The Entrepreneurial Revolution Is Here.

The Entrepreneurial Revolution Is Here  

The Computerized World

The Computerized World

Will the computers take over the world?

The answer to that question depends on one little thing, to be revealed further down in this article.

If we view the timeline of the important cornerstones of the evolution in our world as humans, it could look like this:

6,000 years ago: Agriculture Revolution

175 years ago:      Industrial Revolution

125years ago:       Light Bulb

25 years ago:       World Wide Web

All these milestones had a significant influence on how we as humans changed our lifestyle. Without going deeper into the different eras and what they meant to humanity, you can immediately notice something that changes over time and the changes are dramatic.

The accelerating pace!

Diving into the computer era of today the data is even more impressive.

The first machine that could be defined as something computer-like was an analytical engine created by Charles Babbage at the beginning of last century. IBM launched their first tabulator around 1920. One of the first electronic computers was Colossus, which helped the British to crack the German codes during the Second World War.

Univac 1 was the first commercially marketed computer back in the 50ths. Apple 2 was one of the first massively popular personal computer launched 1977 and from there the speed towards today’s powerful computer devices constantly has been accelerating.

It will not take many years until computers will surpass the brainpower of human and from there it will only take another few years until we get computers with a power surpassing all human brains combined. IBM has developed a computer named Watson, who wins over the best Jeopardy and chess players in the world. Impressive isn’t it?

With this short recapitulation of what has happened on the technical side during the last decades, it would be strange if it hadn’t changed the way of living, the way of communicating and the way of doing business. Walking down the street viewing all people occupied with their messaging on their smartphones, only confirms that indeed a change has happened….a big change.

The economy has gone through exactly the same change, and whatever all politicians are promising about creating new jobs, the reality is different. By the year 2020, only five years away, it has been calculated that 47% of today’s jobs in the U.S. will disappear.

Since the middle of the 80ths when the IT era took off, up till today the average corporate profits have steadily climbed as a percentage of GDP in the U.S., meanwhile the wages for the same period steadily have declined. (Source: Federal Reserve, Bank of St. Louis; Erik Brynjolsson and Andrew McAffe, from “The Great Decoupling”. June 2015).


How To Get On The Train

The first ten years of this century represent the period where we all discovered the social part of the IT evolution. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, and many others walked into our lives and are now stationary members of our lives. I don’t know any person in my environment who hasn’t at least one of the mentioned social medias. You must be connected! They are a part of our society….like it or not.

There is no difference in the business world more than that the development has accelerated even faster. Amazon started up as an online bookstore 21 years ago and with their progress it will not take many years until they will surpass Wal-Mart.

The new way of making a living is so different from the old traditional way. Some decades ago it was impossible to get a well-paid job on a management level without an MBA, a lot of experience, good references. If you spoke more than one language you could also get access to international opportunities.

Today’s world is different. “Getting a job”, meaning to apply for employment, is not necessarily the most attractive path. People get tired of being rejected on the labor market even if they have more than qualified CVs to present, and that is for the simple reason that there are less job opportunities offered by the corporate world.

All people connected and updated on the digital side now tend to enter the “Entrepreneurial Revolution”. There are so many ways of taking advantage of the digital world as an independent entrepreneur. But you need to think out of the box, and you must afford to act outside your comfort zone because this new way of making a living literally changes everything you are accustom to.

The computers will only take over the world for those people who are not willing to face the reality and adapt to the new way of living. If you jump on the train and take advantage of what the digital world can offer you, the life will just be amazing and you will always be the director of the orchestra. As humans, we have something unique computers are lacking (so far), and that is creativity and emotions.

The creativity will be your key to success….

…..and the digital environment you have just in front of you will be your best alliance, to do what you want in life under your terms and conditions.

When I first got aware of that I needed to get on the digital train, I was lucky to find the right train. Here and now I would like to share with you the banner I clicked on when I took the decision two years ago. Click the banner below and join me on the same train.

It will be a fantastic journey!

My Banner


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