What It Takes To Be A Winner

What It Takes To Be A Winner

A Winner

A Winner

Everybody thinks that they would like to be a winner, but…

The opposite of a winner is a loser, right, and who would like to be a loser? With the fear to be labeled as a loser, people immediately say that they are winner types. But is it that easy?

First of all, you need to define clearly what you would like to win. Most people failed at this point, as the horrible idea of being a loser more or less force them to go for the winner alternative.

There exist so many definitions of a “ winner “, and who is the person to decide which definition is the correct one?

However, in my last blog post five days ago we were discussing the “why” and the importance to know why you are doing things, and with the “why” clearly defined you’ll have your goal set. Or expressed in a more rude way:

“Without your “why” you will struggle around like a headless hen”

Whatever your goal may be, you can impossibly be an expert on everything, and you shouldn’t strive for that either. On the long list of all possible characteristics of a winner, there are three that never can be missing:

  1. Surround yourself with experts who can help you out with tasks that you do not dominate. A real winner never fears to involve people who know more than what you do. After all, it’s all about getting a task executed, and what is better than an expert, the best.
  2. If you are starting something seriously, you must have a desire to achieve it based on a passion for getting it done. If that is the case, for sure you are an expert yourself. Could be only one little part of the whole project, but it’s your area, and you are damn good at it.
  3. A winner brings his or here core competence to the table, meaning an active and constant delivery of value to all people around, searching for a solution related to what you are doing.

There is a huge difference between the old traditional way of doing business or coming up with new ideas that can change the world.

In the traditional old school there was a tendency to keep everything as secret as possible, not to run the risk that anybody should steal your idea. This behavior was a result of many different factors, and one of them was that the market where the idea could be implemented or the product be sold, was limited to a particular area, region or country.

In today’s world, seriously challenging all these old strategies, the digitalization has changed absolutely everything. There is no limitation in the marketplace more than what you limit yourself based on a product based targeting.

“The Internet gives you the world as your potential market.”

To be successful in Internet marketing you need to listen to other people, you need to get advice, and you need to involve experts in your business. The reason is that this new way of acting, doing business and whatever you are up to change so quickly that it’s impossible always to be updated on everything.

The good thing though is that you’ll always find somebody out there being exactly the expert you need. Google is a good example. Tell me something you haven’t found on Google when seriously google it. The “give and receive” is not only valid in the Internet media but a must.

A winner is always on a mission to conquer and positively enhance the lives of those around you.

“A winner provides a constant flow of value.”

And people like to be around other people delivering values.

If your goal is to enter the Internet market, which indeed is a good choice, and you are a complete newbie, there are alternatives out there that quickly will teach you how to do all you need to do to be successful. Sooner than you can imagine, your learning and interest of certain areas will transform you into an expert.

Many of the experts in the Six Figure Mentors, started from scratch exactly as I did and maybe you will do soon, and today they are focused on certain segments of our business, helping other people to be as successful as they are.

This is the beauty of the online business and the affiliate marketing in particular.

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