Join The Digital Gold Rush!

Join The Digital Gold Rush!

Join The Digital Gold Rush!

Join The Digital Gold Rush!

Are you cashing in your share?

Every century has its own and very particular “revolution” sticking out and changing the life for the entire world.

Among the most famous Revolutions, we can count in three. They have all changed the conditions of living dramatically.


The Agricultural Revolution

During the 18th century, the most popular Agricultural Revolution took place when European agriculture shifted from the techniques of the past.

New patterns of crop rotation and livestock utilization paved the way for better crop yields, a greater diversity of wheat and vegetables and the ability to support more livestock. These changes impacted society as the population became better nourished and healthier.

The Enclosure Acts, passed in Great Britain, allowed wealthy lords to purchase public fields and push out small-scale farmers, causing a migration of men looking for wage labor in cities. These workers would provide the labor for new industries during the Industrial Revolution.

The Agricultural Revolution began in Great Britain around the turn of the 18th century, and includes several important events, such as:

  • The perfection of the horse-drawn seed press, which would make farming less labor intensive and more productive.
  • The large-scale growth of new crops, such as potato and maize, by 1750.
  • The passing of the Enclosure Laws, limiting the common land available to small farmers in 1760.


The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution, which took place from the 18th to 19th centuries, was mainly impulsed by the textile industry. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing was often done in people’s homes, using hand tools or basic machines. Industrialization marked a shift to powered, special-purpose machinery, factories and mass production.

As we all know, the shift in the way of producing changed the lifestyle for everyone in any area of their society. Many different aspects can be mentioned, and not every change necessarily was a pleasant one. However, the Industrial Revolution was a milestone in the evolution of the human society….like it or not.

The experience from the history has shown over and over again, that trying to stop evolution is an impossible mission. Instead, you have to deal with it by:

  1. Accepting it
  2. Doing your best to collaborate with it
  3. Searching for opportunities within the new created environment


The Digital Revolution 

What all those events, we, later on, label as a revolution, have in common are mainly two:

  1. A natural evolution generated by circumstances in the environment or the society.
  2. A very diffuse starting date, as a consequence of the evolution growing slowly from something that was initiated by a sustainable and acceptable change of behavior.

The Digital Revolution we are facing right now does not have any starting date. Should it be the date when the first computer-like machine was created at the beginning of the previous century, or should it be when Bill Gates launched his first Windows program enabling average people to use a computer, or should it be….., well, the list can be long with different possible milestones to be considered.

Let’s limit the discussion to establish that we are right up in the middle of the Digital Revolution. Step by step we have all been introduced to new devices and programs, which radically have changed our lives.

Daily bank transactions are now executed online; the online commerce is yearly increasing dramatically. You buy tickets online, and Uber is the taxi system to fade out the old taxi system faster than you can imagine.

The structure of the labor market has already changed and will continue to undergo even more dramatic changes. As the world is automated in a high speed, it’s up to each and everyone to figure out where to grab his or her piece of the cake.

There are many niches available and where to start your online journey is only limited to your own fantasy, knowledge and creativity.

Without any doubts, the central part of all commerce will very soon take place in the online marketplace, and many people have already made a fortune by joining this “new wave” at an early stage. Still there are plenty of room for new players, but as time passes by, the market will be tougher and tougher.

During the famous gold rush in North America approximately 165 years ago, hundred thousands of people gave up their daily activities to become rich gold miners. Many people made a fortune, as well as a lot of people, also failed completely. One of the most successful entrepreneurs during the gold rush was Levi Strauss, who saw a tremendous demand for clothes that could afford the rough treatment of a gold miner. The famous Levi’s jeans were born and every single gold miner needed these new denim pants.

In the digital world, we face the same situation. There are a lot of business opportunities out in the market, and with the correct approach, literally anything can be sold online.

However, who will teach all these new entrepreneurs on how to use the Internet as their marketplace? Who will support the heavy traffic of potential customers landing on the different web pages? Who will take care of all the logistics and technical stuff around a functional Internet business?

The Six Figure Mentors is one of the leading players in the arena. You get all that is needed to support a business, and every business entrepreneur can focus on their primary business, which is to sell their products.

In other words, the Six Figure Mentors offers what Levi Strauss offered to the gold miners 165 years ago, and the necessary auxiliary to be successful with your business.

If the Digital Revolution started 65 years ago or 10 years ago, is something we can discuss for a long time without coming to a definite and correct answer. What is clear, though, is that the Digital Gold Rush is happening now! We are a lot of people cashing in. When are you going to join the movement and claim your share? Join The Digital Gold Rush! ……NOW!

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