How To Get Things To Happen

How To Get Things To Happen

Are you super or just fine?

The reason for asking this question is that if you have read to this point, you most probably belong to the “just fine” group. The brain allows you 5 seconds to decide if something is of interest to you. Otherwise, it will just be bounced.

The word “Fine” is an invented word to prevent from that somebody will bother you, while struggling around in your comfort zone.

This video by Mel Robbins will explain in an extraordinary way how dangerous this little word really is and how much it can stop us from achieving our goals in life.

As Mel Robbins mentions, getting what you want is simple but not necessarily easy. It just comes down to how to escape from your comfort zone.

As humans, we use a lot of routines in life. This doesn’t mean that routines are bad. Life should be quite complicated if we didn’t have routines for a certain number of daily tasks that must be done, like brushing the teeth, making the domestic cleaning and similar tasks to easily and rapidly make life nice and easy.

The bad thing about routines however, is that without really knowing how, we use to put everything in the routine box. Every day we make everything the same way over and over again.

What if Thomas Edison would have been a routine person? For sure, he wouldn’t have been the person to invent the light bulb.

If Alfred Nobel had been a routine freak, at least he had not been the person to invent the dynamite back in 1866.

Thanks to both Bill Gates (software) and Steve Jobs (hardware) and their continued search for acting outside the comfort zone, a whole world probably got the opportunity to enter the digital life much earlier than if these guys hadn’t appeared on the scene.

As Mel Robbins mentions, when you are hungry automatically you search for something to eat. When you are thirsty, you look around immediately to get something to drink. All these things we are doing by routine without thinking too much.

So what are you then doing when you feel unsatisfied with life? If your “autopilot” had been functioning the correct way, you should immediately start to explore how to be satisfied.

The tricky thing with “Satisfaction” is that it is such a general statement, and you need to take it one step further before a proper action can be taken. You need to analyze what you are not happy with or unsatisfied with. As “unsatisfied” by itself is a negative word, normally by automation you refuse to deal with it. You decide to continue in your comfort zone, and when somebody ask….well, you are “fine”.

I'm Fine

I’m Fine

Have you ever thought about refusing to feel hunger or to be thirsty? In fact, there is a group of people refusing to accept hunger and they are suffering from a very serious decease called anorexia.

Being unsatisfied with whatever it could be in life should always be dealt with seriously. The first step towards self-healing is to refuse using the words “I’m fine” as an excuse to not accept that your are missing something in life.

The “I’m fine” answer is probably one of the worst routines you can use,

and this kind of routines will kill you.


Mindset for Growth

There are two mindsets we as humans have to deal with

Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset

We all have a little bit of both mindsets, but the successful people have their Growth Mindset dominating their lives. Growth Mindset is the mindset that will help you to explore new possibilities and help you to construct a better and prosperous future. Typical entrepreneurs are dedicating most of their time with a Growth Mindset.

The Fixed Mindset, on the other hand, could be dangerous, as it is represented by the little invisible voice you have back in your head, telling you that you can’t do this and that,

“Be careful, you will fail. Don’t repeat the same mistake again. What will people say? No, it’s impossible….”

All children before being educated in a certain direction have by default a growth mindset. You might remember when you learned to ride a bicycle. How many times did you fall, how much did you cry and how much did you get wounded, before you were able to dominate the bicycle? However, nothing could stop you from learning to ride a bicycle.

This is a growth mindset.

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

Growing up and being influenced from so many different sources and authorities, you start to believe in some of them and before you’ll even notice, other people´s opinion manage your life. That is the scary truth for many people.

How many people do we have out there who don’t like their jobs and in some cases even hate what they are doing.

“But I have my monthly pay-check covering my monthly costs…,   I’m fine!!!!”

You become a victim of the Fixed Mindset.

What will happen if you one day get a short notice that you labor contract has come to an end? By then you MUST do something. You will be forced to. If you instead force ourselves to honor a growth mindset, you will not only be prepared for whatever will happen to you in the corporate world. You will also start to explore all other opportunities out there that so far have been blocked by your comfort zone thinking.


At the age of 63 I thought that I had “lived my life”, but when exploring and joining the Six Figure Mentors, I recognized that nothing could be more erroneous.

A new passion has been created in my life, and it happened thanks to a growth mindset.

Nothing is ever too late for anybody!

Life is too short to let it be managed by others, which is very different from learning from other people. But at the end of the day, it is your criteria that has to be decisive, your decisions have to be the input, and it is for one very simple reason:

It Is Your Life.

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