How To Predict The Unpredictable

How To Predict The Unpredictable

How To Predict The Unpredictable

How To Predict The Unpredictable

To predict, is it a number’s game or something else?

In your daily life there are plenty of things happening, important or less important, that you can’t predict. However, with the life experience you will build up a certain skill to predict the future pretty well.

Look at small children starting to explore the world. They often do things causing you a laugh or, at least, a smile, as you as an adult know on beforehand that the path the child is taking is the wrong one. But without any experience, the only way to find out is to try it out. We all have gone through this phase in our lives.

There are a lot of unpredictable events following a statistical pattern, such as random games, contests of different kinds and other repeated questions or statements.

For example, when a multiple-choice test, the statistics show that the “true” alternative dominates over the “false” one. If four answer choices, answer “B” is more often correct. All this can be statistical explained.

Entering the gambling world, a lot of people have worked hard trying to “crack the code”. An entirely random game such as roulette all numbers will appear the same number of times, over a longer period, if the roulette fulfills all requirements.

The same goes for all kind of lotteries. Even if we all use to have a personal “lucky number”, all numbers will appear the same number of times if sufficient numbers are drawn.

Interesting things start to happen when we add the human being to the random game. Continuing in the casino, what happens when playing Black Jack? The random part of it consists of the distribution of the different cards. Now, we add human behavior to the game when starting to play the cards, and not necessarily the one with the best cards will win the game, but the one who played the cards in a certain way.

The daily life and all decisions that have to be done can be done in “the roulette mode” or “the Black Jack mode”. What does this mean? Well, you can just sit and wait and see where you destiny will end up (the roulette mode), or you actively work to control as much as possible the outcome of your destiny (the Black Jack mode).

If you have a certain amount of money to invest and you can choose to either play weekly on lotto until the funds are empty, or invest the money on the stock exchange, the probability to multiply your money is much higher on the stock market than the lotto, and the variable making the difference in the two cases is your influence of controlling the outcome. Of course, there is a possibility that you lose all your money on the stock exchange if you make bad decisions. However, in the lotto case your influence is zero and your have to trust 100% to the good luck.


How To Forecast The Future

Making an inventory of what have happened so far in your life, you can always find events that have occurred in a “strange” way based on randomness mixed up by your active measures. Personally, I have two events of that character that have had an important impact on my life.

After getting married to my wonderful Mexican wife and moving to Sweden to start a professional career, my father in law one day published a small advertisement in a Mexican newspaper. The short two lines ad talked about a Swedish professional seeking a challenging job opportunity in Mexico. Normally this kind of ad shouldn’t get any response at all, but in this particular case the ad was seen by the representative of a Swedish company in Mexico searching for a young professional Swede. To make a long story short, eight months later we were moving to Mexico starting to work for this Swedish company.

Some people would like to call this for “good luck,” other people would call it for something else. The truth is that it is a mix of randomness and active influence on the outcome – The Black Jack strategy.

Another important episode making a huge impact was my entrance into the digital marketing business. Some years ago and after decades of a successful career at the management level in the corporate world, I found out that I have dedicated whole my life to trade my knowledge and time for money helping other people to build their dreams. I was actively searching for feasible alternatives to start my own business and starting to build up my own dream as an independent entrepreneur.

The first thing you will find when starting to Google for opportunities is the online business. As I was completely reluctant to all the “get rich quick” schemes and “making money online” offers, as I viewed them all as scams and false promises, I just ignored all this kind of ads. I didn’t open a single one. Zero connection.

As a Swede living in Mexico, I use to read online almost daily a Swedish newspaper, to get updated on what is going on in my home country. Among good things in Sweden, the ethic and also law regulations do not allow misleading advertisements, the reason why an attractive promotion are read or clicked on when an Internet ad. This particular day reading my Swedish newspaper I came across an ad that talked about starting your own business, exactly what I was searching for. I clicked on the ad and found the Six Figure Mentors promoted by a Swedish affiliate.

The ad was constructed in a serious and professional way and the more I read the more I got interested. Since two years back I belong to the Six Figure Mentors community, I run my own online business. First I did it on a part-time basis but since one year ago I took the next step, left the corporate world and since then running my own full-time online business.

The take way from this story is to notice how I finally clicked on an “online business” opportunity, by finding an ad in a media that I felt I could rely on. Indeed, it was a happening based on randomness but without my own active involvement, who knows if my online business ever had happened. There were two personal and important events changing the direction of my lifestyle based on the “Black Jack Mode” of acting.

Wrapping up all this, yes, to predict the future is very much a number’s game in the sense that you need to be active and place as many hooks as possible out there. If you are playing on lotto, the more you play, the higher your probability will be to be a winner. If you don’t play, for sure you will never win.

The second step will be to be in charge as much as possible of the randomness in the game plan – the roulette versus the Black Jack mode. The mix of randomness or luck and own involvement will optimize your probabilities to let your dream come true.

Abraham Lincoln said once:

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

By being involved in the random process the probability to let it come true what you predict is much higher than if you just wait for the random result to go your way.

You don’t need to go through the same path I did when finally finding out that there are serious online opportunities out there that can change your lifestyle completely. If you also are searching for the key to a different lifestyle, just click on the banner below and try it out. You don’t need to go through the same process I did with doubts and questioning.

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It doesn’t happen very of that I visit a casino, but when I do it I go straight to the Black Jack table. Why losing time to let the luck being my alliance. Luck is random and action makes your randomness methodical and systematic.


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