Retired But Not Tired: The Truth Behind It

Retired But Not Tired: The Truth Behind It

Retired but not tired

Retired but not tired

It’s funny how two words have been linked together in “ Retired But Not Tired “, as they are complete opposites.

The old version of our society produced good students, workers, and managers. Relatively easy they got a job climbed the career ladder and retired at the age of 65.

At that time, being retired typically meant a complete separation from their life lasting corporate position, and with a decent pension to live the rest of their lives in a different way. Stepping down from the traditional high-speed working and enjoy life with the family and friends, having time to practice the favorite hobby or sport, and even increase the frequency of traveling.

Back then, the social security systems were normally able to generate sufficient funds to back up a decent retirement financially.

Even the persons who reached the age of retirement were very much mentally prepared and ready for a non-working period of life.

As the populations all over the globe have increased dramatically in conjunction with a higher level of health, the group of people getting into the retirement age, is bigger for every year. Add on that the majority of the institutions, both public and private, more or less have failed to multiply the invested pension funds in such way that people can retire with a pension to enjoy life as it initially was aimed to do.

In today’s societies, a more standard picture is that the pensions to be paid out after retirement are far below the income during the active life as employees. In some cases, the pension to be paid out is even so low that it is impossible to retire for economic reasons.

As the percentage of people in the upper ages continually will grow, the situation will most probably continue downwards when it comes to available pension funds.

Even if the financial scenario for retired people seems to be complicated, there is also a positive side of the topic.

One of them is that a lot of people in “the retirement”-age, they don’t want to retire in the old traditional way of thinking. People today are much healthier, they have a mindset of a younger generation, and in a nutshell, they don’t want to retire in the sense of being completely separated from the labor market or the business world.

The statement “ Retired but not tired “ was created based on this new mentality senior people have adapted.

The digital revolution we all are facing is putting all old concepts upside down. Two decades ago you needed to be a technical genius to handle an Internet-based activity successfully. The rapid development has changed that completely.

According to a Gallup Study the fastest growing groups of entrepreneurs in the U.S., are typical baby boomers over 50 years old. And the reason for this phenomena can be many:

  1. Senior people feel much healthier and younger than their previous generation, and just do not feel “ready” to lay off yet.
  2. The digital revolution and the online world have made things much easier. Today every citizen has to adapt to the online world, like it or not. Bank transactions are done over the Internet; annual tax declarations are made over the Internet. Uber is fading out faster than what we can imagine the traditional taxi; air tickets can hardly be purchased in an old-fashioned travel agency, but the Internet is the way to go, and so on…..
  3. To build an online business, you can do it without the need to invest high amounts of money. You do it from home or when you are traveling. This makes it to an excellent business opportunity for senior people who likes to have a maximum of flexibility.
  4. After a long career, the “shit hits the fan” when you suddenly notice that the money to be paid out when retired will lower your level of life tremendously, and in some cases it can even be difficult to survive.
  5. The hobby or sport of your life that you never had time to practice the way you wanted during your employment period of life, as retired it is the moment to take up that sport or hobby seriously and turn it into a passion. Combining it with some type of online business is not only an excellent idea but a reality for thousands of seniors out there.

“ Retired But Not Tired “ – Competitive Seniors To Count On

The seniors of today belonging to the famous group of so-called baby boomers, do not only have the knowledge, courage and experience to be a very competitive online entrepreneur. As the standard behavior in the corporate world is not to hire older people and even trying to get rid of them, it will be very likely that we will see an increase of digital entrepreneurs in the future to come, particularly among this group of people.

On the other side, with the life experience and other characteristics exclusively earmarked for senior people, the mix between work, enjoying life and passion will be important.

Activities vs. emotions - Retired but not tired

Activities vs. emotions – Retired but not tired

On one side of the picture above, you’ll find the type of activity as a retiree. It can either be money driven activity, such as a business, or a nonmoney driven activity, such as charity, sports, or any active hobby. On the other side, you’ll find the more emotional qualification of your activities, and on the two extremes, you’ll find passion and obligation. Of course, there are a lot of combination in between the four corners.

Let’s focus on the senior who must work after getting retired, as the corresponding pension funds will not allow living the life you desire.

In the traditional old world, a senior to be in that situation normally had to take any unqualified job, just to bring in some extra money to the household. The work became an obligation.

An interesting figure to take note of is that according to Gallup 70 percent of U.S. citizens are unhappy about their jobs, no matter if seniors or not. As retired senior doing monetary driving activities, do not become statistics. You deserve an activity you can actually love to do. And your last 25-40 years in life should be a pleasant time and not an endless suffering.

The online world has opened up the doors as never before. To combine money producing activity with your passion isn’t difficult anymore. The largest encyclopedia the world ever has seen, Google, will give you answers to any question you may have.

Whatever your choice will be, you will need to understand how the online business works. You will need training, no matter if you have some experience or if you are a complete newbie. The good thing with digital entrepreneurship is that you don’t need to be a technical guru as before. Complete technophobes, (as me), can do this.

Pick your passion, be realistic, always stay updated and your experience will turn you into a competitive senior-preneur; the new group of entrepreneurs, that pretty soon will convert “ Retired but not tired “ into “Senior-preneur and still in business.”

It’s no rocket science but this online opportunity took me to another level in life, at the age of 62, a typical baby boomer – retired but not tired.

Retired but not tired - No rocket Science

Retired but not tired – No rocket Science


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