Why You Should Not Focus On Your Weaknesses

Why You Should Not Focus On Your Weaknesses

Forget your weaknesses!

Have you ever participated in sessions where you have to make an auto-analysis of your strengths and weaknesses? Probably also opportunities and threats were two other parts to make the group-work quadrant complete. Some of you might remember the old and famous SWOT analysis.

In a moment, I will reveal why it’s so important to eliminate the weaknesses from the table as soon as ever possible.

Forget about your weakness

Forget about your weakness

We are very good at promoting our strengths, and many of us have been literally trained to not miss the opportunity when you get the chance to explain how good you are. Sometimes, people with a high level of ego combined with a not so very clever backup of their promoted strengths, reveal their weaknesses automatically by letting them talk freely about their strengths.

The weird thing here is that sometimes such persons are not even aware of their real weaknesses but think something completely opposite.

Professional recruiters are normally well trained on how to detect real weaknesses, and the old classical question is to ask the candidate something like:

“If I ask your best friend about your weaknesses what would he or she tell me?”

When this questioning technique was new a lot of people “fell into the trap” and gave a fairly honest answer. However, all people with some experience from interviews know this method very well and for sure there will be a lot of bias in the answers if the question should be raised today in its original shape.

Instead, the modern technique is to focus on the strengths and let people reveal that part on their own. By doing complementary questions, you can often notice the weaknesses right away.

Whatever activity you are in the final goal or the purpose of it, is to achieve something. It can be sales, increase revenues, construct a building or cultivate carrots just to mention a few random examples.

The goal to achieve

The goal to achieve

For all these activities your most important task is to find out how to make more sales, how to increase the revenues, how to construct the building and how to get as much carrots as possible when it’s time to harvest.

For sure your starting point will not be to find out how to take care of sales complaints, how to secure cash-flow through external borrowing, how to repair the building when it eventually suffers from an earthquake or how to get rid of all insects that could destroy the whole carrot harvest.

Do not misunderstand me here. Of course, the “defense” activities, protection measure or whatever you would like to name it are important, but they are there to protect achieved goals and can never be a goal driven priority activity by itself.


Weakness Is Nothing Bad But A Natural Part of Everything

If you belong to the group of typical average people, and I ask you who Manuel Neuer is, I’m sure the main part of this audience, have not any idea whom we are talking about. You will not even have a clue of what kind of discipline we are in to.

If you hear the name Cristiano Ronaldo, I’m pretty sure almost all of you know who it is and immediately you also recognize that we are talking about soccer.

Manuel Neuer was nominated the best goalkeeper during the last World Cup back in 2014 playing for Germany, while Cristiano Ronaldo belonging to the team of Portugal on a national level and Real Madrid on club level is one of the best forwards in the world. The big difference is that Ronaldo are making goals and Neuer is doing his utmost to keep the number of goals as low as possible.

This said we could immediately see that both types of players are needed to make a successful team. However, on Forbes list of highest paid soccer players, not one single goalkeeper will be found among the 21 highest paid players.

We can have an endless discussion if this is fair or not, most probably it isn’t, but life is like that.

What the market asks for will be quoted at a higher rate.


Be Aware Of Your Weaknesses

How many people have refrained from trying out something new, due to the weaknesses holding them back. And the worst thing is that there are still people around talking about how important it is to pinpoint your weaknesses, work on them and hopefully learn to not repeat them again.

What a boring life!

Honestly, I don’t think that any successful entrepreneur in the world has that kind of mindset. Instead, you have to dig deep into to your strengths and develop them further.

Your strength is your alliance to success!

Your strength your alliance

Your strength your alliance

As an online marketing entrepreneur, there are tons of different things to do. For some tasks, you feel really passionate to do. Some other tasks that might be important for your business you feel more like necessary things to do, and a few things are just boring stuff.

If we put all tasks on a line with full passion on one extreme, and boring stuff on the other extreme,

Normally we are more skillful on tasks we are passionate about.

As an entrepreneur and business owner it is important to look after that the business develops in the correct direction, and for tasks you don’t like to do or you lack the necessary skills, you will have two options:

Either you have to hire a professional person to do the task where you’re missing, or you have to outsource the work to an external party.

Starting up a new business, it can be hard to take on costs and hire employees. The whole online business concept has developed plenty of alternatives to cover up what is missing.

You can say that a whole online business community is in place to cover up your particular weaknesses.

Internet companies like www.freelancer.com and www.fiverr.com are excellent examples of where you can find outsourcing resources for literally everything you need. The cost is reasonable and even low in some cases.

The worst thing you can do as an entrepreneur or whatever you are doing in life is to get stuck and paralyzed to move forward.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of your weaknesses and outsource the corresponding tasks to people who are professional in doing it for you.

Forget to worry about your weaknesses.

They will always be there unless you feel passionate to fix them. Very rarely it will happen, and it is a completely different story.

With the mindset to be aware of my weaknesses and outsource, and cultivate my strengths I’m really passionate to do, my online marketing business with the Six Figure Mentors has developed much faster I thought was possible.

But the most important besides having a serious business up and running is that a new passion has been incorporated into my life. An activity where the mission is to help as many people as possible to find their correct path towards a life of freedom, which in my case is the laptop lifestyle.

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