The Universe Has For You Much More Than What You Are Living At The Moment.

Have You Jumped Over The Barrier Of Fear Or Fear Is Still Conducting Your Life?

In a moment, we will look into where you are and especially how to change things that not are to your advantage.

In this blog post, I proudly introduce my first guest blogger. It will be nothing else than my own lovely daughter with whom I am sharing a lot of things in life. A are both passionate about marathons, but on the other hand we are also constantly exchanging ideas about different ways of living the life.

Father & Daughter

Father & Daughter

Therefore, I thought it would be of interest this time to let her expose her interesting ideas. Enjoy!

The Universe Has For You Much More Than What You Are Living At The Moment.

One of my favorite things to do is having those long, deep conversations that arise spontaneously with my dad with a glass of wine in hand. Somehow we always end up trying to decipher innumerable mysteries of life, questions that lead to more questions. Sometimes we differ, sometimes we agree and on other occasions we formulate an answer together. What we both are sure about are the unlimited possibilities we all have in our lives.

It sounds simple, but in reality many of us stop for fear and barriers that we have set ourselves with. Those limitless possibilities ans the power for obtaining the lifestyle you’ve always longed for lives within each one of us. The problem is that a lot of people have decided to close all these possibilities, put a double lock, and hide the key to avoiding opening of doors with panoramas we are not familiar to.

But why hide the key to those doors that contain everything you’ve always wanted?

Does the word “fear” tell you something?

How many times have you thought that you’re not good enough for something?

How many times have you said to yourself: “It would be amazing, but I don’t know how to do it“?

How many times have you seen how other people do and thought, “They are so lucky to have that job, or that family …. I wish I could be as lucky?


Well, today I want to honor this opportunity to collaborate with the blog “The Life Race” sharing with you what motivates me every day and keeps me excited to do all that I do, and above all makes me feel like a lucky a person with access to everything I want.

Life Race Blog

Life Race Blog

Some of these wishes have already shown up, and others not, but I do not doubt for a second that they will arrive at some time. That’s my secret key, be clear about what I want, and I do not doubt for a moment that the universe will grant all my wishes.

I don’t think it is an easy process, but a very satisfactory one for sure. I will share with you a series of steps or ideas that I think help me every day to keep all doors open within me to attract greater abundance and fulfillment to my life:

  1. Be confident! Skip the barrier of fear and for sure you can expect greater things on the other side

Fear is a recurring and normal feeling we all have. The positive side of fear when we overcome that barrier, we will feel completely satisfied with ourselves.

The hardest issues to work through will at the end provide more satisfaction. Occasionally we postpone a plan due to fear, but sometimes we have no other choice than to face this situation of fear being our last lane of escape.

Here I take the opportunity to mention my dad’s entrepreneurial venture with The Six Figure Mentors because I think it is a perfect example of the described scenario. As a person close to him I can tell you with certainty that fear always existed before deciding for the career path he did.

Ideas arose about risks, time, the knowledge to obtain, etc., etc. He could have waited until the circumstances in life seemed to be optimal, but he didn’t. One day his courage helped him to decide to take the leap, and the result I’ve seen confirms my idea that,

overcoming the barrier of fear and take action only brings enrichment.

I dare to speak for him and say that it even has been more positive than I imagined at first instance. This is not only a successful business but also empowering, and new horizons have opened up in the process.


What you are searching for, is searching for you. The the way the Universe functions

What you are searching for, is searching for you. The the way the Universe functions


That brings me to the second point:

  1. When you expose yourself to the unknown, you activate your true potential.

Often the fear of the unknown stops us completely. It is like automatically limiting us to live within a certain frame we know and master.

But how are we going to allow our true potential to unfold if we do not face new scenarios?

How can we say that we don’t know how to do something if we do not even try?

For sure,

the Universe always plays to your advantage,

you just need to play all your cards.

Sometimes I like to see life as a game board where you have to move the pieces. If it’s your turn, and you don’t roll the dice, for sure you will not advance. The same happens in life,

the dice is in your hand, and it’s all up to you to play or not.

A couple of years ago I decided to take a month to do something completely different. On the other hand, I also had latent the idea of working for children in any possible way.

My idea ended up in spending a few weeks in an orphanage in Nepal. It scared me a little the idea of a completely unknown place, with a different language, culture, a way of living, how to communicate with the children, etc. I had contacted a NGO via mail, and had no other choice but to trust that all would be well.

Jessica with children in Nepal

Jessica with children in Nepal

To tell you all details about my wonderful experience in Nepal I would need more than this small space on on my dad’s blog, but to make a long story short and conclude on the topic of the power of the unknown, this experience allowed me to discover a strength I did not know about myself to face a myriad of situations. Since then I have always present this strength for everything I do and challenge.

Whenever you appropriate the unknown, you expand your horizons and discover who you really are.

Let your dreams become true

Let your dreams come true

I should be lying if I told you that everything is painted in shiny colors. It is natural to face constantly roadblocks in our way. However, you have the power to make the journey as pleasant as possible.

Having said this, I present the third point and it is about how to make things work in your favor:

  1. We all have the power of transformation.

Have you heard of the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto?

He decided to study the effect that our thoughts and intentions had on the molecular structure of water. His experiment consisted of bottling water and label each bottle with different emotions like love, anger, peace, etc.

Through pictures, music, words, thoughts and intended emotions for each bottle according to the corresponding label, he discovered outstanding results. Studying the molecular structures of water under a microscope he discovered that the water structure was not only different for each bottle, but those bottles with labels of positive emotions, such as love and gratitude, the molecular structures had taken precious forms.

Love                       Thanks                         I hate you

Love                                               Thanks                        I hate you

You do not have to be a Buddhist of Tibet or an “enlightened” person to generate this type of transformation. Our ideas, thoughts and emotions are energy:

Take advantage of this power and use it to your advantage!

There is not such thing as luck. When something great happens to you, it is because the universe found you with the right mindset.

You cannot expect to have an incredible salary if you at the same time perceive that going to work is a nightmare.

Returning to the example of water molecules, when you think that work is a huge suffering, your body generates the corresponding energy and attracts the opposite of what you want.

To me personally, this great power of energy that resides in each and every one of us it never stops surprising. If you share this interest, I highly recommend this video on how to control our vibrational frequencies through our emotions and thoughts to attract what you really want and deserve.



You do not only have the ability to transform your own circumstances but influence others. And that’s basically what has happened since my dad decided to join The Six Figure Mentors.

Opening up to this new scenario has unlocked several keys that probably were previously closed.

... And what about you? …

Do you dare to discover what the universe is eager to give you since a long time ago?

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