Internet for Dummies

Internet for Dummies

Dan Gookin, the creator of the movement of all these Books for Dummies  probably was a victim of something in life that gave him the idea to create these fantastic manuals. I don’t know anybody who at least not has read one “For Dummies” book. More than an easy-to follow- manual, the title is the key to the success of the books.

As humans, we always have a predicted opinion about almost everything before really getting into the subject. In a strange manner, we have already justified if the theme is something we are going to get deeper into or just skip it as something outside the range of our educative capability. By using the keywords “for dummies” in all the titles, the author of the book appeal to us to not accept to be treated as fouls. At least the personal ego will not allow us to label ourselves as stupid. We can accept to be niched as many different individuals but never ever as stupid

The first “Dummy” book published was about the operative system DOS, better known as MS-DOS (Micro Soft-Disc Operating System), and as I understand the start for Microsoft to launch their famous Windows programs which allowed “normal” people like you and me to enter into the computer world.

By publishing the “DOS for Dummies” suddenly the sophisticated PC world opened up for everyone who refused to be seen as stupid individuals.

As I do not belong to the younger generation who literally was born with a PC, a Tablet and a Smartphone in their hands, we also belong to a large group of people who does not want to “complicate“ life with more new education.

“This is nothing for me.”

“I am too old for this.”

“I have not the technical skills for this stuff.”

The list of arguments can be extended considerably why we should not try to learn these new computer and Internet skills, but it remains to be an argument valid or not, and not a proven reality that we cannot do it.

What we upper age people are doing by refusing to “understand” computers and Internet, is nothing else than qualify ourselves as “living dinosaurs”, a race convicted to die out as the environment will not be able to offer the necessary conditions for this group of people.

With some accumulated age, we can all remember those days when we lined up at the local bank office to charge the monthly salary check, and a the same time pay the monthly periodical bills like, electricity, water, gas, etc. The reality today, no matter if we like it or not, is that the salary or other payments like commissions, etc., are automatically transferred to our bank account. In many countries in the most developed parts of the world, it is even difficult to find a bank office to make these operations.


The Industrial Revolution and the IT-boom

The Industrial Revolution which took place almost 200 years ago, changed completely the way of producing, by using different kind of machines. The efficiency improved enormously and the “dinosaurs” by that time insisting on hand made product, sooner or later had to surrender. The people who saw the potential in the new wave where the machines were the keys to success took advantage of the new technology and developed it further. Assembly in line is one example of further development, for example, made the Ford Motor Company to the biggest automobile company in the world back in 1932.

The so-called IT-boom is just another example on how new technology can improve production further, and today exist factories in different segments that literally are run by computer systems. The consumer part of the IT-evolution has developed more with a silent touch. But figures from the online business world show clearly towards where we are heading.

According to Internet World Stats

  • There were 3,035 million of Internet users as per June 2014, which correspond to 42,3% of the world population
  • First quarter 2015 the daily active Facebook users had increased to 936 million

Further, e-commerce statistics show that 40% of worldwide internet users have bought something online, meaning that 40% of 3,035 millions, equal to 1,214 million who have used their credit cards on Internet, and it continues to grow to dramatically high figures

With such a huge business potential it is natural and logical that more “actors” show up on the market to get their share of the cake. The same way MS-DOS was earmarked for IT gurus until the ice was broken with “DOS for Dummies”, the Six Figure Mentors is built for every single person who believes in this booming online business.

Maybe my enthusiasm is floating away and the aim of my blog is not commercial but informative. But I cannot refrain from emphasizing how the Six Figure Mentors entered my life as the

“Online Business for Dummies”

….. book, I had been waiting for during a long time.


A Failure to Adapt – The Failure to Survive

The extinction of dinosaurs that started millions of years ago follows exactly the same pattern as the extinction of today’s “dinosaurs” in business. A failure to adapt to new ways of doing business will make it difficult or perhaps impossible to survive in the niche or segment where the company or the organization was a leader short time ago. What happened to Kodak when digital photos became the outstanding way to illustrate images?

We have the freedom to express our opinions but the evolution around us is always something configured by more than our own personal micro-environment. As the business world develop, I believe that all experts agree that the online business will dominate the entire world commerce much sooner than what we even can imagine in our wildest fantasy.

We have two choices:

Become a part of it


Disappear like a dinosaur!




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