial Revolution, and it will change the way all businesses, governments, and consumers interact with the physical world.

Here are some interesting data:

  • There will be 34 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2020, up from 10 billion in 2015.
  • By 2006, 6% of the world population was connected to the Internet. For 2010, the figure grew to 26% and by 2020 almost 100% will be connected.
  • Of the increasing growth of sales on the Internet products and services related to information and education amount to $126 million per day.

At the same time you view those incredible figures the manufacturing, commerce and public service continue to automate. By the year 2020, it has been estimated that almost 50% of today’s labor positions will be gone. The younger generations do not trust any longer in traditional education, where a title from a well-known university some decades ago was a sure entrance ticket into the labor market.

Every day you get offers into your email inbox about new applications allowing you to automate further your personal life. This continued automation process gives you two important things:

More money and more time.

The same way the Industrial Revolution scaled up the global economy in a positive way, this new digital revolution will do the same. We will get wealthier, and we will get more time.

Before taking advantage of all the changes coming along at a very high speed, there is one crucial threshold to sort out first.

Are you a chameleon or a dinosaur?

Adapt To A Digital Lifestyle

Adapt To A Digital Lifestyle

The digital revolution, like it or not, is taking place here and now. We all have two alternatives to choose among:

  • Not accept the new way of doing business and the new automated consumer style, but treat it as a short fashion wave that soon will die out – the dinosaur syndrome.

We all know what happened to the dinosaurs….

  • Be a “chameleon”, (these incredible animals changing their skin color depending on the environment), and trying your very best to take advantage of the new digital era.

If you belong to the big group of Baby Boomers, as I do, born between 1946 and 1964, there are certain hurdles to overcome.

The most important and also the most frequent reason to close out Baby Boomers from this new digital lifestyle has its roots in the education system we grew up with.

To give a professional opinion, advice, and treatment to a person suffering from any kind of disease or illness, it requires many years of medical studies at the University. “So, keep your hands off and do not even try to play the role of a doctor.”

To construct a bridge over a river, you need years of engineering skills. “So, why should you even bother to think about how to construct a bridge?”

To be a successful businessperson, you need years of studies in economics and business administration from a well-reputed university or business school. “So,…..well, don’t think about it.”

Nobody will blame you for this way of thinking. It was the way we were educated and indoctrinated. Probably it was the best way of succeeding at that time.

Times have changed, and the new digital world is different. Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, who eagerly developed Windows and making it possible for regular people like you and me to enter the computer world, and Steve Jobs who with the same vision in mind developed the first computer accessible for “normal” people, they have turned up-side-down the mindset to use.

To figure out if you fulfill the attributes of a dinosaur thinking, you will defend yourself with the following set of answers to typical questions about Internet and digital life:

“ The Internet is not for me. I’m too old for this.”

“ I never got the opportunity to learn these skills at school.”

“ My children and grandchildren use it because they are accustom to it.”

“ This is something will not survive for a long time.”

“ I don’t trust online payments.”

“ I prefer personal service.”

The list can be much longer but with these few examples, you can probably see the pattern.

The truth is that with the new and disruptive innovations in place, every single person on earth with access to a computer or any other Internet connected device can be a digital “guru”, and you will be it sooner than what you can imagine. But you need to change from a “dinosaur” mindset to the one of a “chameleon”.

With the never ending amount of offers on the Internet, all actors with a serious business future in mind need to consider at least three relevant variables to think about for a bright long-term business:

  1. Safe payment method offered. If your credit card is hacked, you can close down your business immediately. Today it is safer to pay on the Internet than using your credit card at an ordinary store or restaurant.
  2. With the keen competition online, every serious actor has to offer a complete money back guarantee to the customer in case not being totally satisfied with the product or the service.
  3. The “on-the-go” training is essential to the success of the product or the service. And here we find the most significant game changer from the old traditional education system. With $126 million education and information applications sold daily, it wouldn’t happen without an “on-the-go” training. It means that you literally can be up and running within minutes with your new application, and you learn further as you continue.

Baby Boomers – the perfect Internet marketers.

Baby Boomers Living The Digital Lifestyle

Baby Boomers Living The Digital Lifestyle

Although Baby Boomers often are portrayed as the postwar generation of opportunity and optimism, many Boomers worry about retirement and have failed to prepare adequately for the transition from work to retirement. Many Boomers are planning to remain in the workforce beyond age 65 for various reasons, if for nothing more than a consistent income and a sense of identity.

Even if the income could be a reason to continue working after the retirement, (and indeed it’s a good and valid one), more available free time is another important cause. You would like to enjoy your retirement but work with something on your terms. Something you love to do.

After erasing completely, the “dinosaur” excuses explained earlier, the next step to take is all about leveraging your passions in life. In a recent global Gallup research it was found that only 20% of worldwide corporate employees felt a passion for what they were doing. Alarming figure!

Life is short, and there is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy every single day.

Live life on your terms.

Complimentary 7-Day Video series: discover how the digital economy we live in makes it possible to live, work and run a business from anywhere – a Digital Lifestyle. All You need is a system.


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