Wi-Fi And The Environment

Wi-Fi And The Environment

What has Wi-Fi to do with the environmental evolution?

In today’s society we are all concerned about the environment and what will happen to mother earth if we continue to behave as we do.

In a moment, I will show you the importance that Wi-Fi has in this process.

For a week or so I have spent a wonderful but different time together with my family in a very special place in the southern part of Mexico.

My online business with the Six Figure Mentors allows me to experience these fantastic things without disconnecting from my business or thinking about the return date back home again.

This little place at the Pacific Ocean in Southeast of Mexico called San Agustinillo, it’s all based on taking care of the resources we have at our disposals. The hotel rooms or lodges are constructed in a very rustic way, using the techniques from the Maya indians hundred of years ago. Of course, there is no AC in the rooms and the water is not heated up. In fact, you will not need it either.

Besides pushing and emphasizing the regional cultural heritage in all handicrafts and food, the people from early age have learned how to take care of all garbage.

Normally we see garbage and trash as material that has to be processed to be properly recycled, but a used newspaper can instead of being industrially processed appear as a “chic” pouch for purchased products.

Pouch of Newspaper

Pouch of Newspaper

A mosquito repellent does not need to be a chemical poison, but can be produced by 100% natural material.

Natural Mosquito Repelent

Natural Mosquito Repellent

During one week of eating the fantastic local food where no processed ingredients are used, but only natural stuff like corn for tortillas that never can be missing on a Mexican breakfast or dinner table.

Ketchup and other artificial sauces cannot even be found in the stores. Instead delicious mixes based on different chilies and herbs are put together to give the fantastic Mexican flavor.

It’s all natural.

Not necessarily it has to be “hot” but a taste all normal people can afford. The idea that Mexican food has to be hot to an extreme almost not affordable is a false image created by Hollywood when the popularity reached its peak for Wild West Movies, where a little sneaky Mexican tried to “burn” people with his extremely hot food. But that is a created image and far away from the reality.

Here pets are not only allowed at the hotels but they get a treatment, as they were part of the family.

Water for Dogs

Water for Dogs

Animals and humans have always lived together, so why shouldn’t it continue like that.


Selected Technology – Part Of The Evolution

It took me 4 days to notice that there were almost no TVs in this village. And if it took 4 days probably I didn’t miss it.

Never before have I had the opportunity to live so close to the nature to feel and experience how it is. As most of the people I’m aware of the importance of taking care of our natural resources, but it’s a huge difference to study the theory and to do some good things connected to the theory, rather than living the true natural life based on knowledge, experience, practice and a lot of common sense.

For me this week’s experience opened my eyes. And as long as you “talk the talk” you will never understand how easy it really is to behave environment-friendly to mother earth.

You need to “walk the talk” or better “walk the walk”

Often we think that a good treatment of our environment is equal to go back in time. This is completely false. Talking to local people they all agree that Wi-Fi and the corresponding communication facility is a very good and important part of the evolution. As one local person said to me:

“Taking care of our environment doesn’t mean that we are in favor of going back in time”

Every single hotel or lodge in this village has Wi-Fi connection.

As my local friend said:

“We are not using smoke rings to communicate with the world”

Doing business and be environmental means that you have to be connected as any other person.

The same way that you can notice a strong movement towards environment-friendly activities, the online and Internet activities will be more important for every day.

The first serious and real book about how we are polluting our environment was published 53 years ago by Rachel Carson, when she released her famous book “Silent Spring”. Most people treated it as an interesting reading but how many took her warnings seriously?

When Amazon was founded 1994 as the first book store online, very few people could imagine that 21 years later it should be a multi-billion enterprise. The other side of this evolution in business is that Amazon needs a fraction of the employees needed for a similar business off-line.

Some sources estimate that by 2020 employments in the United States will be reduced by 50% compared to today.

Every government around the world perceives an obligation to promise how to create new employments. A government cannot create any direct jobs more than what will be needed in the official administration. Companies create jobs and if the tendency is like Amazon (online business), for sure there will not be any new jobs but rather people will start to lose their jobs. Like it or not, but this will be or already is the reality.


Online Marketing Your New “Employer”

The tendency is online, and the affiliate marketing online is an already established substitute for ordinary jobs we have been so accustom to for hundreds of years. As an independent online marketer you will earn a commission for generated sales.

We can all have an opinion about the evolution, but we can never stop it. A lot of polemic discussions have been created around the online operating taxi company Uber. Union leaders for traditional taxi drivers do what the can to stop the movement and unfortunately some governments have even forbidden Uber.

When the dinosaurs disappeared from the planet for sure they were fighting hard to not die out, but no one can ever stop the evolution. Uber is not only going to survive, we will soon see competition in the same niche and the whole concept will be developed to the benefit of the consumers.

Whatever you are working with today you should try the different online opportunities available. It will give you an entrance to the new business world, the substitute to the traditional employment market and what by many people have been described as the new “Industrial Revolution”.

As so many newbies (including myself) in this new online marketing niche, there are systems and platforms that will do almost everything for you when it comes to technical stuff. The Six Figure Mentors is probably the only complete existing system.

Try it out instead of running the risk to become sad statistics.


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