What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing – The New Wave Of Modern Business.

What Is Affiliate marketing?

What Is Affiliate marketing?

Have you joined yet the largest business movement in modern times?

Sales have often been earmarked as one of the oldest professions. No matter the era, geographical locations or whatever other conditions that might pop up in your mind, sales will always be needed to move the society forward. Without knowing it, we all have a “sales person” in our personal set-up, in the sense that in many occasions in life we need to convince somebody to accept something. When “that” person accepts the arguments and decides to “buy” your proposal, a sale has been done.

Along the history, the sales development has gone through a constant evolution. More sophisticated sales techniques are launched now and then, as a result of a more competitive market. The potential customers are better informed, and different arguments have to me applied to get the purchase to go through.

On the distribution side, a dramatic evolution has happened as a result of better communication, education and general welfare.

Going back a couple of centuries, direct sales was one of the first and most powerful sales methods, where somebody showed up personally in front of the potential customer, trying to get his or her product sold. At the same time, retail commerce developed at a fast speed as it was more practical to concentrate all kind of merchandise in one marketplace and to get the potential customer to come there, watch, ask, test and buy.

During centuries, direct sales and retail sales have both developed in parallel, and both distribution forms have turned out to find its commercial niches.

While large and successful retail chains, like Walmart, Cosco and others spend enormous amounts of money on publicity to bring customers to their stores, the Internet business has steadily been growing for years. The growth has happened in a sort of silence as the Internet activities do not make any noise at all if you are not into it.

The traditional retail world has noticed this huge Internet commerce and the potential it offers to go going forward, and any significant and successful retail chain must add the Internet business to their plan to continue their growth and not losing market shares.


Affiliate Marketing Brings In Customers.

As the Internet commerce not is restricted to any geographical area, or any area, the base of potential customers you theoretically can reach out to is decided by the number of users on the platform where you are connected. To just give one example to understand the magnitude of the market thoroughly, daily over 1.5 billion people around the world connect to Facebook. Who wouldn’t like to have access to that potential trying to sell something?

The old traditional sales representative took care of all the job himself, from prospecting the customer potential to the final sales. In a marketplace with billions of people, it is close to impossible to market effectively without a detailed and laser targeting of the market audience.

It’s at this point in the sales process the affiliate marketing comes in. A professional affiliate marketer is a trained expert in selecting a relevant customer audience, meaning that any individual in that selected or targeted audience is likely to purchase the product he or she will be exposed to.

If Walmart asks you to bring in people to their store to sell their new winter jacket for female teenagers, with some effort anybody could probably bring in people to the store, but Walmart would like to see their target group in the shop.

Affiliate marketing takes care of that part, and the targeted audience is worth money for any sales company. It’s not a mere coincidence that fast growing and extremely successful companies like Amazon has affiliate marketers as their primary source for instream of customers.

The growing digital world represents without any doubt a real game changer in today’s commercial environment. The markets have gone from small local spots to global areas with billions of people. It’s not very difficult to capture that such changes also require different tools.


Affiliate Marketing As A Lifestyle.

The affiliate marketing is nothing new but its importance has gone from a “cool” resource to an indispensable tool to be able to be competitive. The growth of affiliate marketers will continue at the same pace as the Internet and digital commerce grow.

Affiliate marketer is a new profession showing up in the society as a result of the evolution of the digital business. Still a lot of people do not understand what it is and how it works, as it is new without anything tangible to make reference to.

Two years ago I was one of the persons who raised the question: What is affiliate marketing? By an “incident” I got involved and got the opportunity to understand fully what this new movement of affiliate marketing really is and the impact it can have in your life.

As it is an entirely Internet-based business system, you will get many positive side “bonuses” for free. For example, the flexibility to not be tied up to an office but be wherever you want in the world is a priceless advantage. With my laptop and Internet connection literally I can be anywhere without disconnect from my business.

As the potential of customers practically is unlimited also the amount you put on your paycheck can reach staggering figures.

After a successful career in the corporate world trading my time and knowledge for money, the affiliate marketing opened up my mind to something different, and it’s not all about money ….. it’s the lifestyle…the Digital Lifestyle.

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