You are the Master of your Destiny

You are the Master of your Destiny

I always do like this”, “I am used to it this way”, “Why change something that works?”, “They taught to handle it in this manner”, “Keeping a routine makes life easy”.

Can you relate to these phrases? Probably you can because they are so common. Habits are something natural for us as human beings. We learn something, we practice it, and suddenly we feel that we master the habit. The next step is just to repeat it over and over again.

On one side, we feel proud of ourselves because we really master something, and maybe we do it really good. On the other hand and often without thinking about it, we have created a Habit. The negative side of a habit is that it helps us to make a foundation of our so “badly needed” comfort zone.

People who love comfort zones are normally the kind of people who graduate from school, get an OK employment, earn a decent money and stay with the same employer the rest of their life. No risk taking and no challenges neither. For some people, this is a perfect lifestyle, and they should be given all respect for that.

What happens for example if they lose their jobs for reasons out of their control? Maybe the company close down or merge with other enterprises in the industry.

First of all, they will automatically be pushed out of their self-created box of comfort. As you can imagine, this scenario can generate tragedies without any preparation of an action plan if the “impossible” would happen.



Let your Plan come true by Determination

With a Plan I strongly believe in and am passionate about, the corresponding action implementation or the Determination will help me get the necessary motivation to fulfill my action those days when things turn out to be tough, which happens now and then.

Working or acting with a sincere Determination in mind is very much a question of changing habits, not for the change itself but to reach the goal clearly stated in my plan.

Albert Einstein said once, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”.

An effective Determination often consists in changing habits and nothing else. But again, the change should have a reason. During the Olympic Games in Mexico 1968, a lot of things happened which have been used multiples of times to describe different behaviors and events. Bob Beamon´s long jump I related to in my previous blog post is only one example from those Games.

Dick Fosbury gave even more spectacular impact when the men´s high jump competition started. The jumping style so far and if you want, the jumping habit, was the straddle technique. Suddenly Dick Fosbury appears and millions of people couldn’t believe what they saw on the TV screen.


Against all “rules” he seemed to do everything differently. It all started with the initial running, made in a curve and ended with a twisted flop to “fly” over the bar with the upper part of the body first and the legs coming over in the end of the jump. All seemed to be executed backward. The Fosbury Flop was born, and Dick Fosbury won the gold medal by setting a New Olympic Record with 2 meters and 24 centimeters.

Absolutely everything changed in the high jumping world, and today the younger generation does not even know about any other jumping style. Talk about changing habit, or what a Determination.

Changing habits does not necessarily have to be such a big thing as Olympic Games. In our daily life, we are applying habits multiples of times without even thinking about it. Call it routines or whatever you want but life would be difficult if we hadn’t those habits.


One of my favorite blogs I am following is the one of James Clear. Among a lot of his life improving advices, he is talking a lot about habits, how to use them and how to change them if needed. I recommend to read his e-book named Transform Your Habits which you can download for free.



Let your Life be Determined by You

Analyzing all we do on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis, you will pretty soon recognize that life to an important extent has an implemented scheme constructed by routines or habits. A lot of habits are good to have but when using them without reflecting on their efficiency and even usage, they can easily become roadblocks to our development.

When I took the decision to join the Six Figure Mentors and to Become a Digital Entrepreneur, it was mainly based on my dreams to finally run my own business and change my lifestyle forever.

To run this kind of business you need to be fully committed and you must change and create a lot of habits. The success is very much determined by how close you can afford to live on the edge of your comfort zone.

The same way I am committed to my marathon running with its organized and disciplined training, my commitment to my own business fall into the same frame of discipline and organization.

One example of how to implement one little ingredient to my already existing habit is this blog. My idea and conviction is that this blog will not be of any interest for anybody if the posts are not published with a certain precise frequency. Therefore, I decided from the very beginning that my followers can expect one new blog post every 5th day.

Now, to fulfill the other promise, which is relevant content with value, I knew that I was going to fail from the very first blog post if I sit down and try to write something on the publishing day, with all the stress to produce material with content before the day comes to an end? Horrible situation! And worst of all, I would not fulfill my commitment to my audience.

For this reason, I have implemented two new habits to fulfill my blogging commitment.

  • My smartphone I always bring with me is also my blogging notepad. Immediately, no matter where I am or what I am doing, I write down any idea appearing for my future blog posts. How often does it not happen that you get a brilliant idea and later on when you try to remember what it was, well, then it’s gone? Take Notes! ….Immediately!
  • Every single day, I dedicate at least half an hour to write my posts that help me to always be ahead of my publishing date. Sometimes I have a tremendous “flow” and write the entire blog post in 20 minutes. In other occasions, I will need several hours to do a post.

As my audience, you have no idea what is going on behind the scenes and should not have to worry about it either. My goal is to build up a huge community following my blog and share with me what we all believe is a roadmap towards our ultimate lifestyle. So, using habits as tools can make the difference between success and failure.

On this fantastic journey I know I will sometimes fail. Failing is a natural part of the game.

“Mistakes are proof that you are trying.”

But with the Plan in place, the correct Action and Determination as the leading stars, no-one can stop me, no-one can block my success. I know it!  ……. What about you?


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