Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Tomorrow Mother’s Day will be celebrated in many countries of the world. Doing some research on Mother’s Day invented by Anna Jarvis from the U.S., I found out it was celebrated for the first time back in 1910.

Anna Jarvis became quickly a social activist when she saw that a lot of people took advantage of her initiative, and started to exploit commercially the day she had meant to be truly dedicated to the commemoration of all mothers around the world and for their effort and service rendered to the society.

In spite of a huge variation of how women are treated and respected in different cultures, the female movement towards liberty and independence, will always be framed by the “Mother’s Love” which goes beyond all kind of materialism and commercial events.

Every mother on Earth have saved somewhere those genuine cards or letters of love, their children wrote when they proudly could take their first steps in the world of writing. No matter the spelling or grammar, the message was a clear declaration of love and admiration to their mothers.

As Anna Jarvis said, “What kind of love do we have for our mother if we cannot even write a few lines but have to purchase a readymade congratulation card.”

Ask your mother, grandmother or wife to show the first congratulation card they received from their child or children. I promise you that they have them in a safe place and when showing them to you, you are going to notice a lovely smile from her lips. It’s all a result of the love to their children only a mother can have.



Love vs. Passion

What distinguish Love from Passion? Well, whatever definition we use for these two emotionally loaded words, it can be somewhat blurred to distinguish the two words. Maybe it is because they are so close connected.

We have heard about passionate love but I am not sure about that you have heard about lovely passion. Love is often combined with attraction and need for someone or something. It can be love for a partner, but it can also be love for a child. The “love feeling” is very intangible and emotional.

On the other hand, passion is normally a way of measuring the intensity of something. It can be that I am a passionate about running marathons (which is my case), which means that I like (was going to say love) all that have to do with my passion marathon running. However, you can also love somebody in a passionate way, which then gives a sort of degree of the level of your love.

As the two words Love and Passion are so well associated with each other, we often mix them up as they were the same thing.

When making a definition list of Love and Passion, we often list the same attributes for the two words. That´s fine and also logical, as they are so well connected to each other.


Mother Entrepreneur

One of the most important attributes for a true Entrepreneur, is the Passion for what this person is doing as an entrepreneur. As mothers´ love to their children in a high degree follows the same pattern as the passion of an entrepreneur, by this logic mothers should then have better conditions to become successful entrepreneurs. Think about it. Does it make sense?

Listen to Jill Salzman, an extraordinary example of a successful Mom Entrepreneur. You will get her three main reasons to Why Moms Make The Best Entrepreneurs.  It is simple, logic and straight forward.

In the community of the Six Figure Mentors we find a lot of examples of successful moms and we really feel proud to belong to an organization that can offer all people with an entrepreneurial thinking combined with plenty of passion including busy moms.

In the video of Jill Salzman, she summarizes mom’s uniqueness in three simple and straight forward statements.

  • Moms make it up
  • Moms are expert multitaskers
  • Moms are talking to people

We men have something to learn here. So simple and easy to understand but so difficult to execute. What can we learn from women? Tons of material can be found on Internet about typical characteristics of entrepreneurs but the one that sticks out most for me to answer the question has to do with Determination. As a mom, you have to be determined to succeed and to pull yourself through all daily obstacles. As a mom you have no choice. Could that be the reason why female entrepreneurs normally get successful where others are struggling for the rest of their lives?


Happy Mother´s Day!

You deserve all admiration!


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