Why Consistency Is Key To Success

Why Consistency Is Key To Success 





Have you ever wondered why some people always seem to succeed, while others always fail?

There are of course not only one answer to such a complex question but in a moment we are going to reveal why consistency is the key that never can be missing if you want to succeed.

To understand the power of consistency, I will invite you to do a little exercise:

List the most successful people you know in the following areas: sport, politics, religion, entrepreneurship and science. Just see to the success factor and not what they stand for. It’s not a question of judging, for example, their political or religious opinion. Martin Luther King, to take an example, obviously he was quite successful, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you share his beliefs.

If you have purely successful people on your list, you will notice that consistency is something that those people are dealing with every single day. Could you imagine Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Thomas Edison not being consistent in what they were doing? For an outsider, their consistency sometimes could seem close to ridiculous. When Thomas Edison was trying thousands of times to get his little glass bulb to produce electrical light, people were even laughing.

A lot of more variables have a significant impact on the success, such as a true dream, passion, a plan, discipline, mentorship, and many more, but how come that success seldom see the daylight without consistency? 


Keep Going and You’ll Get There

A lot of people think that being extremely consistent is the same as being stubborn, but that is an entirely wrong interpretation.

The science of psychology has investigated a lot about consistency, and there do even exist different scientific theories. One interesting approach is the one called the Principle of Consistency. Real consistency is built on six different pillars.


Congruency is a must to achieve consistency. Your thoughts, words, and deeds must all be on the same path.

If you, for example, think you are an extrovert person and then act like a little shy person when mingling around in social environments, then you are breaking the law of consistency. You are creating a simulated environment for yourself.

Not until you get the congruency right between thoughts, words, and deeds, it will line up and make sense again, and your self-perception will become real.

Social perception

When words and actions aren’t congruent, people will judge you for what you are doing and not from what you are saying. By regularly differ between the spoken words and the real action, people will see you as untrustworthy and reject you as worthy of their attention.

The truth can sometimes be harsh, but personally, I feel in harmony with myself, applying:

“By telling the truth, you don’t have to remember what you said.”


We all use the same pattern when judging people, and believe me, the way you judge other people is the way you should judge yourself. If you find anything not congruent in the way you view yourself, it’s time to change something, so it all line up correctly.

Logical reasoning

When your actions differ from your beliefs and values, something isn’t put in place correctly. As humans, we frequently seek external reasons for the different behavior.

For example, if you hurt someone, rather than accept yourself as being unkind, you search for an explanation of your behavior. I’ll tell you, we are experts in finding excuses and explanation to everything we are doing wrong.

Change of the inside

If you can’t find a logical reasoning to something you have done, there are only two alternative ways to go: 1) Change your way of behaving, or 2) Change your beliefs and values.

True feeling

Being inconsistent often creates a feeling of tension. Generally, it provides motivation and actions. The inconsistency of a higher degree can create confusion and irritation. If the consistency is in place, you will feel calm, smooth, right and with an inner harmony.

Why didn’t Thomas Edison react with irritation or anger when people told him that his experiment with electrical light never should work out? He was consistent, and his perception or feeling was in line with his values, beliefs, and convictions.


Action And Consistency

As a passionate marathon runner, when I decided 2010 to qualify for the Boston Marathon within 2-5 years, I did all that was needed and put an action plan into place. But without consistency in my training, I had never achieved to run the Boston Marathon as I did 2013. There was only one valid excuse not to stick to the training program, and that was if I had any kind of infection in my body. In fact, doing exercise when you are sick is not a question of inconsistency but stupidity.

When coming to the insight that the corporate world didn’t give me the satisfaction I had been searching for during whole my life, and joined the digital marketing world two years ago, indeed I was investigating a lot before joining. But once started, doing the plan the rest was about consistency. All the ups and downs, frustrations, confusions but also victories and successes, would never happen if the consistency wasn’t there.

With all in place, consistency will be your stable ladder towards the success you are striving for. Real success is nothing achieved overnight, but as long as you can notice that you are taking another step on your ladder every day, then you are on track. Sometimes you are taking several steps at the same time and other days you are not taking any step at all. The progress is your way of deciding what measures to take, what changes to make, you’ll take them, and the climb on the ladder continues.


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