Working Hard vs. Working Smart

Working Hard vs. Working Smart


Working Hard vs. Working Smart

Working Hard vs. Working Smart

What do you prefer: to work hard or to work smart?

Well, the problem is that the question is made in a wrong way.

How often haven’t you heard this statement, that you shouldn’t work so hard or so much but instead working smarter? The fact is that the people who are arguing in this way most probably have ever worked either hard or smart.

I know that I am climbing on fire here and that I will provoke a lot of discussions, but when something convince me, I am prepared to fight for it. Not because I have read a book about the topic or attended a conference where any of those famous gurus out there has touched the theme. No, I am fighting for my position based on my own experience.

Watch the video to learn more about it. I become pretty emotional when I talk about the topic as I strongly believe that my way of viewing this important area will change a lot of what you might have thought up till now.

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Applying the strategy revealed in the video raises the question of how to implement it in the business development. As mentioned in the video, it’s all about defining the different areas of work and to remember that both of them have their important place in the overall strategy.

The mix has to be well balanced to get an optimized result at the end. A written plan will always help not to let spontaneous decisions take over the progress. Remember that whatever we do in life, sometimes it’s all about performance where the pleasure part is not the priority.

As a passionate marathon runner sticking to my training program almost without exception,

the Six Figure Mentors

fit me like a glove on my hand on the business side. The way it is constructed is very similar to the most professional coaching for a marathon runner. That’s the way the Six Figure Mentors isn’t for everyone but only for truly committed people with a strong winning instinct.


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