How To Fail To Succeed

How To Fail To Succeed 

How To Fail To Succeed

How To Fail To Succeed


Without failures it’s hard to get success!

Making a brief inventory of all famous and successful entrepreneurs that pop up spontaneously in my mind, absolutely no-one achieved their success without failures along the road. And in most cases we are not talking about one little failure here and another small failure there. No, we are talking about huge eye catching failures that sometimes got the most serious consequences.

The reason so many people are afraid of failing that it sometimes turns into a mode of paralyzation is the wrong perception we have about failures.

Today’s video will all be about failures and how the failure is one of the necessary pieces towards real and solid success.


Whatever angle we put on failure, we will always come back to the question:

How to fail to succeed?

Coming back to my favorite example, which can be used for many things in life, how did you learn to ride a bicycle?

Failing, failing and you failed again… 

Have you ever seen a kid, no matter the IQ level, who after reading an extremely well written, didactical and instructive book about bike riding, has got up on the bike and ride it as he or she never had done anything else in life?

The multiple failures represent a natural part of the development of the bike riding skills. But after every single failure with the bike you learnt something and the next time you failed, you failed differently.

Everything in life works the same way, but the fear of failing holds you back and in the worst case you won’t even try.

Doing business on the Internet is a new form of learning how to “ride a bike”. The beauty however of this journey is that it doesn’t hurt when you fail. With all the support everywhere, this “bike riding” learning process will probably be the most pleasant one you have ever experienced.

However, the decision to start the journey is something that you and nobody else can take.

In the Six Figure Mentors, we can both promise you the best training to achieve your goal and also the best automated platform to support you and your business.


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